Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, the kids enjoyed the snow!

... No that's not me on the snow mound...but I did get to play in my ART room ALL DAY!

the storm dropped 14 inches in Brunswick.. as well as most of Ohio.. and other parts of the country, clear up to the New England states.

I woke up earlier than usual, anticipating a rough ride to work. I looked out the window... and gasped at just how much snow had fallen in such a short time. It was snowing when I went to bed, but it was light.. and didn't look very threatening..
HA!.. it' must have come down hard after 3 a.m.

Dressed like I lived in Alaska....I headed outside. The steps were covered again.. and it was another scary walk down to clear my car... ughhhh! It was buried! It took about 10 minutes just to get all the snow off. I got in... backed out.. and went to pull forward... STUCK! The snow was deep, but it was the ice underneath... NO TRACTION!
RRRRR...RRRRR...RRRRR.. NOTHIN'! I tried rocking the car back and forth.. and that didn't even work! I tried this for about 15 minutes, before giving up. There my car sat.. sideways in the parking lot... $@#*%#@!!!!.... Back up the scary steps...... I called into work to tell my supervisor what was going on. She offered a few suggestions, like maybe the leasing people could help. I told her that I didn't see there cars, and guessed they hadn't made it in yet. There was no one around to give me a push. So she just said "I'll put down that you won't be in".. ok!.. well.. that was easy. I did try!

An hour later, the leasing agent Frank arrived and was out, snow blowing. I thought it would be a good time to get pushed out of the snow! Back out I went again... and he and the plow driver gave me a push. I parked in a cleared out spot, said thanks and got back in. SNOW DAY! I changed my clothes, put on some coffee.. and practically ran down the hall to my art room! I didn't want to waste one minute! I experienced a little guilt about not going into work, but hey! It really was bad out there! and I did try! The local news kept reporting the horrible road conditions, and talking about all the accidents!... not feeling so guilty now! So I put it out of my mind, opened the blinds and watched the snow from my warm cozy art room! Yay me!

Even Big Trucks got Stuck!

My Tracks!

Frank out snow blowing for the 2nd. time!

The results of my snow day!

I got to stay home and play!
I think these brightly painted funky magnets,
are expressing my need for some color outside!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Another weekend comes to and end.
A fun weekend, with my sisters. Continuing my birthday celebrating!
Rita spent the night at Debs house, just 1 mile away. Rita lives about 40 miles from us, so she decided to come in early.
They arrived together, right at 9 a.m. Susan called from the road to say she was on Bagley Rd. (about 10 miles away).. in a White OUT!.. I teased her and told her there was no snow here.. and that she was exaggerating!.... lol.. I knew she wasn't kidding. I woke up to the snow flying, the big fluffy flakes, that's hard to hate because it's so darn pretty! So she arrived safe and sound, with pictures she took on her cell phone to prove that it was coming down hard and heavy! We had coffee, then headed out for a late breakfast. We went to a new place called the "303 Diner".. it was a typical good and cheap little place.

We got on the road that was completely clear, and the sun was out now! great! We jumped on the freeway, and as we drove.. we could see a "cloud of snow" in front of us. We were heading right into a snow squall-white out! "See! See!" Susan said, this is what it was like before! We got off the freeway, and it was like a whole different world. The snow was coming down heavy, and the roads were completely covered, and a mess! Well, we made it to our first stop, "OLD TIME POTTERY' A cool place, with lots of stuff for the house. You name it! The have a whole section of floral, dishes, etc... they even have Christmas decorations all year long. I was busy searching for thing for my bedroom, that I want to re-do. Going from a Purple bedroom, to shades of Dusty Teals, Caramels, and tans. Soooo... next stop: "THE FLOWER FACTORY' Another cool place filled with decor, crafts etc. more fun! I had my "Santa Claus" Boots on, and not used to walking around for hours in them!
When we finally left, the snow had stopped and the sun was trying to peak out. The sky was spectacular, and the colors from the setting sun, was just gorgeous! You know I love taking these kinds of pictures. All the photos here, were taken from the car, and I'm surprised they come out as clear as they are.
Last stop "HOBBY LOBBY" near home. We realized that this side of town hardly had any (new) snow.. the parking lots were completely clear! my feet were hurting now. So.. we're all starving by now. We hadn't even stopped for Coffee and a snack like we usually do.

We headed to "STEVE'S DAKOTA" I've never been there before. We walked in to a very loud, packed restaurant. Deb put her name on the list, they told her it would be an hour wait for a table!!! OMG!... we just decided to tough it out, and had a couple drinks while we waited. Finally we were sat. The hostess directed us to a table in the corner, and I told her "nobody puts Baby in the corner!.. she laughed and said "Omg.. I just watched that movie today!
It was all worth the wait, because the Steak was delicious! and the baked Potato was huge!
Rita was getting a little "tipsy" from 2 Long Island Iced Teas LOL.
We got back home and put on our Jammies. Rita was almost falling asleep at the table! LOL. We finally gave in and went to bed.

I made breakfast in the morning as always, while Rita worked on a floral arrangement for me, with the flowers I asked her to choose when we were at Hobby Lobby. She's a Floral Designer, and so talented! It turned out so great, and will look so pretty with my new color schemed bedroom. Check out that funky vase I found there... I love it.. it's sooo me!

So, it was great hanging out with my sisters as always! Someone is always laughing or cracking a joke! it's what we do!

Rita left a me voice mail message on my cell when she left... that I just saw & listened to a little while ago, telling my that my back tires are "sitting" in a frozen mess and that I'll probably have a hard time getting out in the morning..... oh great. Friday, the temperature went up to the low 40's.. and everything was turned to mush. The parking lot had about 4 inches of slop!... and now it's frozen solid thanks to the temperature dipping down to 5 degrees.
Just what I love to see on a Monday morning. I 'll let you know if I "get out" of the frozen Tundra!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 23, 2009


The celebrating continues! On Thursday, I was treated to dinner at Fiesta Jalapeno.. AKA: "Fiesty Pini" best friend Gloria.. (who.. BTW..did not send me the pictures of HER!)... I had an amazingly delicious Fajita Salad, in a Flour Tortilla Bowl.. OMG.. it was GOOOOD! Washed down with a gigante Margarita!... woooohhhhh Whooooohhhh!.......then I was "Serenaded" by the waiters.. and "Crowned" with the Biggest HEAVIEST (I swear the damned thing weighed 10lbs!) Sombrero.. I'VE EVER SEEN!...well.. it kinda matched my sweater! Then, they brought me a Shot.. of Something .... it was a beautiful Blue-Green color.. It tasted really good, but I don't know what was in it..(and neither did the waiters... lol)....... but I slept like a baby when I got home!... wait!!... maybe it was Nyquil????...... lol...
What a Caliente' Chica I am!!!!...
and Loco to post this picture too!
I'm getting ready for my sister's tomorrow. They'll be here bright and early... or at least bright lol... hopefully they'll be here by 9.. and we'll get to breakfast early, then have the whole day to play! It's supposed to be very, very cold, only 18 for the high! So... I'm passing on walking around town and window shopping and just hitting my favorite stores like "The Flower Factory" "Olde Time Pottery" and "Hobby Lobby"... and if that's not enough, maybe "Jo Ann's", too!.. How fun is that?!!! Then head to dinner at "Steve's Dakota" for a yummy Steak! Mmmmmm! can't wait!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I came home to Crepe Paper and Balloons!
And my kids Eddie and Jamie, jumping out shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" and scaring the crap out of me! LOL.....
It was quite a surprise! I was so tickled!
As I unlocked the door, I saw Crepe Paper streamers first..... then the balloons, I thought one of them had just come and decorated. I smiled at the thought that they would do that for me. I turned the light on.. and BAM!.. the jumped out!
unfortunately my daughter Allison couldn't come. But I had a wonderful evening anyway.
They made Steak, mashed Potatoes and Corn ( ALL MY FAVORITES!) for Dinner and even had a birthday Cake waiting for me in the kitchen. It was fun being waited on too! LOL. We had fun just sitting around talking.
Jamie told me how she and Eddie scurried around decorating, getting dinner started, sitting in the the dark, with only the little glow from their cell phones and peaking through the blinds watching for me to get home! LOL.
I have the best kids there ever was!

So there I am... in my "comfy shirt".... blowing out the candles on birthday cake #53
wow! I believe it's true... the best is yet to come!

Thanks for the birthday wishes Twyla and Marsha!
I did have my favorite foods and I was surrounded by the ones I love.
And what Twyla said... "I'm not older, I'm BOLDER!"..... LOVE THAT!!!

Best friend Gloria is treating me to a "birthday dinner" tomorrow, at one of our favorite restaurants, Fiesta Jalapeno.... OLE!!!!...
Then the weekend with my sisters!

Thank you Lord for my loving family and friends. I am blessed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We finally got together on Saturday... Gloria, Patti and Winnie...of the PSMWG's... Braved the cold blustery weather. Unfortunately, Sheila was attending a wedding.
We missed her, but still had fun!
P came up with a great idea for lunch. We'd all get the fixin's for sandwiches and misc. snacks. It was really good! Ham, Salami, Smoked Turkey Cheese on Fresh Italian bread.
I heated up a Spinach and Artichoke dip ( From Friday's).. It's pretty darn good! Left over Christmas cookies and a continuous pot of coffee. It was just simple and good!
So into the art room we went. Patti had 2 projects that she wanted to work on. One was making a Velvet lining for a beautiful Ceramic Jewelry box, and the other, decorating her Beloved Bailey's "box" Bailey passed away a few months ago, and she had him cremated. She was afraid that we'd think it was morbid to decorate the (empty) box.. Not at all! I thought it was a great idea. Bailey was just the most adorable thing ever. Big cuddly and lovable. The box turned out so cute! I just know sweet Bailey is sending Doggie Kisses to Patti for loving him so much!

So Gloria wasn't sure what she wanted to work on. She visited my "art department".. and found a wooden box to work on. Winnie also found a shadow box to work on. I turned on AOL's "Oldies" radio station and we had a lot of fun just BS'ing... laughing A LOT!.... and of course eating and drinking lots of Coffee. I was so excited to have them all in my ART room. No more dragging EVERYTHING into the dining room as I did for our other ART Day's It was a little tight.. well.. only if you had to get up from the table, but no one seemed to mind.
I can't wait for the next ART Day!.. and our next OFFICIAL PSMWG.
Daughter Jamie stopped in for a visit and son Eddie came over after work to take care of my car battery situation. I gave him my car keys so he could remove the old battery and a few minutes later, he called.....on the road... from my car! It had started for him.. no problem! He took it to Auto Zone, and they tested the battery to see if I could hold out a little longer, but the battery failed. So... I feel much better knowing I have a brand new battery to get me through the rest of the Winter. Thanks my baby, for coming to my rescue! I love ya BIG!

I had to work today... yuk. I could think of a million things I'd Rather do on a Snowy Sunday.. working isn't one of them. I slept in as long as I could, then off I went. I got outside, and realized it had snowed quite a bit and the cement steps leading to my car were completely covered! I couldn't see where they were at all! I must have looked pretty funny to anyone watching out their window, as I slid my foot along, trying to find the drop off to the next step. I was even more surprised when I got home, that they still weren't shoveled. It was just as bad going up! Well, I made it in just the same.

POOF!...just like that, Sunday is over. I hope this coming week goes as fast as the last.

Oh... I just remembered my sister's will be over this Saturday! YAY!!!...we'll be hanging out for my birthday. Anymore.. when we get together for our birthdays....we call it a "Sister/Birth-day"........the birthday is just our excuse to get together and hang out! They'll come over bright and early (I hope) and we'll go to breakfast... my choice..... hang out all day... then to choice... then back to my place for a sister sleep over.. and breakfast cooked by me the birthday girl... somethings wrong with that... but it's just a lot of fun! So I'll have to go shopping for some snacks and breakfast foods. And hope I can keep the place clean and not have to do too much before they come.
I still can't believe I'm as old as I am..... I don't know how it happened or when. Yikes.

Anyway!....I want it to be SPRING! have I said that yet?? It will be fun to see old "Mosely the Maple tree Blooming!

Hello to Twyla, Lindsey and Marsha.. my loyal faithful very fun Blog watchers...
and P.. I know your reading too! xoxo....oh and you forgot the Oranges.. and your Soup!
I'll bring the Soup to Mom Bailey's... the Oranges won't make it unfortunately!

You all have a great week!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rrrrrr... Rrrrrrr....Rrr.. rrrr.. rr....... click..

RRRR rrrrrr....RRrrrr...Rrrr..rrrr...rrr..rr.....r
Click... click... click..

Name that sound!

.....did you say "Dead Car Battery?" DING! DING! DING!
You're right!
Here I am... 1:30 on a Sunny Friday afternoon.. HOME.
The -13 degree temperature, finally did my poor Car battery in.
It's almost 8 years old, and has served me well.
The fact that my little KIA Sephia has never felt the warmth of a garage, and has started faithfully all these years, is really amazing.
I guess it's just time.

So.... I get a day off..... but not really enjoying it. Trying to figure out how to get a jump.. or a new battery. I hated calling into work this morning. I always feel like they think I'm lying.
And they, always give you the un-sympathetic "well ok.... try and make it in, and keep me posted" .. grrrrh!
I called my son, but didn't really expect him to leave work and drive 25 miles to jump my car.
The bad thing is...I was supposed to get my tags tomorrow morning $$$... and now I need a new battery too? $$$$$$....let's not forget I basked in having several days off during the slow period at work... -$ -$ -$........ hmmmm. great timing eh?.
Oh well.. I'll get through it all. The sun is shining (things can't be that bad right?) It looks deceptively warm ..... NOT! The picnic table is now almost covered with about a foot of snow!

So... now I can really clean up my art room. Some of the PSMWG's will be coming tomorrow, for our rescheduled ART day.

For now, I'll play Scarlett O'Hara, and "think about it tomorrow" Nothing I can do right now anyway. Hopefully, my son will be able to come by after he gets out of work, and take me for a new battery. There are worse things in life than a dead battery...... that's what I told my daughter last month, when hers died!

I'm stalling now.... gotta get up and get movin'!
Hope you have a great weekend!....I get to work on Sunday.... hopefully! ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Current Temperature: 7 degrees.
From seeing the weather temps. across the country, we're actually on the warm side!
Bismarck North Dakota? -26.. HOLY COW!!! and YIKES!!!!
My car did start this morning... yes, the car door was frozen.. but it "thawed" by the time I got to work, and I didn't have to climb out the passenger side... ahh.. life is good.

It's already Thursday! Spring.. Spring...Spring...
I'm thinking S P R I N G!!!!
It's just 65 days away! I was looking at my post from March of last year, and the Blizzard we had on March 8th. A little Reminder that I live in Cleveland, well Brunswick now, but close enough, and Winter does not play fair, and doesn't know what a calendar is. We're supposed to "warm up" to 18 on Saturday, when the PSMWG's try to give our ART day another try.

Ok I'm fading again, and going to bed. I look forward to waking up to my morning coffee. The pot is all programmed and ready.
Stay warm, unless you already are!.. and if you are, please send some warmth this way!
Happy Thursday!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Chalk this weekend's over.
Starting Friday afternoon, it snowed non-stop for 24 hours straight! No big heavy snow, just 9 inches of slow and steady. The Snow storm, kept my friends "The PSMWG's" from coming over for an ART day on Saturday. I was so disappointed! But we've rescheduled for this coming Saturday, only now Sheila "S" can't make it! Well, there's always next time.

So, I finally got all the Christmas stuff put away (it would probably still be sitting in the living room, if I didn't think the PSMWG's were coming!) So I spent Saturday working on art. I was so thankful that It was my weekend off! It was great, being all cozy, drinking coffee and listening to the oldies stations on AOL... They really have quite an array of music!.. no annoying DJ blathering on, or commercials every 10 minutes. I had my art room blinds wide open, and I watched the snow pile up. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the picnic table was my official snow gauge. I made a Clay piece that looked pretty close to what had been floating in my head. I intended to put it in the living room, but it looks better in the bathroom.

I checked in on all my kids, "suggesting" they stay home till the storm was over. Eddie was at work, and Jamie was thinking about going to her friends. Of course, that freaks me out! Why go out in that crap if you don't have to??? Allison was busy painting her kitchen with boyfriend Andy, and was not planning on going out.. feewhh!.

I got a special gift in the mail last week! From my new Blog friend Marsha, at Tumblefish Studio! Her artwork is simply stunning! I love the vivid color she uses. She sent me a wonderful collage called the "Cheery Fairy" how cool is that? I was so touched. Please visit her very cool Blog and see more of her amazing art. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN MARSHA!!! I LOVE IT!

I got up bright and early this morning, hoping to still be in a creative mood...ehhhh.. not so much. The ideas were flowing, but I never did spin the old chair around to the art table. Instead, I looked up things on the internet, and made Beef tips and Mashed Potatoes for dinner. I impressed myself, by actually going outside to take the garbage out... AND.. clean off my car!.... AND... run across (ok drive) across the street, to Walgreen's and get some Milk. This is a big deal! normally, I would have just cleaned the car off in the morning, and complain that it took soo long, and made me late for work. Oh.. AND...on my way back from Walgreen's I even drove another 3/10 of a mile, and got gas.. AND.. washer fluid!... A N D.. I PUT the fluid IN when I got back home!!!!! This is the most efficient I've been in quite some time! this is BIG! I am the procrastinating Queen!...The New Year is looking bright! So.. I was exhausted from all that physical activity! ...LOL... I made dinner, then settled back in the ART room. I did whip up another little thing. I made a "MANGIA" sign to hang in my kitchen... (where else would I hang it right?) So, it looks pretty cute. I still don't have much artwork hanging up yet, and I've been here since May!....I'm letting the walls "speak" to me....but now I think they might be shouting!

The Sun actually popped out for about 6 minutes, and the snow really did look pretty. It started snowing again late this evening, and when I looked out, ahhhhh GLITTER SNOW! The sparkly, glistening little Flakes, that look like Diamonds when the lights hit. I get totally mesmerized by it. The picture doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea.

Ok... I'm yawnnnnnnning... time to give up and give in, and face the fact that my weekend really is over. We're supposed to get more Snow during the week and the temperature is supposed to drop way down in the teens and single digits during the day! Brrrrrr.. I'm grateful for my warm but very ugly "Santa Claus" looking boots.... But ugly is better than cold!
Grrrh.. it's 2:24 a.m.... I'm fading fast! Have a wonderful week and stay warm and safe.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


that picnic table is my "snow gage"... looks like about 8-9 inches! and 4-8 more still to come.
So thankful I don't have to work today!!!!!
Unfortunately, we had to cancel our PSMWG ART day though. But it's just too nasty out there! We'll try and reschedule for next weekend.
So...I will just spend the day doing art by myself, and staring out the window, and say thanks again, that I don't have to go out in that stuff!
That's all for now.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


My ART Room


This is my 200Th. post!
So I thought it might be fun, to give you a little glimpse inside my crazy, wonderful world.
....I apologize for the way this page might look..I I made a left turn at a (/p) thingy.. and HELLO..... too late to turn back. I'm still a novice at HTML.. and it goes without saying I need a lot of training!..
off too"HTML 101.. I go....



MaryEllen.... (Hi MaryEllen!!!)...... and I'm ... (this hurts me)... 52 years old... (ouch!...... are you kidding me????)...
In my mind, I'm only in my early 30's.. gravity has NOT taken over, "things" are still "PERKY" and nothing jiggles. I'm still "cute" too. I'm still trying to decide what I want to be when "I grow up."

I'm a self taught artist, living (almost my whole life) In Cleveland, Ohio "The Best Location in the Nation. I moved to Brunswick, Ohio this past May, and I really love Apartment life!

My job. Well let's just say I'm not very happy there.
I work in a call center, for a large Catalog sales company.. ugh.

My Best friend Gloria calls me "Bag"... shortened from "Ho-Bag"..... there's a story behind the name, that I'm not telling!

LOL.. but it's not as bad as what you're thinking right now! She and I go wayy back. She was my Maid of Honor... and I got married on her birthday! She has been there for all the thick and thin. I only wish I could be the kind of friend, that she has been to me.

To my nephews and nieces, I'm "Aunt

Sas"... another long story!

I am happily, blissfully divorced. I am the lucky mom of 3 gorgeous, all grown up, and on there own, smart and wonderful children. Eddie 30, Jamie 29 and Allison, soon to turn 27 on January 28

I am the happiest when I have talked to, or have seen all three on the same day!
None of em are married.. and no babies. (

Eddie is a real cut up! We can spend 15 minutes on the phone, ( jokingly) carrying on a conversation in "Spanish" which neither of us can really speak! Either he or I, will call the other every morning just to say hi and I love you.

Jamie loves to cook, and has become the keeper of our family traditions and cherishing our new found extensive family tree, presented to us by a cousin I "found" at!

Allison is a nurse. She just bought her first home, and lives there with her boyfriend Andy, her dog Luke (which she shares custody of, with sister Jamie) and their rescue dog Cody.

I have 3 crazy older sisters. Rita, Susan and Debbie. We like to get together for our birthdays, spending the entire day together, shopping, eating and laughing a lot. We end the day at the Birthday girl's house for a sleepover. Then get treated to breakfast...cooked by the birthday girl.. OK what's up with that??. I'm so lucky to have such a close bond with my sisters! For Rita's 60

Th. Not-so-surprise birthday party, we dressed up as the Supremes, and performed our Choreographed "number" for the guests!

In 2003 I hosted our very first "Mothers & Daughters Day"... now called "YA YA". It was a brain child I had, to bring all the females in our family together for a day of fun. It has now become a regular tradition, and last October, we held our 6

Th annual YA YA! I'm so happy to see that it's still going on! The little "Petites".. (the youngest Ya Yas) Love it, and look forward to wearing their handmade "YA YA" hats! My 3 sisters and I, have taken turns hosting. For the past few years, we've held "YA YA" at a cozy little cottage, on the lake in Madison, Ohio. Where we can spread out, and have big fun! and even have a sleepover! Lots and Lots of food and fun! All the males in the family, have tried to have their own day of bonding, by going fishing on YA YA day... They call it "YEE-HAWW" Day. LOL...

As if that weren't enough, I have the best girlfriends EVER! We call ourselves the "

PSMWG's" (pronounced: "pussemwoog") It's just our initials. Patti, Sheila, (ME)Winnie & Gloria. We "are" the PSMWG's and we also refer to our get-togethers as a PSMWG... as in "when is the next PSMWG?"... ya.. we're just that kind of goofy. We have BIG fun whenever we're together. We've known each other for about 1000 years. Patti and Winnie have been friends since Kindergarten, Winnie and I met in Jr. High school in 1968.. (omg)... I met Gloria in 10Th grade, through another friend, and Gloria and Winnie met each other in Homeroom in High School. Sheila, (the baby) was Winnie's next door neighbor, and is married to another Classmate from way back. We have a life long girlfriend bond, and nothing or nobody will break it.. ever!

I've've never had any formal art training. Back in Jr. High School, I did receive a 6 week art scholarship, to attend Cooper School of art, here in Cleveland. This was at the height of the "Hippie Days", and I was about 13 years old. I attended my first class, and I was so intimidated by all the "older" kids, that I never went back. I learned recently, that Tommy Hilfiger attended Cooper as well. I wonder if he was in that class with me?

I finally got my own art space, when my youngest daughter moved out.
Now, that I've moved, I have an even bigger art room! I can spread out, and create. Surrounded by all my "art stuff" I can leave it where it is, unlike before, when I had to work at the dining room table.

Yay me!

I've been doing collage lately. This is something new for me. I've mostly done Acrylic painting, and some Polymer Clay work. I love working with all the cool papers, vintage images and Ephemera. I'm having so much fun. Especially since I started selling on Unlike Ebay, where I sold for 5 years, Etsy is just for "All things handmade" I feel a real sense of belonging there.

Besides my passion for art. I love photography, and graphic art.
I love decorating too.

I'm a Pepsi-

holic, but I also love a good cup of coffee or Cafe Mocha.
Give me a steak or roast beef with a side of mashed potato's and
oh, and don't forget the corn swimming in butter, and I'm a happy girl.
Ok.... I can't forget homemade Tostada's , Breaded Pork Cutlets, Homemade Pizza, or my favorite War Su Gai from "China Kitchen" Ok.. not the healthiest menu... I know.. I know.

How about some dark chocolate too?....
Khaluha & Creme mmmm.
Lambrusco, or
Ferrante's Pink Catawba are my favorite Wines. Yes they're cheap wines and I don't care.

A good time, is taking pictures of a storm coming in. I'm addicted to watching radar.
I'm mesmerized by snowflakes, and I love how they sparkle under the street lights.
Autumn is dazzling. Nothing better than a crisp fall day in the park, and having my breath taken away by the colors of the trees.
A Pink sunrise or Sunset... wow. I always say "Thank you Lord" out loud when I see one.

I love Halloween. The costumes, the candy it's all good!

I've always been a night owl and I always will be...zzzzz

I love, love, love old 30-s & 40's movies. I love watching reruns of FRIENDS. I think Carter

Oosterhouse is the cutest little thing on TV.

I love listening to "oldies" like The Beatles, Motown or Queen while I'm doing art. Sometimes Billie Holiday , Etta James,

Alanis Morrisette, or Janis Joplin when I'm in a Bluesy-funky kind of mood. I really love Nora Jones too! Neil Diamond's voice, makes my knees weak. He still "got it" A couple years back, my sister Rita, Daughter Jamie and a few others, went to a Neil Diamond Concert. Jamie was having a great time. Almost blushing, she said "mom, he's hot!"... I laughed and said.. "ya!... and he's 64 years old!"..... but he is!!!!!

I am silly, goofy and I refuse to grow up.
God, my family, friends and art are all I need

Feel free to file this post under "too much information" LOL.

I'm blessed and you are too.


Me and my babies on Mothers Day

The Supremes!

YA YA! 2008


Storm Clouds!