Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well it was a great end to the month.
With Friday's cloud show. then meeting with my buddies the "PSMWGS" on Saturday.
Here we are in order of Initials:

MaryEllen (me!)

We all met at Cleats, a local sports bar. Winnie missed dinner, she was home with a Migrain...but was going to try and join us at our hostess Sheila's house. The food was great! I had a giant, and I mean giant Sampler platter. The bottom of the huge platter was covered with fries, then topped with Onion rings, Zuccini sticks, Mozerella stix, Fried Mushrooms, and Potato skins... healthy.. I know. Well, we headed to Sheila's and got word from Winnie that she'd be joining us!.. Yay! because it's just not the same when one of the PSMWG's are missing! Sheila's husband Ron came home just to build us a fire, and just after dark we headed outside. It was a perfect chilly evening for sitting around a fire with friends and a glass of wine. After a few hours, and lots of laughing, we headed back in, for Cheesecake, Carmel apples, homemade Pizza, and coffee. ..... yes.. more healthy eating!
I love my girlfriends soo much! I'm soo lucky to have this awesome group of women in my life, for nearly 40 years.

So Sunday... was another sparkly cool Blue day. I watched the Browns beat Baltimore.. YAYYYYY.. Then headed in the artroom to work on a puzzle piece for the Puzzle swap. I started with one of my own pieces. My theme is HALLOWEEN.. .. but of course!
I decided it would be fun to use a photo of me as a child, instead of the vintage images I usually use. I like the way it turned out. What do you think?

Another fantastic end the day.
While I was out snapping the sunset, I turned to my art room windows and thought it was a lovely sight.
So here, They are, all signs of Autumn.
Back yard fires with my friends, Halloween, Candy Apples and amazing skies. MMMmmmm. Life is good.

So... ugh.
Back to reality. Work tomorrow.
I'll be working on the Mother' and Daughters day stuff during the week, then Daughter Allison's best friend Sabrina & Pat's wedding on Saturday.

I love weekends.
but now another is gone.. ahhhh.

Have a great week, and take care of yourself ok?

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What a great day for cloud watching!
Leaving work on Friday, my eyes went to the sky. I could see just above the trees, some cool billowing clouds. I headed up Engle rd, and as I crossed the tracks, and came around the bend I saw it....and the very bottom edge of a mass of clouds.... a little "tail".... is that?... could it be?.... a.... waterspout?... hmmm. I kept watching, as the clouds morphed, but the little tail didn't change. I turned on to Brook park rd. and I could still see it. Hmmm. Is it?... Finally, after a few miles, the little tail was still in view! It has to be! I'm getting a picture. I pulled into the first parking lot, and realized now, the building was blocking my view. No where to go.. blocked. Damn. Oh well. I pulled back out and headed home.
Now the little tail was gone. But the clouds were getting wilder, and wilder North over the lake. To the South was crystal blue skies. It was beautiful. I couldn't stop wondering if what I saw really was a little waterspout. It was in the right place... right over the lake, just about 10 miles away. Finally closer to home, I pulled into what used to be my old work place, and took several pictures of the amazing clouds. I got home, and turned on the tv. Just then, the weather came on, and the weatherman says: "Did you see it?.. did you see the Waterspout over Lake Erie?"...... YESSSSSSS I did!.. dammmmmit!... NO PICTURE THOUGH.
Now... some of you may be thinking I'm a little crazy, obsessed, or whatever, but this was a big deal to me. I have a fascination with clouds, and especially Tornado's. I know this isn't uncommon, but my chances of ever seeing a Tornado are probably (hopefully) very slim. And this little Waterspout was as close as I'll ever come. It was exciting. So, I went on the TV channel's website, and there was a photo of the little Waterspout. So... see it below... I don't think the photographer will mind. After all, I would have had the same photo, had that damn building not been in my way!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Great drive into work today.
The clouds were big dark! I loved it!
Despite the ominous look, It was just a light rain.

I'm so glad it's almost Friday.
The week went very fast thank goodness.

I'm meeting with my PSMWG buddies on Saturday.
I need a girlfriend fix bad. I can't remember the last time we were together!

I've been working on things for the "Mothers & Daughters" day coming up on the 13Th.
I forgot how much work it is. And since we're having it at the cottage again this year, that means hauling lots of stuff. Stuff you would have easy access to in your own house. Garbage bags, toilet paper, etc.
I went to the dollar store to pick up some kid things to keep the little ones entertained. I bought 32 things.... the cashier said $34 +tax.. huh?..... I'm not a cheapskate.. but I don't like being ripped off either... so politely I said I'd like to count the stuff again. She dove back into the bags.. ....29....33..34... hmmm... well.. still doesn't seem right but ok. I got home.. counted and guess what..... 32!!!!!...
GRRRRRRRRR! ... It's not the $2.. it's the principal!!! If I had money to blow... I wouldn't be in a Dollar store!!!.... OK.. thanks for letting me blow off steam.

Soooo.... still no apartment. I'm in a constant state of confusion... well. I guess I have been my whole life. I don't know which way to turn first. And to top it off, we get a letter from work saying:
"Back by popular demand.......take as much unpaid time off as you like, from Nov. 26-Jan 4.".....
... This is the company's verrrry slow time. What do I do now? If I don't take time off, and go into work....I risk being sent home if it's really slow. If I do take time off, what do I do for money???...
moving... Christmas.... my stomach is churning.
I have to change the subject..
"think happy thoughts.. think happy thoughts"....

ok.. I sold my latest Halloween collage! then the same customer returned to my Etsy shop and bought another collage! So thats good.
I just need to make art 24/7.. and compensate for Nov. 26-Jan 4... ... I wish.

It's going to be a great chilly day tomorrow. High in only in the 60's... love it. Funny, if it were 68 in Early Spring, we'd think it was a "warm up" and run for the shorts.

I miss the days of my youth. My only worries were.. "does he like me"... "what will I wear to school".. and... .. hmm.. I think that was it!
It's funny.. getting older. You sometimes don't realize that you have till you remember that you've been out of school for 32 years. Life is a funny thing. Just when you've "figured it out" & "learned the lessons" it's too late to do anything about it.

I watched the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy".. It was ok. I'm losing interest in it. The Whole Meredith/McDreamy on again off again thing is getting boring.
I liked them better when they were the Interns. Well. I'll give it a chance and see how it goes.
My Thursday night distraction.

Ok.. I'm going now. To find a picture from my "youth".. and share it with you....
please don't laugh too hard... I was "cool" back then.

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Monday, September 24, 2007


Well.. I finally managed to straighten up my art room.
I needed one of the tables to use in my yard sale, and everything that was on that table.... well.. got tossed on the other table. All in one big heap. I missed my art room! so today, as I listened to The Indians game... (BTW.. they won the division championship today!!).. I got the room usable again! The table, is now holding up my monitor ( I sold my desk in the sale.. ).. so I had to improvise, and use my outside patio table. I actually did some art on it. Beside kicking the table legs that I wasn't used to, It was great. See the Halloween collage below, I just listed it on Etsy.

Today was one of those very perfect, gorgeous days. The sky was so blue, The air was just warm enough, and the sun shined all day. The picture below was taken just after the sun set.. see the Orange glow? I LOVE when the sky turns Sapphire... ohhh stunning!
So.. here I am at 1:22 a.m.... hanging on to the last minutes of my weekend. It went soo fast. I had to work Saturday. So I only had Sunday to play. I hate going into work... it feels like the movie "Ground Hogs Day"... where the same day was repeated over and over and over..... ugghhhh

The Browns game was a heart breaker. I thought they
were gonna pull it off.. but nope!

Well. I guess I better go lay out my clothes for the morning. DRAT!

..... Have a wonderful week,
take care of yourself
I'll see ya soon.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is soo fun! I've never been tagged before!
What a great way to meet other artists and bloggers.
....Thanks Dale!!!

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post theses rules.
2. share 7 facts about YOU: some random, weird
...all devastatingly interesting.
3.Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their
names (linking to them).
4.Let them know they've been tagged by comment to
their blog.

.....OK.. here goes..

#1~I love Glitter! I'm a Glitter freak. I love the person who
invented Holographic Glitter. If I could, I would be sprinkled
with Glitter daily. I am mesmerized by the sparkle.
I want to be sprinkled with Glitter when I die...
in about 90 years.. I hope!

#2~After 51 years of being uncomfortable, I FINALLY found
the most comfortable bras AND underwear I EVER wore.
Who knew spandex would be my friend. refer back to #1
My best friend Gloria has instructions not to "let them" put a bra on me when I die.
..I'm really not obsessed with death... HONEST!... but we're talking
ETERNITY here....I want to be comfortable AND sparkly ok?

#3~I've spent hours in the cold, looking at snowflakes
up close and personal. Trying to photograph them, and being
amazed by the precision, and detail. I also love when snow
sparkles under street lights.. like... yep.. GLITTER.
I call it Glitter-Snow.

#4~I took my first international trip, to Cornwall England, in 2000.
To visit my friends John and Chel. John and I met
on line in 1998. We became friends, and he came to visit
me here in Cleveland, in 1999. Then My son and I went to
visit him, and were guests at his wedding! Cornwall,
was the most spectacular place!
I loved everything. The "Sea".. the buildings and even their
very scary, very narrow roads. I took 44 rolls of film.. (yes..
this was pre-digital camera days) in 12 days!!! I sometimes
wonder if I saw anything without a view finder. We also went to London,
Salsbury to see Stonehenge, Lands End, and many other
gorgeous places.
John and Chel came back to Cleveland in 2001, and stayed with
me for 3 weeks. They left exactly one week before 9/11.
We are still friends, and I'm hoping to go back again soon!
I miss them, and Cornwall.
I also met my friends Rike and Matt, on line. They live in Germany.
She found some of my Cleveland Indians photos on line,
and we started corresponding. She and Matt came to Cleveland,
and we met for lunch. They are the biggest Indians baseball fans
I've ever known. They've been following the Indians, ever since they
saw the movie "Major League" They came back to Cleveland last year, and we
met up again. I got to meet their 5 year old son
Yannik. Although we couldn't speak each others language, we
could "understand" each other perfectly! I hope to see them again soon!
When in the US, they travel to several different cities to see the Indians play!

#5~I'm obsessed with watching Doppler Radar. I don't know when this all started,
but any time there are storms predicted, I go to:
and get the local radar. I love animating the screen, and always hope that the storms
head my way! I love watching and photographing storm clouds as they roll in.

#6~My friend Pam (the real groupie) and I, got back stage at 2 different David Lee Roth concerts...
Long story short, we met the band's road manager Harvey ( who was the former manager of Van Halen) He treated us to lunch, & let us hang out with him all day,
he gave us backstage passes. We hung out with him and the band after the concert.
I'm embarrassed to admit to it anymore, because I think DLR a bit of a Psycho now!
But in 1986 it was pretty cool!

#7~my very first "real" job, was at the neighboorhood city pool when I was 14 years old.
the pool was right across the street from my house. I was a "foot checker"... lol.. I was the one who made people go through the showers, Which no one liked, because it was soo cold! Yes... I did enjoy making the people I "didn't care for" get completely wet!!! After the quick shower, they would put their feet up on a little stool that I was sitting behind, and they had to spread their toes. It was my job to make sure there weren't any "sores or cracks" (yuk!!! and.. OMG!) between their toes.. (they couldn't go in the pool if there were, for heath reasons) They would then have to walk through a footbath that was filled with a type of Iodine, and water. During the 15 minute pool breaks, I had to Patrol the area, to make sure no one was eating or drinking etc. I also Got to swim during these breaks, and I could bring in a friend! How cool was I, to have this whole pool practically to myself (just a few other employees were swimming with me). I had the best tan that year!
I made $65 every two weeks, and bought all my school clothes with my own money!
It never occurred to me that this was such a strange job, till I was older. I've never put "foot checker" on my resume.

Please don't think I'm weird ok?... I'm really quite normal! honest!! .. wait..
where ya going????............. come back!

So now it's my turn!!...I think I'll tag:

I Can't wait to go back and read about them!!!


What a lovely end to the week... and the end to Friday. It was payday today, and I decided to treat myself to the latest issue of Somerset Studio magazine, the Halloween issue. I took my 40% of coupon, and headed to Jo Ann Fabrics after work.

It was a simple indulgence, and it made me happy. I allso splurged and hit Taco Bell, for 2 hard shell Taco Supremes, and a Steak Quesadilla.

Now.. this... is living.

I poured over each page, loving every new image, and anticipating the next. After browsing through it, I made myself put the magazine away. I will take it to work tomorrow, and browse through it, while I work.

Ahh more simple things in life that make me happy.

This evenings sunset was breathtaking, and I was so happy I had my camera with me, leaving Jo Ann's. I parked at the edge of the newly built Shopping Mall, aptly named "Cityview" And watched as the sky turned wonderful colors right before my eyes.

I don't know if the picture quality of these pics look as bad on your monitor, as they do on mine.... darn. Guess I should have changed the resolution first. Still.. the colors are spectacular.

I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. But I know it will go fast... I hope.

I work 2-8pm.... the best part of the day!... but good new is, I can stay up late.. and sleep in.

I'm working on my apartment situation, still hoping to move out by November 1st. Scary now, is the fact that I would need to find something in the next week, if I plan on giving the landlady a month notice.. which I do. It's all so scary.

I'll keep you updated......

Enjoy your weekend.. take care of yourself!

... bless you...


Monday, September 17, 2007


Here they are. this year's flyers for the Mother Daughter day. Now they're in the Post office! on there way.

Nothing much to say. I'm babysitting for great niece Anna, who slept the whole time she's been here.. ahhh.
Her mom, dad and brother are on their way home from the Indians game.. yes, we won in extra innings.

That's all for now.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007


It's done!!!
ohhh the anticipation....
and that first spoonful.. ahhhh perfect...
even if I say so myself!
The chilly weather, favorite sweatshirt, and a hot bowl of Navy Bean soup... with fresh Italian Bread for dipping ... of course!
....want some?
Here is this evening's sunset... even through wires it's gorgeous.

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Yep...... it's true..
I didn't get the apartment.
My application was "declined"......... sob.
I wasn't surprised, just very disappointed. Well. God has other plans for me.
I will work on the "issues" that prevented me from being approved, and try again.
So..... I will enjoy this Glorious Saturday. A spectacular. Sunny Blue, chilly day. The clouds are huge, and gorgeous. My house has a wonderful aroma of Navy bean soup, simmering on the stove. ...MMMMMmmm can you smelllll it? ahhhhhh.

The BEST thing to have, on the first chilly almost Autumn day. I bought a fresh loaf of Italian bread for dunking, and ooh I can't wait to have a bowl. As my mom always said, "it will taste even better tomorrow, when all the flavors have blended. " So true.

I was going to pack today..... just because I should. I still want to move, and it needs to be done.

Just don't know where yet. But it's hard to be motivated right now. I'm sooo enjoying the chilly breezes, and feel more like cleaning the art room and doing some art.

I am enjoying wearing my big sweatshirt and jeans right now.

I did manage to cut the grass today.. UGGGHHHHH.. New lawn mower with the bag, I thought that would be great!... NOT.. that sucker gets heavy! then all the clippings stick together, and don't want to come out of the bag. I got so over heated, that I got sick to my stomach, and laid down for a few, when I was finished. So.. I guess you could say yard work makes me sick. LOL.

I envy those people who LOVE yard work. Weeding and edging, planting , and all that crap. Ya, I love beautiful flowers, and manicured lawns as much as anyone, but I hate diggin in the dirt OK? I'm waiting for someone to declare weeds FLOWERS.. then my yard will be the envy of everyone!

I got lucky having two weekends off in a row. So I hope to take advantage of it, and Get something done!

To friends Kathy in Seattle, Teri in Indiana, Marlane, and Cousin Kathy...
thanks for reading my Blog regularly.....that's four! xoxo

I need to call some apartments today, and get info.... so later gator, I'll be back soon.
Enjoy your weekend before it's gone!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


AAAahhhh.. Beautiful cool weather!

Beautiful sky, gorgeous clouds.

Autumn is almost here. My very favorite time of year.

Chilly days, crisp mornings.

That first pot of Navy Bean soup, or Chili.

My favorite fuzzy pajamas.

Here's some pictures I took on my way into work, then on the way home. Yes, I took them at red lights.

So....what's new? Well, I sent in the application for the apartment on Tuesday. They called today while I was at work, and left a voice mail, telling me they received it, and just wanted to know what floor I was interested in, and that they would start "processing" my app.

I have put it in my head that I will be

"REEEEE-JECTED".... it' makes it easier to cope, and not be too disappointed. But yes.. of course, I'm hoping I'll be "approved."

One more thing to add to those "Dreaded Things" list, right under job interviews, which is just under the number one thing... "Visiting the

Applying for an apartment, This is a new one for me. I've lived in this house for 12 years now.

I moved upstairs, in 1995. Best friend Gloria was living down stairs. When she moved out, I moved down, in 1998, and I've been here ever since. Lots & lots of memories in this old house. Lots of Holidays, parties, and the "Big Millennium New Year's Eve party" I had. Not to mention all the good times sitting in Gloria's dining room, just hanging out, and drinking coffee, talking and listening to oldies. I will miss this place!!! Gloria reminded me that this is the house that both of us stayed the longest in. She lived here for 14 years!, Before I move up stairs, her niece Bunny lived there, for about 5 years. Yep, lots of memories for sure. It will feel strange not being here anymore. I'm sooo looking forward to apartment life though. Never having to cut the grass again! Never having a $497 gas bill (for just one month!) again........ I hope! And the worse of it all, no more Centipedes....... Please God!

Yes, every year I get "visited" by a few. I thought I had fixed the problem, by spraying in February, before they'd hatch. It was a quest to see if I could make it through a whole Summer without seeing one. Well, it ain't happened yet. Ya, I know, the apartment could have bugs too. but I'm hoping it's just a simple summer spider or two, no big hairy things that could come and carry me away while I sleep!... stop laughing! it could happen!

Anyway, I have to stop talking about bugs this late at night, or I'll have nightmares about them!!

Did I tell you I did a little packing?? well I did.

I'm excited because I just realized I don't have o work this weekend! Usually it's every other weekend, but for some reason, they scheduled me on the 2ND and 22ND. yay! Its supposed to be a beautiful cool weekend, and I'm hoping to get more packing done. Last weekend it was sooo humid I couldn't stand it.

Funny, I'm wondering why I'm packing & where I'll actually be moving if I don't get this apartment! It's the only one I really liked, beside Forest Meadows (they didn't have a patio) There was nothing else I could imagine myself living at.
The picture Is of the building (center) that they told me there would be a vacancy in October. The first level is not visible. A nice grassy knoll gives it lots of privacy.

I just had a weird thought. Waiting to hear from the Apartment people, is like waiting for test results from the doctor. I know it's a dumb comparison, But in a way I feel like my fate is in their hands.
Ok.. sorry.. wayyyy to dramatic. It's only an apartment.
What ever God has planned for me, is what will happen period!
Ok that's all for now!
Take care, be good.
Bless you!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I just listed some new links for you to visit!....enjoy!
It's a lazy Sunday.
The Browns home opener.... we're losing...
17-0...1st. quarter...!!!....against PITTSBURGH!!!
Oh well... another season.
I'm sitting here, with a million things running through my head.
Go clean... sit.... go pack...sit. go start dinner...
I promised my nephew Michael and his wife I'd make dinner for them.
I guess they're watching the game too, because they said they'd be over
around 5:30. So...I'm trying not to waste another weekend, but it seems
I am.
I was hoping for cooler temps. this weekend, good "cleaning" weather, but no,
although the temps dropped, the humidity was gross! So I managed to Go get
my hair cut, run into Marc's ("deep discounts" and then begin packaging
the painting I just sold on Etsy. A large Halloween painting, that I sold framed.
Why did I do that?... I'm always worried about the glass being broken, or the frame
damaged. Ok... making mental note: "don't do that again."
It's amost 2 p.m..... and what have I done with this day???... NUTHIN!
Watching the game... hoping the 2nd quarter will be better. OH.. I forgot,
I did shower, and throw in a load of laundry!
Soooo... Daughter Jamie dropped of all her boxes from her recent move.
They're sitting in my kitchen, where my table once stood. The table was sold in
the yard sale, now adorning the kitchen of a sweet old woman. I hope she enjoys it.
Sundays.... the day you watch your last "free time" hours tick by. I wake up, knowing
I have to work tomorrow, no more playing for another week. I will also whine that I wasted
the day... blogging... about.. nothing. ehhh.
Ok.. so here is my latest doodle, and the draft for this year's YA YA Flyer.
My daughters and I, are hosting this year. So I've been working on getting things together,
and planning some projects for us to do. I hope the weather is better this year, and we can get outside and have a Bonfire!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Bless you!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Happy 50th anniversary Charlene & Boyd!...(just a little early!) I was invited to my best friend Gloria's sister and brother in law's annual clambake, which was really an early 50th anniversary party. They will be heading back to Las Vegas, and their children decided to throw them an early party. They knew nothing about it, and Charlene was on the phone inviting people to her own party... thinking she was inviting them to a Clambake! It was a great time.
I don't eat Clams, but I did enjoy the awesome steak, corn and Sour dough rolls! Their Cleveland home, is just spectacular. Complete with a private lake, right in their back yard. I feel like I'm at a resort every time I visit. It was a perfect day. Cooler temperatures, and a beautiful sky. Lots of friends. What could be better than that!

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