Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well... It's already been a whole week, since we had our 4th. Annual Mothers & Daughters Celebration! Time flies! We had a blast! The cottage we stayed in was wonderful, and the view of the lake was amazing! We laughed, ate, talked, ate, and ate some more! New babies, old cousins, gifts, & projects. And a sleepover too. You can see all the pictures at my website: I took so many, that it's taking me a long time to get them all on, so if you're intrested, check back often to see the latest. I'm still unemployed, and still feeling guilty for not aggressively looking. I like staying home, sleeping in, and staying up all hours. I like it. I am happy "getting by" with the little money I have. I 'm not starving, and have a roof over my head, and have managed to keep my internet service... so how bad could it be?.... ooops, I'd better not say that out loud. I will get a job, and go back to the old day to day grind. But for now, I'm content being a slug.

This Autumn, is kind of a disapointment. The trees are dull, and lack any brilliant colors. I know the weather dictates this, but it's too bad.
well, maybe next year. I still have lots of gorgeous pictures from last Autumn to look back on.
So That's about it. Same old stuff, different day.
My daughter Jamie is coming over tomorrow, and she and I are going to try (again) to organize my million photos. Then I have to tackle all the digital photos I have. I need to get them printed, or saved on a disc.
Then we will enjoy some homemade Navy Bean soup! mmmmm.. The perfect thing, on a chilly Autumn day. Jamie told her cousins, Michael, and Scott, and they're all coming for soup too!
Ok.. so it is really good. I can't take all the credit though, it's my mom's recipe. But I'm glad I learned how to make it.

My sister Rita, has printed up another recipe book, filled with recipes we all contributed. Most are family recipes that my mom made. Others are newer, and sure to become favorites.

Well.. now I'm just writing to get to the end, so the page won't look wierd when I post it.. for some reason, if there isn't any writing below the last photo, everything on the right side of the page, ends up, way at the bottom.


I hope this works.. I've snuck down to the bottom of the page! sneaky sneaky!... Ok I'm going now.. Hopefully to do some art, or alteast work on organizing my art room.... yeah right!
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Friday, October 13, 2006


It's too early! make it stop! I couldn't believe my eyes Thursday afternoon. I know they predicted it, but I just didn't believe it. It was.... dreadful!
Cleveland gets more than it's share of snow, and we're just not ready for it this early. The leaves haven't even turned yet. I'm also worried about them. The wind was so hard, (see the over turned trash can)I'm afraid they're going to blow away before they get the chance to turn!
Well, nothing I can do.

It's reallllly cold too.... and... I.... had... to.... to... t.t.t.t.. turn on the..fff...fff....FURNACE! omg.. I can't believe it. The temperature is going down to the low 30's .. I had to give in or stay under the covers. I have to admit, it feels nice and cozy now. Dammit.

I should be in bed. I have to get up at a "normal" time tomorrow morning. I have to pack up, and head to my sister Rita's house, then on to the Cottage, and spend the night, before YA YA Saturday morning. I've finished the memory book, and it doesn't look too bad. I can always change things later.

I'm sending in my little "CLOUD FAIRY".... and requesting she send only fair weather clouds, and take back the ones making snow!

Ok... going now... Happy Friday the 13th! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting Ready for YA YA!

I've been busy working on a memory book for our annual "Mothers & Daughters" Spirit Celebration" or YA YA! coming up this Saturday, October 14th.

I finally have enough (the past 3 celebrations), to get the book going. Lots of pictures, and highlights of each gathering.
The picture on the cover, is of my Great Grandmother, Odelia Bertrand. Isn't she beautiful? They called her "Deely"
She is decked out in her own YA YA hat... a crown of course, because she is the Queen!
all the mothers and daughers attending are, her direct decendants!
She's also "holding" a glass of Mimosa, (hand painted by me) our official breakfast drink a YA YA. Our group is really growing! Last year there were 19th of us.
This year there will be 23, counting our newest YA YA, Anna. Actually, there are 6 more. the granddaughters of my cousin Rosemary. They won't be attending, but will be with us in spirit.

I've never met them before! and I'm anxious to
hear about them. They are 7 years old and younger!

So, the job hunt continues. I posted my resume online, and have had a few responses. One that sound interesting, so I'm hoping to hear from them again, by the end of the week.

I ran to the store, and as I was backing out of the driveway, I looked to my left, just a few doors down, and saw a huge tree that had fallen, and was laying completely across the road! I didn't hear it fall, and didn't realize it was that windy. I thought to call the city but figured someone probably had already called. When I came back, it was still laying there, so I called the city and reported it, and within 20 minutes, a tree removal crew was there! impressive.
Today started off, warm, with a mix of sun and clouds, then went to all clouds. In the evening, the rain came, and the wind really picked up.
So now, it's pretty chilly, and getting chillier. They're calling for SNOW SHOWERS tomorrow evening!!!!!!! OHHH NOOOOO... I am NOT ready for snow, of any kind, in any amount. It's just wayyyy to early! There is also a frost warning for tomorrow night, that will officially kill the growing season. Damn... I'm not ready for cold weather! Grrrrrrr. Well maybe we still have a chance for an Indian Summer... pleeez? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The history of dance - funny -

I know this video has been around awhile... but it's soooo funny! and worth a second look... if not a first. Enjoy!
Comedian Judson Laipply demonstrates the history of American Dance.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


It was a gorgeous Autumn day! Chrystal Blue sky! The leaves are just starting to turn, so I've posted some pictures I took from last Autumn.

I found myself watching the Tigers/Yankee game, and I'm happy to say, the Tigers kicked YANKEE BUTT!!
I'm an Indians fan, but since it can't be us in there, I'm glad for the Tigers.

Ok, so I've been keeping really weird hours since being layed off. I'm taking full advantage of the fact I can stay up as late as I want. Trouble is, I sleep the whole morning away! And I don't like that! So I have to try really hard to go to bed earlier than 6:30 a.m.!!

I need to get more art done. I've managed to sell a few pieces on Etsy, and I want to sell more!

I made myself get dressed, and leave the house today. I had to go to the post office and mail my latest piece. I stopped at "Marc's" a great discount/buyout store, and picked up a few things there. They don't carry produce, so I made another stop at the New Giant Eagle. The last time I was there, I noticed they had a whole isle of Imported foods, including British items. I was excited, hoping I would find some Clotted Cream. I had a "Cream Tea" when I was in Cornwall, 6 years ago, and have craved Clotted Cream ever since. Ofcourse, they didn't have any. So I actually called the store and requested it, never thinking they'd really get it. Low and behold! there it was!!! a small little jar, just 5.6 oz...... $7.49... HOLY SH.......!.... But I wanted it...the little voice inside said "you don't have a job!".... and I mentally shouted back.. "BUT I WANT IT!"... guess who won that argument? Well, I had to buy some strawberry preserves, and get some buscuits.. ( to substitute for Scones) I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner right?
So I'm unemployed, and eating like a Queen... lol.

So My son Eddie stopped over this evening. I hadn't seen him for awhile, and missed him!
He had been sick for the past week, The Dr. said it was Bronchitis. He's feeling better now.
So we sat an had a nice talk. He's got my sense of humor, and he's always cracking joke, imitating people, and making up funny stories.

Ok, so I'll go watch the rest of the Mets, Dodgers game. I'm not a fan, but nothing else better on for now.
Have a great week.

Monday, October 02, 2006


She's here!.....Introducing Anna (pronounced "Ah-na") Gabrielle. Born October 1 st. at 2:44 a.m Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz, 19 inches long. Very dark brown hair. And looks like she might favor her dad. She's beautiful! She was born, just 45 minutes after her mom and dad got to the hospital! Wow. Brother Carmen, loves her already, and here is a picture of his first time holding her. I took these pictures this afternoon.
It's amazing to hold such a tiny brand new person. She has arrived in time to be our newest little YA YA. Every year we've had a new female addition.

My job hunt continues. I'm still enjoying my lazy days, and being spontaneous. I'm still staying up way to late, but loving it.

Here's a few more pics of Anna's homecoming!

Here is the whole family!
My nephew Michael, wife Antje, Carmen, and Anna. ................................................................... Posted by Picasa