Tuesday, December 27, 2011


And it's over.
 Christmas that is.
All the running and doing and making and wrapping.
I really did have a good Christmas, with my kids and a couple friends.
I had 7 days off from work...and loving it!

What makes my Christmas good? Having my kids here.. the end.

What could make it better?  having our traditional family foods, homemade pizza,
Breaded Pork Cutlets.. aka: "Breaded Meat"  and of course
Crescent Cookies! Cookies I literally grew up eating at Christmas time.
I cannot imagine a Christmas without them!
I love that my kids LOVE our traditional foods. At some point, they will each ask:
"Are you making Pizza?...are you going to make Cookies?......are we going to have Breaded Meat?"
and my reply... "are you kidding?.. " Of course none have actually tried to make these "infamous" dishes themselves yet. We used to make the cookies together when they were little, but they're "just fine" with
MOM making it all. I did tell them they better "get to learnin'" how to make the family recipe Pizza and Cutlets, so the tradition can carry on.

It was 42 degrees and a snow less Christmas, which was just fine with me. Not having to worry about
people driving in and going home on icy  roads. Yeah, it's pretty to look at but...I'll pass thanks.

I didn't get to see the rest of my sisters, who had their own Christmas Eve, with their kids and grandkids,
but we kept in touch on FB... ahh.. technology...

So.... it was a simple Christmas Eve. But just the way I like it.  My kids all here at the same time
wonderful friends.. and favorite foods.
Having memories of Christmas past and of my own childhood. Missing my parents,
But being so thankful for all that I have good in my life.

So, hope you enjoy my photos below, and a little glimpse of my Christmas.
Hope you had a great Christmas too.
Have a wonderful healthy, peace-filled New Year.

.....How many days till Spring?

5 sheet pizzas...finished at 2 a.m..
lots of work.  It's Pepperoni covered LOVE!

Just some of the "Feast"... The "famous" Crescent Cookies,
"Breaded Meat in the Red Bowl, and Pizza.

Son Eddie, putting his gifts under the tree.

BFF Gloria, Newlyweds Daughter Allison and Andy, Daughter Jamie.

My Babies!

Allison & Andy's gift to me. Their wedding on DVD, a beautiful
Wedding photo, and gorgeous Wine Glasses.

Crazy  siblings Eddie and Jamie

I "made" these for my girls at:

I made Allison and Andy, a book of photos  I titled
"Behind the Scenes the making of a Wedding"
They really loved it.

Family and laughter... the best!

my handsome son Eddie

It's all fun and games, till someone (Allison!) throws a
JR. MINT, and it lands in a pool of hot candle wax!

Gloria brought this amazing array of Cheese cakes..
all I can say is .. O-M-G.

And just as I thought it couldn't get any better,
Jamie (who spent the night) treated me to breakfast!
...but not before she woke me up,  by standing in bedroom doorway,
singing Christmas Carols!!
I returned the "favor" by shouting "Fa-la-la-la-laaaa!
down the hall when she left... ya we're a weee bit
crazy : )

Christmas Day

Gifts I made for my girls and BFF

Monday, December 05, 2011


The holidays!
I have a love-hate relationship with them.
I love the tradition and the idea of family and gathering...and of course the FOOD.
I hate getting the "gottas"... "Gotta buy a Turkey" "Gotta clean the house" "Gotta make the stuffing" "Gotta buy presents" "Gotta put up the tree"

I know...... It's all worth it. Being with my kids, family and friends.
But holidays aren't what they used to be. Ha! how many times has that been said?
  I know, it's memories of childhood, wide eyed, and full of anticipation. Gifts and the glitz. I was clueless as to what it really took to really "make" the holiday's special.
Not till I had my own children, did I realize what went into "happy holidays."
Making it special and memorable was a lot of work.

Last Christmas, I was busy making my family's traditional homemade pizza, I posted on facebook: "My whole house smells like Pizza!"...... my  31 year old daughter Jamie commented with  "I can't wait! thanks for always making Christmas special." That simple sentence, brought me to tears! My efforts did not go un-noticed! she appreciated it me was all worth it.
I'll be the first to admit. I took for granted, that my mom would have our traditional foods for the holidays, I'd have presents, and it would always feel like Christmas. I'm sure I said how good it all was and thanks, but not sure if I ever said "thanks for always making Christmas special"...... 
So... it's important, to let those people know, how you appreciate them and their efforts  for your happy holidays.

...... This is what you get from me at 4:17 a.m. .... a poorly written editorial. lol.. but I'm sure you get the message. : )

Monday, October 31, 2011


It appears that I've once again, been neglecting my Blog.
But the truth is, I've been playing on my Halloween Blog!
I'll be around more,  now that Halloween has finally arrived.
Check it out!

"Got Blood?"
Original Colored Pencil Drawing
See more at my Halloween Blog,


Happy Halloween! see you soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Say Goodbye to Summer

( Quote by Humbert Wolfe. All credit to the wonderful artist, whoever they may be)

                                                                The last day of Summer.
Parting is, such sweet sorrow.  It was a busy Summer. Filled with wedding plans and preparations. Now my daughter is an "old married Woman"... it's been over a month!  How fast time flew, since she announced her engagement in February 2010. 

And now this memorable Summer is about to end.
I love what follows.... AUTUMN!
We've already had some pretty cool temperatures, which were so welcome, after a very hot Summer. It just seems it's coming too soon. I'm  not ready for the warm weather to leave just yet.
I just couldn't resist..... Making Chili last week. The very minute the temps. dip into the 60's... I crave Chili!... oh.. and Navy Bean and Bacon... which I just finished making tonight! Ya...after a trip to the grocery store yesterday, getting all the ingredients.. and forgetting one....... THE BEANS!... duhh.
Which, made me want it even more!!!, reluctantly.. I went BACK to the store.  Got home and started cookin!  I always like it the next day, when all the flavors have blended.. ohh mmm!... hungry?
Yesterday, was my Dad's birthday.... he would have been 93. He passed away in 1993. I can't imagine him at 93.. but wish I could.

So next on my agenda...... YA! YA!
Coming up in October! it will be our 9th! 
what is YA YA?...
well it's actually called
"Mothers and Daughter Spirit Celebration Day"... 
A day when most of the females in our family, gather to have fun, celebrate all the great women in our family, who came before us, and each other... oh and lots of food and fun!  We all wear silly, wonderful handmade hats.. no hat no admittance! : )
We started calling it YA YA... at our first celebration, when we met everyone at the door and shouted YA YA!... it stuck... and easier to say then "happy mothers and daughters spirit celebration day"... !

Again, we'll celebrate at "our" (rented) cottage on the shores of  beautiful Lake Erie. I just got the "official" invite in the mail today. Hosting this year, is our cousin Kathy.. or "Kacky".. as we've always called her.. ( I don't know why?)... with her daughter Kerry.  Up till now, my 3 sisters and I, have taken turns hosting.  I'm really looking forward to to Kathy and Kerry hosting this time.
The little Yaya's.....or "Petites" as we like to call them,  (grand children of my sisters and cousin)...are growing up so fast..... and really love and look forward this happy day. Last year, my great niece Maddy, woke up singing "It's Ya Ya day.. It's Ya Ya day!!" killed her father to have to tell her, she was singing a day too early!  LOL. To the Petites,  it's a fun filled day of seeing their little cousins, doing crafts, learning a little bit about their great grandmothers and aunt who have  "gone on to that big YA YA celebration in the sky) and playing on the beach (if the weather is good) ...Oh.. and of course presents! We have a gift exchange every year..  you know they love that!
The "Elders".. Me, my sisters and cousin.... really look forward to it.  And our daughters.. (we still haven't found a name for them yet).... enjoy it too.. well most of them. Some think it's kinda . ... silly? But still enjoy seeing each other.. and the food of course.
I hope our moms, aunts, cousins and ancestors are smiling down and happy that we celebrate them in this special way!
I've already got an ART project planned for us, that I think everyone will enjoy..... SHHHH don't tell!
Also, I'll  be hosting next year! the 10th!..... wow..... !! I "invented" and hosted the very first "Mothers & Daughters Celebration" (aka: ya ya)... in 2003. Hosted again for the 5th....and I get the 10th too yippee! I'll have to make it big and fun!
So, over the next couple weeks, I'll be printing pics from last year's YA YA, to add to the scrapbook I started. ( I only had a year to print them right?)....I'm so glad I did. It's soo fun to look back at the passed 8 years! I also include a "highlights" page, and the invitation.

Here, are just a few pictures from last years YA YA...enjoy!

Enjoying breakfast and a toast with our traditional Mimosas!

The first year it was warm and sunny enough to play on the beach. The little Petites loved it!
It wouldn't be YA YA without crafts in the evening!

"Our" pier, just steps from "our" cottage. The lake just adds to the awesomeness of the day

Love those hats!

Great niece Anna.. just seconds from getting hit with that wave!

Cousins Emily and Emily Rose, working on the
Ya Ya wall of Fame

Trying to gather the YA YAs for our annual photo..... not easy..
but glad the picnic table held out!

So.... I'm looking forward to AUTUMN.

                         I just hope it lingers ... because I'm NOT looking forward to what follows.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've created a new HALLOWEEN BLOG!
(click on the pic to visit)
Anyone who knows me.... KNOWS how much I love Halloween! I don't know why I never thought of this before....but suddenly..... (after visiting a dozen very cool Halloween blogs..)...  it occurred to me, to create one for myself.
So, I hope you'll check it out and while you're there, feel free to check out some of my favorite Blogs, and Halloween sites.
I've also got a few Halloween inspired jewelry pieces on Etsy....if you're interested! Click my "ARTKISSED SHOP" button on the right sidebar.

 HALLOWEEN will be here soon! you have your costume yet???

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Back in the saddle? to speak....
I'm back in my ART room... and doing more than just watching TV and playing on the computer.
I've been in a year-long Artist "dry spell"... just wasn't feeling very creative, no matter how much art material I bought.
Okay, yes, I did make and sell some jewelry.. and still am.
But my "playin'-in-the-paint" kinda  creativity, was really low. I missed it! thought I lost it!

My daughter's wedding, kept me busy and also side tracked, I had a lot to do, make invites.shower stuff, find "the dress" (mine) etc. etc. wonderful as it all was, I'm glad that "normal life" has resumed.
...And nothing like Halloween, to get me back in the mood. With so many ideas now, I don't know what to do first....and this is a good thing!

I've just listed on Etsy. The first time in a long time! In fact, I didn't even know they had a new listing format, that's how long it's been! I've listed a few Halloween jewelry pieces to get rolling and hopefully more art to follow soon.

I was in a Polymer Clay mood This Labor day weekend. It was so perfect. On Friday and Saturday, the temperature was 92 and soo humid!....  Sunday and Monday?.... high 68, rainy,  cool and breezy! PERRRRFECT!!! (thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Lee).... I had the windows open wide.. and I watched the ever changing cloud show, while I worked. It wasn't just  overcast, the clouds were all shades of Grey, Wild and moody,  I just adore days like that! makes me  feel  so relaxed and cozy.

I had several ideas for Halloween designs... but you know how it goes... my creativity took a turn, and those ideas, headed in a whole different direction.  Sometimes you just got to let the ART lead...
I love the way  they're turning out..... (hope you like em too.) They will be the focal piece of the necklaces. They were supposed to be Halloween themed, but now they're not!... although, I would still like to make some with Halloween designs. Anyway.. check them out in their  not quite finished phase... I'll be adding the necklace portions (hopefully) this weekend! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

I found this really cool "Granite" Polymer Clay.
These are embellished with some favorite sayings.
one of those "light-bulb" moments... "gilding these pieces with a
Champagne colored shimmery paint!.. love those moments!
I finished them (pic coming soon) by filling the center spaces
with "Ice Resin"... love the dimension it added.

Before paint and text...looking a little Medieval, or Goth without the shimmery paint...
perfect for Halloween text imagery

Polymer Clay Pendant,
 featuring a print of my original Witch sketch
 Bracelet with glass beads.

I hired a model to help show some work....
She really needs to eat a little more! :-p

  The week is flying and the weekend will be here again soon...yesss!
BFF Gloria, is coming over on Saturday,   I'm going to be making  "Garlic buttered Bread Bacon Burgers" with "Fresh cut" French Fries... and..... and...Onion Rings, and fresh Ranch for dipping.... .. Oh I can feel my pants getting tight just thinking about it... but hey... sometimes ya just gotta right?

As I end this post, I just noticed it's raining again... God, I love that sound. It's amazing how it can be so peaceful and calming.

See ya later!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 ....sorry.. the photos got out of order... hope you'll enjoy them anyway!

The beautiful blushing Bride,  My daughter Allison 

Me lighting the unity candle, with Andy's dad, Deacon William Dirk (center)

"Here Comes The Bride" Ring Bearer Deacon and Flower girl Layla


Allison's beautiful Bouquet, made by my sister Rita as were all the Flowers

"The Party Bus"........ carried the Bride and her maids to the church, then  the whole (22 people!) Bridal Party

The Party Bus!


First Dance

More kissing!

Allison & her Siblings

Sister Jamie caught the Bouquet! oh no! another wedding not to far away?

 It finally came! My daughter  Wedding day!
  It was a gorgeous Summer day, with beautiful blue skies and lots of Sunshine, despite the threat of rain all week. Allison was so gorgeous.... if I do say so myself... (smile) And I've never seen Andy more handsome.
Of course, I can't forget Her brother Eddie and sister Jamie that were in the wedding.

I must say, it was all very surreal. I was the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE.. and that pretty little BRIDE was MY Daughter!
  How is that possible?.... she's only 4 years old?..... she's my baby!

Anyway........ it was a lovely reception, held outdoor, in a beautiful country setting. It was great having my family there to celebrate with us!

   The Mr. & Mrs. Are now on their Honeymoon in Jamaica MON.. !
Bless you both! and have a happy life together!  love ya!