Sunday, October 26, 2008


PSMWG "Ladies of the Evening" Halloween party, was BIG FUN!

These are the only pictures I can share, the others are too ... eh hemm........over the top? lol....
We howled! at each others "outfits" Winnie looked like a 1950's French Hooker, while Sheila went for the gum chewing street walker! LOL LOL. I was the "Madame" since I was hosting the party....I'd love to show you a photo of me.. but I AIN"T GONNA! lol.... My inspiration was that of a 1930's Madame, meets Baby Jane! lol... Gloria?... well.... She had a whole different interpretation of our theme... lol She was "G" Spot... lol... verrrrry funny! Pattie came as an old burned out HOOTER Girl... you'll just have to use your imagination on that one too..I like to keep my Blog tasteful and G-rated lol...

So....We feasted on Homemade Tostada's and Fajita Chicken Burritos.Good wine, and some Tequila Rose. I made chocolate cupcakes, with homemade Butter cream frosting, that was so fluffy and good, if I do say so myself. I tinted the frosting Orange, and topped them with Halloween Sprinkles. Gloria gave us a wonderful framed pictures of all of us, with a Friend poem. I gave the girls a photo of us, as witches!...( I created by superimposing our faces on an old vintage photo!) Wayyy funny! We all hung out in the living room, listening to Oldies and talking and laughing. S & W left around 1 a.m, then P left around 3 a.m. They all had things to do on Sunday and couldn't stay. G and I had another pot of coffee, and sat around the table talking till 6 a.m!

I woke up at 1 in the afternoon! not thrilled that I missed 1/2 the day! Oh well. All three of my kids came over to watch the Browns game and have Tostada's They love them too, and grew up eating them!

So everyone left, and here I am. another weekend has come and gone in a flash, like always. I really hate my crappy job, but I appreciate the fact that I have one. I'm planning on finding a new one, in the Spring, if I don't burn out before then! They're calling for Snow showers and a "high" of 40 tomorrow. Winter really is coming, like it or not. And so is Halloween!!

Have a great Week and HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Nothing new, just some gorgeous images out my window. I think poor Mosley is about done.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TRICK OR TREAT's hump day!
I just remembered that I wanted to post Halloween pics during the month.. and I forgot all about them. Life just get's in the way. So here's one now. It's my 3 little darlings: Eddie as the Scarecrow, Allison as Dorothy and Jamie as Glenda the Good witch. I had so much fun making the costumes. I remember going to the thrift store, and finding Eddies jacket and pants, and Jamie's "Gown". I handmade Allison's dress, and put it together with "Stitch witchery".. great stuff! They looked so adorable. I think one of their fondest memories is of Halloween, and their handmade costumes.

I'm busy trying to get my apartment cleaned, for my little PSMWG party this weekend. I'm "making" them dress up!.... we're all going to dress as.. emm.. a.... "ladies of the evening".. LOL!!!! What a hoot that will be eh? I'll try and post pictures if they let me! we'll have a PJ party, and I make breakfast in the morning too. We have sooo much fun just hanging out. It's great when you've known someone for soooo long! There is no pretense, we can all just be our selves.. accept for Saturday.. when we'll be "Ladies of the Evening".. LOL

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Just look at Mosley the Maple tree! He's beautiful! When I left for Ya Ya on Friday, he was just "blushing"... but now the colors are brilliant! just the way I hoped. I love Autumn! My sister Debbie and I, are hoping we can get out for pictures soon.

So It was our Mothers & Daughters Celebration Weekend...AKA: YA YA! The weather was picture perfect, and for the first time, the lake was calm, and the wild winds gone. This Ya Ya... was ... well.. different. Some family members couldn't make it, and ...I'll just say, there was some "family problems"... that ended up being "aired." I'm sorry it had to happen during our YA YA... and I'm not sure how much was resolved. There are still issues to deal with. I'll spare you the details, but the bottom line is, I still have a wonderful family, and we'll get past this. Still, there were some high points to the weekend. Cousin Rosemary, surprised us with a wonderful thing! She took her mother Theresa's home movies, and lovingly transferred them to DVD. They were old and faded, but still a most wonderful thing to see! I was thrilled that my daughters saw me as a very little girl, and could see their grandparents (who have both passed away) young, and full of life. Theresa was also my Godmother, and took the roll very seriously. She was very good to me. Over the years, She hand made my Christening outfit, Communion dress & Veil, As well as a beautiful quilted robe, and Big brown furry Winter coat when I was 10, that I thought made me look "Rich!" She always remembered me on my birthday, and at Christmas time. She was always kind and thoughtful. Rosemary is planning on making copies of the DVD for all of us. I will cherish it forever. As usual, we ate and ate! Breakfast, Tostada's a Casada cake, Goulash, and so much more!

So, I will look forward to next year, and hope all of our "issues" will be resolved. I hope that this will not be the beginning of the end. Most of us really love our YA YA celebrations, despite the work involved in the planning, to me It's all worth it.

So our YA YA was disappointing this year. I was hoping to have lots of good things to say...Maybe next time.. if there is a next time.

Monday, October 06, 2008


What a great day!!!
My sister Debbie and I had a great time hanging out all day. We started out at Mapleside's restaurant for brunch, then walked the grounds taking pictures. As you can see, the leaves haven't really turned much yet, so it gives us another reason, to get together again, to capture the Fall colors. The sunshine was radiant, and enough to keep us comfortable, on a chilly Autumn day. The Pumpkins were out in all their glory.

After Mapleside, we visited a cute little Farmers market, and the Pumpkins were even better, strewn under a shady tree.

After pictures, Deb and are indulged ourselves in a trip to "Pat Catans," the local craft store, then to a Dollar store, and a couple hours in the "Flower Factory" We had way too much fun, despite the guilt of spending money we really didn't have! OH WELL!

We went to Jig Saw Saloon, for a quick bite, and The sun was setting, on the way home. Stay tuned for more Autumn photos. Hopefully they'll be of the Turning leaves! As I recall, last years Foliage, it was late in Autumn before the Colors really popped. So hopefully, that will be the case this year!... Update on Mosley coming soon too!

Saturday, October 04, 2008



Here we are again! Whoosh! I only hope the dreaded Winter goes as fast, and I will be saying ahhh it's Spring!

So....what's new?
Well, I took a sick day today. I wasn't feeling very well at work on Thursday. It felt like a very mild Flu. I didn't feel horrible, but I have a scratchy throat, and in a job where I'm on the phone for 8 hours a day, It wasn't something I was looking forward to doing. I have to work tomorrow (Saturday) 12-6 p.m.So, I spent the day trying to clean my art room. I got half of the giant pile gone, and still lots more organizing to do. Today was a great day for cleaning! A Crisp Autumn day, with just the right mix of Sun and Clouds.

My darling daughters, Jamie and Allison went to the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT this evening!.... crazy, crazy little girls! Back in the day, Jamie was 11 and Allison was 9, I surprised them with concert tickets. The story behind the tickets, is that I got them from a Police officer friend, who was a regular customer, when I was working at Denny's. He had 2 tickets, So I bought them, then it dawned on me.... I didn't have a ticket! He said his wife was taking their daughter, and she would be glad to take my girls. At the concert, there is a room where the moms can hang out and wait for their kids. Why it never occurred to me to go with her, and hang out, I don't know. Anyway, I kept the tickets a surprise, and made up a big story, telling my girls that since they couldn't go to the concert, I was going to take them to the movies, where they were showing a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK movie, and we could pretend we were at the concert. I bought them each a new outfit, Jamie's outfit was Black and White, "MC Hammer pants" .. lol... and Allison's was Pink and black with Polka dots, and Suspenders!!!.... you just have to remember, this was 1990! Allison even had a hat just like the one Joey wore. I took them to Denny's for dinner (where I would meet up with the mom taking my kids.) The whole time at dinner, I was building the excitement by talking about how cool the "movie" was going to be. Well the mom showed up, and I told the kids the BIG SURPRISE, that they were going TO THE CONCERT!!! They weren't sure what to think, but happily went. I met them again, at Denny's after the concert. They had such fun, and didn't stop talking about it for months! So.. fast forward to today. Allison sent me a text message, saying they were going to the concert, and sent a picture of what they were going to wear....OMG.. Somehow, she managed to find matching tops. Both had Black T-shirts, with vests. One vest in Black and White, and the other.. Pink, with Black polka dots!!!!!!... AND... They actually wore the NKOTB jackets I made them that Christmas in 1990. I had bought Denim jackets from the thrift store and Covered them with photos of the NKOTB, Rhinestones, Sequins and Glitter... I also added there original concert ticket. Allison's jacket was a perfect fit, Jamie's was larger, and I had to roll up the sleeves. I also Bleached Jamie's jacket, and dyed it Purple, her favorite color. So, Jamie's jacket still fit her, and I have noooo Idea how Allison managed to get into hers..but she did! They both called after the concert, squealing like they were 11 & 9 again! They said they had the best time, and everyone loved their "old" jackets, and were taking pictures of them! So, I'm waiting for Allison to sent me photos, and I'll post them as soon as I can. I had no Idea what an impact those jackets would make, and what a memory I had created!

My sister Debbie and I, are meeting Sunday morning for Brunch, then afterwards, going to the park to take pictures. We've talked about doing this for quite sometime, and we're finally doing it! She's an amazing photographer! You can see her many photos at Webshots and do a search for "Stonesthro." I will post our pics for all to see.

I should go to bed, but I'm taking advantage of the fact that I don't start work till Noon tomorrow.. today lol.

Ya Ya is just one week away! I can't wait! It's always so fun. I'm making Tostada's Mmmmmmm A YA YA tradition. yummm yummm yummm! I have to finished printing photos from last years YA YA, and add them to the scrapbook. Then start packing all the stuff I'll have to bring. Blankets, clothes, food etc. You can see photos from past YA YA celebrations, by going to my website ARTKISSED.COMand clicking on "Mothers & Daughters Celebrations"

Ok....time to go to bed. Stay tuned for updates on "Mosley, the Maple tree".. lol... yes.. I have a life!