Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hi Twyla!
... I had a busy, fun weekend! I hope you did too!

Work was hell! it was just one of those weeks where the customers really, really got on my nerves, and I had to check the calendar to see if there was a full moon! OMG.. they were obnoxious! Friday alone, was like another week all in itself. 6p.m. couldn't come fast enough! I snapped the cool cloud picture, before leaving "hell"... LOL....
I was even more happy to leave, because I was meeting my PSMWG buddies for dinner! A first for all of us, meeting on a work day! it was fun and just what I needed. We all headed back to W's (Winnie) for coffee.

I spent Saturday blissfully enjoying the Grey skies, chilly temperature and all day rain. It was a steady rain and I was able to keep the windows open and enjoy the sounds. I jumped between art projects and for lunch, I got a big steaming bowl of my homemade Navy Bean & Bacon soup! Ahhh it was pure heaven! Nothing tastes better on a Rainy Saturday afternoon.
I still wonder when and how I started enjoying rainy days almost more.. (almost!) than sunny ones.
I don't know for sure. But I do know it puts me in a cozy mood, and also in a creative one!

Besides the work week from Hell, I was also pre-occupied with my kids Eddie and Jamie.
They both decided to take a mini trip to New York City...but not together!
The funny thing was, one didn't know the other was planning a trip and they both chose the same weekend!
Jamie went with her friend and took a plane, Eddie went with his girlfriend Danielle, and drove... gulp..
Okay.. yes. I'm a self proclaimed worry wart! And not only did I have to worry about one.. but 2! The flying, the driving, the New York City reputation... man!
Well, the all got there safe and sound.. (Thanks God)... and another coincidence, their hotels were only 1 block apart! (neither had any idea!) They all had a great time too! back home safe and sound. fewhhh!

Sunday, I worked on my art projects. I wanna know, how some paintings take on a life of their own. How (what was supposed to be) an abstract painting, turns into a painting of giant daisies??? really.

Oh.. and I finally had one of my favorite Halloween paintings, put on a T-shirt!
I love the way it came out! Check out ZAZZLE.COM
it's such a cool site, perfect for designing your own T-shirts, and the quality, and delivery time is awesome!

Oh... and the title?.. addictions??.. well...
Okay, I am a confessed Facebook junkie now. And I am addicted to YoVille... it's crazy.. and a total waste of time.. and I love it. I was a former Farmville addict, then a few friends got on YoVille, and well, just call it peer pressure! LOL. I'm sure my addiction will pass, but it's probably the biggest reason I haven't been blogging! Man... yes. yes .. I KNOW!.. I need to get a life! As I type, I am watching the clock. It's almost time to go to the "Sweet Shop" and get my (cyber) "Cupcakes" out of the ovens.. and get coins... LOL LOL LOL ...
DING!.... I think I heard (not really) the timer!
Gotta run before they "cyber-burn"...
Later ya'll!

Friday, September 11, 2009


A package!... in MY mailbox.. for MEEEEEEEE!

I've been like a kid before Christmas, ever since I learned I had won the Wizard of Oz Gala give-a-way, hosted by Twyla & Lindsey, at

And I got my goodies today! Ohhh Man!
What fun!

I opened the box and inside, were little wrapped packages! Stickers and papers and Puzzles!
OH MY!!!!
There was even a handmade greeting card, that was so well done, I didn't even realize it was handmade! A funny little tag, that I promptly place on my fridge.

A giant puzzle, and the most adorable little lunch/trinket box designed like a little TV.
I am in OZ heaven!!!!

I had such fun participating in the Gala, and this wonderful package was the Rainbow at the end.

I am sooo lucky!

I can't wait for the next amazing event!