Wednesday, January 11, 2012


How's it going so far?

Here in NE Ohio, We're having a great MILD Winter..... so far.. and most of us are LOVIN" it. Hardly any snow.... ya.. we got  some... but compared to what we could have had by now?.... it's amazing!

 I had a great 7 days off, over Christmas and that was awesome! Reluctantly, I headed back to work On January 2nd. I won't say I was happy about it, but off I went. My first day back, started with frozen doors. This is typical for me and my car. It has been an issue, since I've had my little KIA for 10 years. OKAY.. I can deal with it. Get the door open, hit the defrost..... get in... close the door hard and lock it... and HOPE it thaws by the time I get to work.  THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. 1/2 later, I pull into the parking lot at work, and the lock doesn't work! WHY???.. I had the heater blowing on the door the whole time. GRRRR! Now I have to climb over the console... to the passenger side. Not easy with a big bulky coat, and boots... Swear words were flying. Okay.. I'm sweating.. it's 20 degrees and I'm SWEATING!... open the passenger side.. and get out!....WAIT... it's frozen too! I'm trapped in my own @#$%%#@% CAR!! banging, pounding and swearing... door open. Happy New Year.. I'm 15 minutes late for work. yippeee.

Sooooo moving along. JANUARY....the beginning of a New YEAR... new start. The days are now getting longer.. which I love! because I hate driving home in the dark. Spring is just around the corner. JANUARY is also my birthday month... .well.. not happy about getting another year older, but I guess it beats the alternative right? Like many in the past, I will spend this Birthday hanging out with my 3 sisters. It's a Sister/Birth-day. We have so much fun! They'll come over in the morning, we'll go to breakfast, hang out all day, shopping, eating, and lots of laughing. Dinner at the restaurant of MY choice, then back to my place for wine, more food and more laughing.  We'll have a PJ party, and in the morning I make breakfast! I really look forward to our Sister/birth-days!
My sister/birth-day 2010 doing Pottery with my awesome sisters!
 In February, my PSMWG buddies will get together. This time we're going to paint pottery, eat then end up at Gloria's "G".... that's what all those letters are, our initials.. : D  P=Pattie, S=Sheila, M=(me) MaryEllen W=Winnie and G=Gloria... we call ourselves "the PSMWGS.. "Pussemwoogs" lol..... silly ya. but fun!

So.. that's what's on the agenda so far! I'm up wayyy to early on a work day.. already had breakfast and coffee.. and I'm about to hit the shower.  Below some ART from the past, hoping it will inspire me to make some new!

My 2nd handmade doll

January sky

Journal page-"My favorite things"

"Create with wild abandon" project
 That's all for now folks!
Have a great January!