Wednesday, December 31, 2008

THINKING PINK I got a few little Valentine inspired magnets finished, and just listed on Etsy this evening. I'm on a roll again! So I guess I'll be doing more ART to bring in the NEW YEAR!

This is just gonna be a quick one!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well the weekend is officially over. I got up bright and early this morning, all ready to do some art. While I had done so much grocery shopping for Christmas, I really didn't have much else in the house. I just can't eat another cookie, or a slice of Ham! I decided to treat myself to .... a McDonald's breakfast! I told you that place was way too close. I put on the coffee first, then I jumped in my car and headed up the road just about 1 mile. The wind was howling, and the temperature had dropped from the balmy, unseasonably warm 68 degrees yesterday, to a more typical 35. The sun was just coming up, and I was enjoying the clouds. Dark Gray, washed with Golden Sunshine against the Blue Blue sky. By the time I got back home, The dark clouds crept in, and the sun had disappeared. I finished my breakfast, and started on some art. I wanted to work on some Valentine pieces, but my creative juices just weren't flowing. I decided to go through my files to find some images to use. So...I got sleepy after the breakfast... and ... took a little nap. I'm not really a morning person! I really hate sleeping the day away though. But I got back up just a few hours later. So now it's almost 11 pm. I got ONE piece finished.. yippee lol. Not much to show for a whole day of opportunity. Well it just happens sometimes.

So, I'm wondering how busy we'll be at work this week. I enjoyed having so many days off, but I can't afford it! So...I have to resist the urge, if they come around asking "would you like to go home?"... I did leave early on Friday, and had big fun spending my "Pat Catan's" (our local arts & crafts store) gift certificate from friend Laure. I picked up some paints, and more Polymer Clay.

So my "BIG" New Year's eve plans???... hanging out with my best friends and eating... and maybe a glass of Wine or two or three.. hey, I'm not driving! I think the last big New Year's Eve party I threw, was for the Millennium! wow.. I should probably have one. Maybe Next year!

So have a fun, safe New Year's Eve... and if I'm not back here in time, have a Wonderful, Peace filled New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


What a wonderful Christmas!

Actually, my family celebrated on Christmas Eve.

It was a most fun, relaxed happy evening. My kids Eddie, Jamie & Allison & her boyfriend Andy were there, and my best friend Gloria. My nephew Michael and his two adorable kids Carmen & Anna even stopped by.

We "feasted on our traditional Breaded Pork Cutlets (aka: Breaded Meat), homemade Pizza, Potato Salad, Jamie's Ham, Allison's "Surprise" Meatballs, Eddie's Brownies, and wonderful baked goods, including Homemade Banana Nut Bread, Butterscotch Cookies & Thumbprint cookies, as well as Fresh Spinach dip, and Deviled eggs all from Gloria. I made my traditional Crescent Cookies and Tarts. Everything was sooo MMmmmMMMMMMmmmmMMMmmm! GOOD!!!!

The "FAMILY KNOW-IT-ALL" Game, turned out to be a big hit! The kids had lots of fun, and we laughed so much at some of their answers!! Eddie took home the trophy!

The kids really liked the handmade ornaments I made for them.
Eddie gave me several "funny" gifts, funky picture frames and really fuzzy warm Robe, Jamie gave me a pound of Starbucks Coffee "Komodo Dragon" blend, and Dark Chocolate covered "Cellas" Cherries, in an adorable Felt bag. from Allison and Andy a beautiful Orchid plant, Glitter scrapbook Paper (Each sheet is completely covered in Glitter!!!!) and a beautiful Marcasite Ring. Do they know me or what????
I received such wonderful, thoughtful gifts. But just being them all, was truly the best gift of all.

This was one of the best Christmas Eve's Ever!

Eddie and Allsion & Andy left, and called to let me know they got home safe. Gloria and I did our usual thing and sat at the table eating leftovers and drinking coffee! Jamie caught up on her email, then joined us. She was going to go home, but got too tired, and snuggled up on the couch.
Gloria left at 5:30 a.m.... lol.... and me, being wired from coffee, sat in front of the computer like a Zombie, looking at the evenings photos till the sun came up. I slept like a rock, and didn't wake up till 2 in the afternoon! I showered, and put on my most comfortable sweats. I straitened up the house, and Gloria called to say she and my other good friend Laure would be over at 5. It felt like we never left the table!!! LOL... We talked and laughed and had a good time! Before we knew it, it was 10:30... so everyone left.

So just like that, Christmas Day is over... POOF! I almost slept right through it.

Thank you Lord for my beautiful, wonderful Children, family and unbelievable friends. I am so abundantly blessed!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love and that your new Year will be filled with Peace and blessings.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Ahh what a beautiful Sunset this evening. (Sunday) The Winter Solstice....the shortest day of the year. Now, the day's will start getting longer and longer.. yayyy! It was a very cold, very blustery sunny day.

I got all the handmade ornaments done, finished the game and Trophy. What do you think of it?... TACKY! lol.. just the look I was going for! I made it from found things in the house. I wanted the ball made from Styrofoam... but eh.. they wanted $9 for a ball!! I don't think so homey! So I took some plastic grocery bags, and balled them up, and covered it with Masking tape.. now that's tacky! lol I added little colored Mirror squares. I used an empty wrapping paper roll, and an empty ribbon roll all sitting on a plastic cocktail cup and used a wooden tray turned upside down, for the base. I painted it all, a shimmery Champagne Gold. Topped it with a star and Viola! The tackiest Trophy ever! LOL.... I thought it would add to the fun of the game. I hope it will become a traditional thing and the Trophy gets passed around. Each "winner" get's the Trophy for one year, and get's to sign the bottom along with the date. I really do have too much time on my hands. I also finished the ornaments for the kids. I used last year's Christmas photo, and did a little photo magic by adding a Santa Hat and Elves hat. they have a sparkly Red fringed edge, and I added Bells to them. There's a hanger and magnet, so they can use it on the fridge if the want. I just hope they don't see this blog before Christmas. I also finished wrapping gifts.

I will be glad when Christmas is over. I love it, but it's all consuming.

I'm sure work will be slow again on Monday (Today) I'll probably end up leaving early again. Well, atleast I'll have more time to get things done.

So Have a great Monday!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've finally finished decorating the Tree, and it only took me 3 weeks to do it! LOL. I was inspired by the fact that "White Christmas" was on TV tonight, and I always decorate the tree when the movie is on. I have the movie on tape, but it's buried somewhere in the closet and I have the VCR now in my art room. Guess I'm gonna have to get a 2nd. one for the living room. Do they even make them anymore? So as I trimmed the tree, I waited for my favorite parts of the movie... heyyyyyyyyy! they cut the "SNOW" song!!!!!...and HEYYYYYY!!... they cut other stuff too! HOW DARE THEY! Man, isn't anything sacred??? It looks like I'm gonna have to dig that old movie out after all.

Well the big Ice storm has come and gone. I watched the radar till around 2:30 a.m. watching the giant blue mass inch it's way closer and closer. I was lucky, that when it came time to leave for work, it was raining pretty hard, turning all the frozen stuff to mush. The roads were clear and wet. Thank God! I only had to scrape the 1/8 inch thick layer of Ice off the car windows. So, when I got to work, my supervisor said she wanted to see me. Geeez! I haven't even taken my coat off! Ok.. sure.. "Yes?"... Well, she said that the other supervisors had seen my little Christmas tree she asked me to draw on her dry-erase board and they all wanted something too! "Do you mind?"... "heck no!" I said, "this is like play time for me!" So, I headed down to the other supervisors area, and began drawing a Little snowman, some Pine trees and a little Winter cabin on one board, then I big Santa face on the other. All while the other employees watched. I could hear their Ooohs! and Aaaahs! that was nice. One more board to go. I drew a cute little Elf on it. I got thanked profusely, even the GM saw the boards and loved them too. I'll try to take some pictures. So by the time I finished all the boards, it was noon! 2 hours had flown by just like that. So I went and took a break. Came back and got to work. It was even slower than the previous 2 days, and sure enough my supervisor was sending people home. I was trying to resist the temptation.... but gave in and left! I went into Marc's just to get some Tylenol and ended up spending $30... for a "few more" things for our Christmas Eve Buffet. Yikes. Now I'm trying to figure out what I have to do and when I have to do it. It wasn't until today, that I realized Christmas Eve. is Wednesday and not Thursday!... I've now lost a day of prep time! Good thing I'm not having lots of people coming, although you'd never know it by the food I'm having! The most time consuming thing will be the homemade Pizza. The dough is the hardest. All the kneading and rolling. It is a labor of love though, and wouldn't be Christmas with out it. The breaded meat is also time consuming, with all the breading, and frying. Ohhh well.

So... it's almost 1 a.m. and I'm watching Frasier. I'm going to try and work on the ornaments for my kids tonight. Then tomorrow... uhh.. sheesh... lots of chores, cleaning etc. I'm planning on meeting Gloria and Laure for dinner, then we're going to go See the Christmas display in Medina. Even though I was off for the better part of 3 days, I got nothing done! That's tops on my New Year's Resolutions list... STOP PROCRASTINATING!... just like all the past years lol. But that's another Blog post.

So Enjoy your last weekend before Christmas. Don't make yourselves too crazy with all the hustle-bustle and remember the real reason for this wonderful Holiday. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Nothing better than a little Ice storm for my morning commute.
I got sent home early again, on Thursday. Should have held out till today!
Well....I will call BEFORE I leave for work, but if it's bad out, I just AIN'T GOING! matter what they say.
losing a day's pay is better than wrecking my car in an accident!
... MAN! I HATE THIS $#@!*&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

FA LA LA LA LA......

'Tis the season to bake goodies!!!

Yesterday, my sister Debbie invited me over to make Tarts together! We had so much fun!! Dough, Fillings and a few glasses of wine. Her house looks so beautiful, like a warm Winter retreat, And her tree is absolutely gorgeous!

It was the oddest thing. We were both following the same recipe, yet, our batches came out looking so different! How could that be? Was it because we used Light and Dark Brown Sugar? was it the placement in the oven? Did one of us use more Nuts in the mixes?? Who knows, but it was funny looking at how different they looked!
I now live just 1 1/2 miles from her, and I love that we're so close now! She's coming over next Tuesday, and we're going to make my favorite Crescent Cookies together. Those are my favorite Christmas cookies ever. The smell, and taste, bring me back to my childhood (just a few years ago!....... hahah!!!) It's just not Christmas without them. I tell my kids that "this is What Christmas tastes like!"

So, I got out of work at 11:30 yesterday!!!! I work in Catalog sales, and once people realize they can't get their orders by Christmas eve, it gets very slow, so they send people home. It was hard saying no, when they offered. It was a perfect opportunity to finish Christmas shopping, and getting all the food for Christmas Eve. So... I think I'm done!!... unless I forget some stupid little thing like salt or something, I think I got it all.

So as I probably mentioned before, it's going to be a pretty quiet Christmas. My sisters are all staying home with their kids. So it will just be me and my kids, and my Friend Gloria. The kids get bored quickly, so, I came up with a game for us to play! It's called "The Family Know-it-All Game" I found a "game box" and I created a Cover for the box. I designed and printed "Sassy Bucks" featuring a really silly picture of me when I was about 8 years old! Question cards, and even have little touch lights they can hit to answer the questions. I'm also going to make a "Trophy" that the winner will get, and have the bragging rights as being "THE FAMILY KNOW-IT-ALL" Sounds fun right??? I hope they think so! I'm not done with it yet, but here are a few pictures of it so far. I think it just might be something we could do every year! Just write up new questions. I'm still working on things like the "BONUS ROUND" and "LIGHTNING ROUND" So I'll let ya know.

The other photo, is of my Daughter Allison, holding her and her sister's dog Lucas AKA: "The Beast", with her boyfriend Andy, and their other dog Cody. They went to an animal shelter Charity event and had this fun Christmas pic taken!

We had some Freezing Sleet yesterday, which always makes me worry about my kids driving in it. Luckily, it didn't last very long, and the road were just wet in the morning. Now, there's yet another Winter Storm on it's way. If we're lucky, it will just stay along the shore line of Cleveland, If not, it may dip further South, and we could "Be in trouble" as the Weather guy said. We still have months of this White crap yet to come. But we are one day closer to Spring right? And...Sunday is the Winter Solstice.. the shortest day of the year...The days will start getting longer after that! YAY! I think I do suffer from that Light deprivation thing. I'm doing it again....talking endlessly about the weather! sorry! It's just so hard not to, it's always the topic of conversation for Clevelanders this time of year. It's already Thursday!!! Wow... the week went by sooo fast! And...I'm off the rest of the weekends in December. I'll get to finish my projects this weekend, and finally finish decorating the tree! I'm sooo bad!!!

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ahhhhhhhh the weekend is here again!
Have you finished your Christmas Shopping yet??... me either!
I'm up, watching "Little House on the Prairie"...hmmm.. It's still a good show!
I'm pulling an "all nighter" Yay me!
I haven't done that is a long time! I worked 9-3 today, did a little shopping, stopped at McDonalds and treated myself to a Big Mac and Fries. That McDonalds, is just a little too close and I've found myself stopping there way too much! I took a long nap, then got up and made a pot of coffee.

Isn't this vintage postcard just beautiful? I got it at the "Graphics Fairy"...See the link on my sidebar. There are wonderful images to use in your art...FREE! So if you like the one shown here, just click on it and save!

Oh, and you just have to check out the newest Blog sites on my list of favorites!
TUMBLE FISH STUDIO and FRIENDS IN ART. I love their Blogs, and I love the art!!!

I pulled out my Christmas Decorations on November 30th. Put some lights up, and the tree, put a few ornaments on.. and... left it! OMG.. it's still all just sitting in the living room... everywhere! I"m terrible! So...right after I finish the breakfast I just made...Bacon, Eggs, Homefries and Italian bread toast...I'm planning on heading into the living room, and getting it all done. Did I ever mention that I procrastinate just a wee bit???

I actually addressed AND mailed The first batch of Christmas cards yesterday too (ran out and have to get some more.) I was determined to send my own hand made personalized one-of-a-kind Christmas cards this year... well that didn't happen! shame on me. I bought a box of cards in a discount store!! ohhh the horror!... the mass produced ones I tell people they shouldn't buy. Well...maybe next year.

  • So it looks like it's going to be a pretty Quiet Christmas this year. Just my kids, a couple of friends and me. My sisters are all staying home with their kids and grandkids. I'll miss them all a lot! but sometimes it's nice to slow things down a bit. I'll be making Homemade Pizza, Cresent Cookies and Breaded Pork cutlets...we just call it "Breaded Meat".... which when I think about it, sounds kinda weird? But it really is delicious! Want the recipe? Ok. Here ya go!

    (measurements are approximate)

  • 2-3 lbs. of Pork (Pork steak or Boneless Cutlets thin cut.)

  • Trim meat from bone if using Pork Steak, pound meat till thin.

  • 1c.Seasoned Bread crumbs (Orlando brand)

  • 1c.Parmesan Cheese

  • 1/2c. Flour

  • 1tbs. Garlic Powder (more or less to taste)

  • 1tbs. Dried Parsley Flakes.

  • 1 Egg

  • 1/2c. Milk.

  • Salt & Pepper

  • I usually use Pork Steaks, and cut the meat from the bone...but you can use boneless pork cutlets. The taste will be just a little different. Anyway...In a bowl mix all dry ingredients. I like to make up extra breading mix. It will keep nicely in an air tight container in the Fridge. In a separate bowl, mix enough Milk and egg to dip each piece. Before breading, add about 1/4-1/2 inch of oil to skillet and allow to heat on low, while breading. Dip each piece of meat in Milk and Egg wash, then into breading mixture. Pat mixture on each piece and stack pieces as you go, on a plate. Turn up heat to medium, and begin adding breaded meat. Cook on each side, till a nice deep Golden Brown. Line a bowl with paper towels and place cooked cutlets in the bowl, keep bowl covered between batches. My mom always quick browned the cutlets, then baked them to finish cooking. But I like them on the crispy side, so I cook completely in the hot oil. Tastes great either way. Do not save any used breading if it has come in contact with the pork. I make up the breading ahead of time as I said, and just take out as much as I need. The breading mixture is also excellent on Chicken breasts or strips, and City Chicken. So there you have it... my family "SECRET" recipe! Try it, and let me know how it came out!

Friday, December 12, 2008


My favorite ornaments. Well, these are my most favorites. These are the ones who have real stories with them, and most have been around for quite awhile. Every year I would buy or make each one of my kids an ornament. I would put the date on it. I usually bought a few extras for the tree as well. When my girls moved into their own places, that was one of the first things they wanted... Their ornaments! It touched my heart, to know that they loved them, even when I didn't think they cared!

Gramma Cook's Glitter. This was given to me, by my cousin Kathy, who was sharing old photos, cards and ornaments with my sisters an I. It was in a little glass jar, and simply marked Glitter. My sisters and I fought over it! And ended up splitting it up between us.. (ya.. we're just that kind of crazy!) I put mine in this little bottle, and it's now a new favorite ornament

The Crib. One of my first ornaments when I got married. Dated 1977. It was given to me by my best friend Gloria. I was pregnant, and I thought this was the most wonderful little thing!
German paper stars. Although this isn't an original, It brings such wondeful memories, of my mom making them. She used Pastel colored paper strips. always dipped them in wax, then sprinkled them with Glitter. She would MAKE my sisters and I, sell them door to door in the neighborhood!... But people bought them! I can't remember how to make them anymore, but my sister Rita does. Guess I'll have to get a refresher course!
My mom's "Candy Garland" Missing most of the Flocking, but It's still so cute and colorful!
....The "infamous" handmade BROWN Candle. Made by my daughter Allison, when she was about 6 years old!...I'll always remember her excitement. She decided to show it to me as I was backing out of the driveway of the school. "Wanna see my candle??"... "Yes, I do!" from the back seat, she flung it in front of my face, and I had to stop the car because I was laughing so hard! I love this silly thing! I only wish they had picked any color but BROWN!
Ok, how many of you have a slice of Pizza hanging on your tree? LOL This "slice" was made from Salt dough. It is in tribute to my dad's homemade Pizza, that we always had every Christmas Eve.

These worn old ornaments are about the only ones left from my childhood. Though they aren't the prettiest, they're most loved.

OH! how I love this one. It is tiny and sweet, and still has a piece of old twine and rusted wire, used to hang it. I can still remember when there was a whole box of them, each nestled in there own little place, in the original box. I'm so lucky it survived over 50 years!

Another childhood favorite. These bells usually hung on a door, or in the window. there were two of these, and I don't know what happened to the other.

Do you have one too? These cute little Elves are supposed to be hidden, and everyday during Christmas, they're supposed to "magically appear" in a different spot. This one is very old, and I love him!

Ok... THIS ONE is my 2nd favorite. I get so excited when I see it every Christmas. It's like seeing a very dear, old friend. It was once just a simple little Toy Umbrella, that held little candy beads inside. My Mom dipped it in wax, and sprinkled it with Glitter, and it's been hanging on the tree since I was 4 years old! I love it!

The Church! We had several of this type of ornament. They each had paper "stained glass" windows, and a hole in the back to insert a Christmas light. I remember how "fun" it was poking out each window, and.... getting in big trouble for doing it! These have became quite collectable, so if you have one hang on to it!
This simple little "doily" is very special to me. It was hand made by my Mom, on a hand made "Loom" that my Dad made for her. She made several of them, and I had two, but again, only one has survived. I remember watching her make them back in the 70's. I will love it forever.
I love this Ice cream cone ornament!.... yes.. ok.. I keep saying that, and this whole post is about all my favorite ornaments. This was another of my mom's. I have two, the other has a "Chocolate" colored cone, with a crack in it, but I don't even care.
A special "Watercolors" ornament, given to me by my Friend Tom Smith, who just passed away in August.

My EASYBAKE OVEN ORNAMENT! omg! How excited I got when I saw this Hallmark Keepsake. I had to have it, but it was too expensive. So.. smart, cheap me, waited till after Christmas, and got it for only $5!!! It's actually 2 ornaments in one. The box is an exact replica or the original box, and nestled inside, is the oven, in Turquoise, just like the one I had! The little Pink Cake is scented like "Cake"... And the little Tray slides in and out. Theres a hole in the back to put a Christmas light in, so it "Glows" just like the real ones did.