Saturday, October 12, 2013

Waiting around

It's Saturday..... A sunny, gorgeous Autumn day.
... And I have to work................3-9 p.m....... grrh.
So... I'm just layin' back,  till it's time to go. Watching a little "House Crashers" great show. Wish they did an "Apartment Crashers show."

Yesterday at work, we had our 2nd annual "Chair Float" contest. And our team WON..... again!
We did the "Headless Horseman"... who lost his head, because he got the wrong order... and "Customer Service" (this year's theme) "Makes it right".....
The Pumpkin, had a Fog machine inside, for a cool effect!
It really was fun!

Last week, I had friends over. I am so blessed with amazing friends, that I've known since high school.. and a few since Jr. High.
We all just hung out talking, laughing A LOT and eating WAY TO MUCH!
A couple friends stayed till the wee hours. I got to bed at 5 a.m.!! yess.

Creamy Potato Salad....and a Spider.. YUMM!!

Homemade Pizza!
I do!!

Ruth Brought an amazing White Sangria!

Then 2 weeks ago.....
I got a visit from my Grandson (I love saying that!!).. and his amazing Mom Crystal.
I got to babysit for a couple hours!!! Just me and Garrett, hanging out, watching football and
getting to know each other.
He's already smiling (a lot!!) and laughing out loud! He's a little bundle of joy.
I call him my little "Gar-Bear"... 

I really love this picture!
So... how lucky am I?
Then... next week, is our 11th. annual YAYA!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing my sisters, daughters, nieces  and cousins again.
October is good.
LIFE is awesome......


Thursday, October 03, 2013


With all my computer issues and not being able to Blog for awhile....
I forgot to mention (shame on me!!)
I'm a Gramma!!!
Garrett Edward
Isn't he gorgeous?

What a smile!
He's 3mos old
He melts my heart!
He's the sweetest little thing.
It's wonderful having a baby around again.
One more blessing in my life!
I love you sweet Garrett!