Thursday, May 29, 2008

ONE FINAL TOUCH... for now

The latest addition to my art room, an "ARTKISSED" banner!
just made this evening. It's strung with Bright Red, sparkling cord.

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the evening shadows across my bed, and yesterday's Golden sunset. Life is good.

My unpacking is finally done! Just a few stray boxes of bathroom stuff, but everything else is finally in it's place. I was up till 3 a. m. getting the house finished. I was exhausted by the time my weary body got to bed.

I just have to rearrange the kitchen cabinets, right after I paint the cabinet originally in my art room. It is tall and narrow, and fits perfectly in the corner of my very tiny kitchen! My niece Heather gave it to me. It's probably from the 30's just like my kitchen table, so it's a perfect piece!
I'll post some before and after pics soon.

Yawning now, going to bed....early for a change! G'night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ok you're probably sick of hearing about my apartment. But for me, it's all I think about anymore. Getting it all together.

I spent the Whole day arranging my art room and now it's just about done!!!

It's all coming along nicely, and I should be done over the next couple days.

I've actually created a work area, storage area and seating area! cool! I just turned the big metal shelf sideways and covered the back with a woven blind, that just happened to but exactly the same with and height as the shelf! It was ment to be!

I hung the pictures with a very thin wire, that almost disapears. I'd like to get another rug for infront of my favorite funky auditorium chairs.

I promise to get back to ART, and other "exciting" things in my life, but for now this is it. Did I hear a yawn? xoxo

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Still loving it, and it feels like home!

I've got a few more boxes unpacked, & my bedroom is coming together. I'm planning on re-painting the wicker chair, a very soft Dusty Lavender, and the round table (that was my parents), an deeper shade of Lavender.

I've had several visitors, including my sister Deb, and her 2 adorable grandchildren. Dylan 7, and Isabella 2 1/2... omg.. can they be any cuter???

Dylan is charming, and shy.... and boy can he draw!!!!!! Look at that drawing he did!.. he also did an amazing grouping of drawings that were taped together, showing amazing details of a little town. What talent he has already. His teacher hung the groupings in his classroom for several weeks. I told him he should call the little town "Dylanville" lol.. he just laughed. Isabella, is such a friendly little darling! With the most angelic face, and I love her little mouth, that always looks like she has cherry lipstick on .

The picture of her squatting?....... well, let's just say, she wasn't just thinking... LOL.

My daughter Allison came over Sunday night, so I could help her make some curtains, and cover some cushions for her camper. Jamie called and asked what I was doing. She was feeling left out, so she came over too (now she lives only 5 miles away!) It was fun just hanging out with my girls. they both spent the night, and I loved waking up and seeing them sleeping like my little girls again.

More glorious clouds out my favorite window.

I'm starting to feel like I really live here, instead of just visiting! It's already been 2 weeks!
Gosh, it feels like I was just at the other house, stressing and packing all those boxes, feeling like I was NEVER really going to finish, and actually move, and now I'm here.
So, I'm going to be working on a Crown for Winnie's mom's 80th. birthday party. Yes, we had her family gathering back in February, but now they're having a big party, and She deserves a crown!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I've been in my new apartment just one week, and I love it!
It was hard having to go back to work on Tuesday. All I wanted to do was stay home and play. While there are still lots of boxes left to unpack...mostly from the art room, I'm making progress.
My kids all had to work on Mothers day, so I told them we could reschedule and do dinner another day. I was now looking forward to having all of Sunday to get busy setting up my art room.

Late Friday night, Jamie came over with dinner from Outback, where she works. It was 1 a.m by the time she got here, but I was starved and didn't care! She brought Ribs, and a Steak, complete with bread and salad. It was worth waiting for! She spent the night, and in the morning, She went to get an extra set of keys made.

I had spent Saturday, at "W" Winnie's mom's house, with the other PSMWG's. Winnie's mom just sold her house, and we were all gathering to say one last goodbye. I got home around 2:30 a.m. and when I tried to check my e-mail, I couldn't get online. it took me an hour before It dawned on my to check the phone.... no dial tone.
Oh great. I assumed it would be back up soon, and I went to bed. When I woke up Sunday morning, I still had no phone or Internet. GRRRRRR. All I wanted to do was play in the art room all day, but now I had to get to a phone, and let the kids know what happened. I got dressed, and decided to head over to sister Deb's house to use her phone... no one was home. So, reluctantly, I drove another 5 miles, to Gloria's house. I rang the doorbell, and waited. After a few minutes, I realized she must be in the shower, so I decided to pass some time in Target, just up the street. I browsed for 45 minutes, and I'm proud to say, I left without buying a thing!
So, I went back to Gloria's and apologized for intruding. I used her phone, called the kids, and the Cable company, which only had a pre-recorded message saying they were aware of the service interruption in my area, and were working on fixing it.... ya ya ya.
I didn't get service back till 4 in the afternoon. It was actually a good thing, because I had time to organize my art room. My phone went dead again at 7:30... for 2 hours. GRRRRR! this better not be a "regular" thing!

So, It took me forever, just to disconnect the computer, TV, and move the folding tables in place. I also moved boxes back and forth. But finally it's starting to look pretty cool in here! I went through each box marked "ART" and picked out just the things I needed for now. The walk in closet is not, for now, but that's another project. The hall is still lined with misc. boxes. I have a feeling the unpacking will still be going on for a few more weeks. I'm waiting to hang pictures, till I decide just where I want them.

So... overall, everything has gone very well. I'm very comfortable living here, but still have the "new place" feeling, and not quite into a routine just yet. I still can't believe how large, cozy and comfortable the apartment is. I look forward to the weekends, when I can focus all my attention on settling in. I don't miss my "old" house one bit! I can't wait to have my first party, or art night!
yay! I'm home!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008



YAYYYYYYYYYY!!...YIPPPEEEE...AND WHOOOOOOOOOWHOOOOOO!!!!!!!I'm soooo happy!!!!!!!!!I am finally in my new apartment!AND I LOVE IT!!!!So much work... so much stress.but it's all done.. well at least the moving part.I had a stress breakdown on Friday evening, thinking my kids weren't going to help. But they came through for me, and all 3 showed up Saturday morning. Even Allison's boyfriend Andy

was there with a pick up truck, and what a lucky thing that was, because there were several boxes the movers wouldn't take, because they weren't closed. Anyway, despite the light, all day rain,everything went off without a hitch. Jamie and I were the last ones to leave the "old" house. We sat on the window seat one last time, taking one last look around. Darius, my neighbor from across the street stopped by to say goodbye. He gave me a card from he and his wife Katteea, which made me cry. We talked for a few minutes, and I gave him a big hug, and said goodbye. I'm going to miss them! especially "Barking" at Darius, during football season. He's a BIG Steelers fan... and waves his flag proudly! lol. When I finally had the chance, I opened the card, which wished me good luck in my new apartment. There was a sweet little note, and a gift card!
I was so touched.

Jamie and I, were just about to leave, when the Landlady and her son showed up.. ugh lol... She was also very sweet, telling me how she would miss me, and that I was a good tenant. She thanked me for leaving the house so clean, and pulled out her checkbook to give me my security deposit back right then and there... wow!So..... we said good bye to the house... and I was on my way "home!" I was so, so tired, I had driven about 8 miles, before I realized I was heading

toward work instead of the apartment!good thing it wasn't out of my way. So as I crossed the "Medina/Cuyahoga" county line... I shouted: "YESSSSSSSS!!!" I got closer, and more excited! There was my new home!... as I passed, I noticed 2 of my kids, Andy & Gloria coming out, and I honked my arrival!!! They were all going to Gloria's to get a Fridge she was giving Allison for her camper. So I got to the outside doors, and pressed #75 to get buzzed in. My sister Deb came to let me in!!!!!!!!! What a great surprise!!!!!! She was there to help me unpack!!I hugged her, and

told her once again, how happy I was to now be living just a mile away from her. When I got in the apartment, I was overwhelmed by all the boxes! PSMWG Pattie was there, already at work in the kitchen, as well as Jamie. I didn't realize the movers had left just a 1/2 hour before I arrived.Gloria and Eddie came back, Allison and Andy had left.One minute the living room was full of boxes, and like little worker bees, everyone grabbed boxes... and poof!! the living room was

cleared.I was so overwhelmed by all the help, love and support.Debbie gave me a wonderful gift basket she put together, filled with my favorite wine, A Gerber Daisy plant, a cheese & vegetable trays, and the most fresh delicious sub made on French bread. It just hit the spot! She also gave me the best card I've ever seen! It was one of those new "musical" cards..... when I opened it, it played the song: "I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT, I'M ABOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND I THINK I LIKE IT"... OMG it was the funniest, cutest thing!The "kitchen angels" were busy unpacking dishes & organizing my cupboards, while my kids emptied cars with the remaining boxes. We all took a break, to eat and relax. My feet were sooo sore, but I can only imagine how tired everyone else was, especially Gloria, who had been there to let the cable guy in. She also directed the movers, scrubbed down tables, microwave and anything else

she could get her "Magic Eraser" on!!GOD BLESS THEM ALL!Deb's son Jason, who also lives very close, stopped in to say hi too.God welcomed me with a wonderful Thunderstorm, that I watched from my beautiful Bay window. I was so THRILLED!!!!! The sun came out for awhile, then another small storm came in. YAYYYYY!!!... I was wondering how long I'd have to wait to see a storm.. and I got one my very first day!!!!One by one, all my little "Moving Angels" left, and I was here for the first time, alone. My mind wanted to keep unpacking, but the body wasn't so willing. I

decided to pamper my aching body, with a hot Bubble bath. Something I said I wanted to do when I got moved in. I Found my "special" Magnolia Bath salts, oils and even a box of Calgon! if one is good, three must be awesome!!! I managed to find one little Tea light, and As the the Bathtub filled, the water turned a Rosy shade of Pink. Finally, I slipped in, and was not expecting the overwelming comfort! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! OMG!My feet were so sore, and my muscles ached, but the hot bath soothed them! It was by far, the best bubble bath I've ever had! I stayed there for almost an hour. I could have slept there, if the tub didn't feel so small, after having a giant claw-foot tub at my "old house" that my toes could barely reach the other end of.So, since that first night, I'm having a ball! Sunday, Gloria, friend Laure, and sister Deb and I all went to "Fiesta Jalapeno" for dinner... that, is another story alll in itself.. but another time! When I got home, Laure wanted to see the apartment so

they all came over. I get a call from an old friends Nancy & Melony, Who now live just 2 miles away, saying she had something fror me, and wanted to come over. Of course you can! It was so good to see them! They brought me a wonderful "WELCOME" Basket, filled with Chocolate Chip Muffins, coffee, a plant, gift card, and even A "BRUNSWICK BLUE DEVILS" T- shirt. There was also a Brunswick phone book!!... Omg, I'm overwhelmed at the wonderful friends I have,

and their thoughtfulness.Yesterday ( I took the day off from work) I spent clearing out the boxes from the living/dining room, and getting it all togther. Don't look down the's lined with the boxes taken from the living room. But as the wicked Witch said "All in in due time."I had bought 5.. yes 5 orders of my favorite Chinese War Su Gai, and froze them. I invited Gloria over. She gave me the funniest card, that she made herself, and I had my first "meal" It was deee lishhhh! I'm worried that when the 5 orders are gone, Gloria and I will be making "Chinese" runs to

Cleveland! So, there's lots more unpacking to do.... you can't see my art room for all the boxes, shelves etc, But this room will be the fun one to organized. I've set up the living room and dining room, but nothing is permanent just yet. Gloria loaned me the funky area rugs, and I think they look great!
I'm trying to decide what and where I want to hang artwork, before I go pounding holes in the walls.

I went to work today, and it felt weird taking a completely different route. It was great getting to come back here, opening the door, and seeing the low sun pouring through the Bay window.AhhhhhhhhhhhI'm in love with this place!I am blessed and so happy to be here.Blessed with the most loving, caring giving family and friends there ever was.Thank you Lord!

Friday, May 02, 2008


Here it is... my very last post from this old house. I'll be taking my computer, TV, phone etc., to the new apartment tomorrow, just as soon as the gas company gets here between 8-10 a.m. (don't you love that)...and for the first time, I will get to see the apartment! and sign the lease.. and get the keys.. YAYYY!
It's still very surreal to me, not being in this house anymore.
in just 48 short hours from now.. I will be in my new apartment, and wondering where the hell I'm gonna put all this stuff!!
I still have lots of little crap to do, that will keep me busy tonight, and tomorrow.
It's supposed to rain on Saturday, actually they're calling for Thunderstorms.. ya I do love a Thunderstorm, but not when I'm moving please!
So It will all be fine I'm sure.
I'm having a hard time with having to unplug my "friend" the computer... I'm going through major withdrawal just thinking about it!.. No TV when I get back tomorrow, just me.. my stereo, and a 4 inch portable TV... with lots of batteries ( I packed the adaptor away duhh! ) to help me make it through the night. It's probably a good thing, that I won't have any distractions.. like right now. I should be doing something, but here I sit.
Ok so.. This is it. The last Post. The next one will be written from the new place.
I'm obsessed I know.. with the whole move.
I can't wait to do art in my new art room!!!!!!!!
Ok.. I'm stalling now.
Must unplug.. must unplug.. breath.. breath.. it will be ok.. I'll get through it.. ...........