Saturday, June 27, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

I made my first Prim Doll!
I started it last weekend when Teri was here.. and..I FINISHED IT!.. That's a big deal since I don't finish a lot of things I start.

I was so drawn to this project. Maybe because I was making my Doll with a Halloween theme. Or maybe just because it was a such interesting project. Either way, I finished it!

It wasn't easy. My sewing machine wouldn't work when Teri and I tried to sew the bodies. So... we had to do all the sewing by hand!.... Even more impressive that I actually finished it!... just being truthful! lol.
I' pretty happy with the way she turned out. I even hand stamped the Orange fabric.
I learned a lot about creating the faces.... and even though she was meant to look a little scary... I have a better idea how to tone things down next time.

I believe all Witches should have a Black pointy hat.. so I'm going to make or buy one. And I would love to have her holding something. Maybe a Star or Pumpkin (if that's not too much Orange) Anywayyyy... I'm so happy with it, and want to make another one soon! I think I should do one for Christmas and Valentines day next!

I'm just enjoying my weekend and even though I have to work Sunday (tomorrow) I got out of work early....1:30 a.m.!... so it was like having a 2 day weekend anyway.

I have to mention the passing of Michael Jackson.
It's very surreal and very hard to accept. Like him or not, his talent was undeniable. And I will always be a fan. His legend will live along side Elvis, John Lennon and other amazing talents.
I'm trying to avoid the media overload... repeating the same things over and over, but I did watch his videos on VH1 classic, as they pay tribute to him all weekend. I grew up watching the Jackson 5, and me kids grew up watching Michael Jackson. My son is wearing a small MJ button in his Kindergarten photo, and he had the "Thriller" poster hanging on his wall.
I will always be amazed everytime I see the clip of him on the Motown 25 anniversary special, when he did the Moonwalk for the very first time. I think we all said: "how'd he just do that???!!"
Anyway, I'm betting it will be revealed that his death was drug related, which is so sad!

Ok.. that's my commentary.

On a brighter note, I hope the rest of the evening goes slow. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend too!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


She just got here... and she's gone!
My Art buddy, and now REAL flesh and Blood friend Teri!

What a great, long weekend I had! I hope she had as much fun as I did!

She brought me a wonderful book called "The Nine Modern Day Muses... by Jill Baldwin Badonsky.
I can't wait to start reading it.

The weather....well.. it was hot and very humid! It had stormed in the morning (which I loved) Then cleared up by early afternoon, but the humidity was even worse.

Teri arrived around 1:30 on Friday. It was almost strange, finally seeing her in "person" after 6 years!
After a big ol' hug, I helped her bring in her art stuff and things, and we sat awhile, catching up.

We went to "The Winking Lizard" for a bite to eat, and I made the mistake, of suggesting we sit on the patio.. ughhh... it was pretty hot out there!

I just had to take her to "Hollo's"... a local craft and paper store, then back home to get started on our Prim Doll project.

We had cut out the fabric, and was about to start sewing. Well... my (seldom used) sewing machine was not working.. grrh.. so, we had to improvise and hand sew them. It was just so fun hanging out, laughing and being so silly!

Gloria and Laure came for a quick visit in the evening. I can't really say what the "thing" is on Teri's chin.. but you might have figured it out..... It was kind of a joke "thing"... and I was 'demonstrating" how "it" worked... and...we were just laughing hysterically! Then.... Gloria noticed a bruise on Teri's chin.. OMG.. "it" had left a "hickey" OMG!!!! now we were really laughing sooo hard!!!!

Well... we went back to my art room... and had a few more glasses of wine.. and did some art.

Saturday morning, I made breakfast, then we worked on the dolls and when we got bored, we switched to Polymer Clay.

We went on a "wine run"... then back for more art!

It was just lots of fun talking, laughing.. eating Chocolate, drinking Wine and the occasional outburst of spontaneous dancing! All while doing art.

We weren't able to finish the dolls, but I'm having so much fun working on mine. I can't wait to see it when its all done. Oh and FYI... mine is going to be a Witch.. thus the "nose".. and for now, as Teri said, is looking a bit Like Robin Williams! LOL.

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun doing art. It was just great having my ART buddy/friend around.

To my "yittle friend Larry"..... come back soon!... lol

...Hope you all enjoy the Pictures!

... Check out my new section!
....What' s yours?

Friday, June 12, 2009


One more week, and my friend Teri will be here! YAY!

I don't have any recent pics of her, but I've posted her adorable "PRIM" doll, she created. This is what we're going to be making. I just can't wait!
I'm still trying to get my apartment "guest ready" And time is running out!

This Saturday, I'll be hanging out with my sisters, celebrating sister Deb's birthday. Leaving me most of Sunday to do any "BIG" stuff. I'm a admitted procrastinator, and while I've had plenty of time to get things done... I "prefer" to wait till the last minute.... how would I be stressed otherwise??? lol. Nawhh.. actually I've got everything under control. I'm just trying to keep it all tidy till Teri get's here

Last weekend, I tackled the art room walk in closet... OMG.... what was I thinking????
When I moved in a year ago, I thought I had it pretty well organized... till the holiday's came, and I actually had to try and get to things.
I ended up taking off the closet door.. it opened "in".. and made impossible to get to anything behind it. So... anyway.. the mess was amazing.. but I did it! Just look! you can see the art room floor again! Still, I have a lot of organizing to do, but I managed to empty about 9 boxes, and fill up 5 with "stuff" that I didn't want anymore... man.. thought I took care of that when I left my last place! so I packed it all up & will make a pit stop to the Salvation Army tomorrow. I have ROOM in the walk-in now.. and actually have a few empty shelves!!!!

And for the second Sunday in a row, I was treated to another Steak dinner, cooked by my daughter Jamie!! ahhh.. I just love Steak.
Jamie LOVES to cook. The first Steak dinner, came about after Jamies power went out, just shortly after she got home from work. She was just about to make herself some dinner, and blackout! So.. she brought all the "fixins" to my house... ha! then she came over again last Sunday.. and this time not only did I get a Steak dinner.. but she made us the tastiest Bloody Marys I've EVER had.. omg.. she rimmed the glass with some kind of Creole spice.. man it was awesome!
I decided to return the favor, and invite her over this Sunday, and I'll make the steaks.. (just like she taught me LOL)

Okay.. I'm up wayyyy too late.. and will regret this in about 5 hours... ahh what's new right?
It's FRIDAY.. AND PAYDAY TOO!.. loving it!
Hope you all have a great slow moving weekend!

Friday, June 05, 2009


It's really June!... and all the snow and cold is just
chilly memory. I just love my drive to work, lots of trees, and wonderful morning shadows.

Memorial day weekend, friends Gloria and Laure came over for a "cook -in". Gloria brought the (already cooked) Ribs, I supplied the sides.. and Laure brought the snacks.
All I can say is.. YUUUUUUU-UMMM! The ribs came from GFS... so if you have one near you, try em! Baby Backs.. they were really, really saucy and good!

Gloria's birthday was May 21st... (and the date "was" also my wedding anniversary.. as my daughter Allison loves to remind me every year lol.. ).. and yikes.. I "would have been" married for 32 years!!! Instead, I have been happily, blissfully divorced for 24 years yahh!
... Sooooo... Anyyywayyyyy.
Gloria is not big on sweets, so I decided to present her with a Birthday Watermelon! LOL... she loved it.
when it came time to cut, ....eeewhhh! it smelled
musty, and it was so dry... garbage.. dammit.
Oh well, it made for a good laugh.

Monday, Memorial day, I was invited to my sister and bro-in-laws for a cook out.
Wow! the cooked enough to feed an army!
Everything was sooo good, and I got soo stuffed,
but did regret not taking home a plate... dammit.

Since then, I've just been trying to get my house in order. My friend Teri will be here in just 2 weeks!!! I am soo excited!! HEYAYYAYY!
I can't wait to meet IN PERSON, and do art together!!!! But, we really are old friends.
We've been talking on the phone, IM's and emails
for 6 years! I'll just get to meet the 3D version!

I still haven't done any ART in months!
and right now, my art room is going through a major re-organizing! But, I'll finally be able to get back to what I love soon!

Hope you "ALL" lol.. have a great weekend. I have to work Saturday 3-9.. the crappiest hours.. ugh! but I'll still have Sunday. then the next 2 weekends are mine!
First, hanging out with my sisters for Deb's birthday, then Teri will be here the following weekend! yay!

I am blessed and so are you! xo