Tuesday, November 12, 2013


What a fun weekend with my sisters!
It was Susan's birthday, and we always get together
and hang out for a "Sister/Birthday"
It was a Beautiful, chilly, Sunny Saturday.
Sister Deb, who only lives a mile from me, picked me up
and off we headed for the birthday girl's house.
Rita was already there. We headed for breakfast,
something different, a little neighborhood place called
"Rustic"... and it was. The whole interior, was a Log Cabin!
The food was just okay... but no biggie.
Off we went, to local shops and ART Galleries around town.
I requested that we stop at "SWEET MOSES"
A local Ice Cream Parlor, with lots of charm
and amazing Ice Cream!!!!
I got 2 GIANT scoops!! one "Coffee" and one "Bananas Foster"
2 scoops in a regular Cake cone: $5... and worth every penny!
I was full and happy.. and even treated myself to a T-shirt!
More window shopping, A stop at Edgewater (Lake Erie
 for some Skyline pictures at Sunset
then dinner.
Susan suggested a really funky Dive place called
The food was really good!!
this funky place was featured on
"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives"
And I can see why!
We stayed for the live music and had a ball!
An awesome Blues/Motown/Funky type band,
"Afterthoughts & the NuSoulband"
The were so awesome!!! Playing old favorites
and we sang along and did a lot of chair Dancing!
If you've never been to Cleveland...
We have amazing things to see and do
and the best restaurants! including
Iron Chef Michael Symons
Lolita in Tremont, and Lola's Downtown.
He also opened several  "B-Spots"
  in Northeast Ohio


St Theodocious, Greek Orthodox Church

My Favorite Ice Cream place
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!
How cute are these?..... little Chocolate Terminal Towers!
The price is not little though!


A great little vintage shop, with this awesome
GIANT cutout of our Terminal Tower, that once
graced Our Halle's Department store as well as
that cool curved  display case, back in the day.

Another famous Cleveland "must see" The historic
"The West Side Market" Serving Cleveland
for over 100 years!
Our Beautiful Skyline

Our Terminal Tower


Edgewater at Sunset
Dinner at The Parkview

Me (in Purple) and my awesome CRAZY SISTERS!
Susan, Deb & Rita
Susan getting a Birthday "shout out" from the Band

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Another YAYA has come and gone.
We celebrated our 11th. Annual
Mothers & Daughters Day, the weekend of October 19th.
As always we laughed, ate and had fun!
we painted our hands, had our gift exchange
and enjoyed an awesome thunderstorm, right over Lake Erie,
that produced  awesome lightning!
As always, we ate tooo much! from our traditional breakfast including
Rita's famous "French Toast Bake" Sausage, Home fries, Bacon, fresh fruit
and of course a toast, with our traditional Mimosas.
During the day, we continued our feast, with Fresh, hot Stromboli,
Tostadas, Ice cream much stuff I can't even remember!
Really big news.....
Will be celebrating next year's YAYA,
at a new location!
We've really outgrown our current  cottage, as much as it really
felt like our "YAYA home" for 8 years, it's time, it was getting very
cramped and crowded.
Here is the  Cottage we've stayed at for 8 years:
And this is our new place:
Quite a difference in size isn't it!
The new place is MUCH roomier,
10 rooms, 3 full and 2 1/2 baths, 3700 sq. ft.
 still on the lake.. but not quite as close as our cottage was.
We can still sit on the deck and watch the amazing sunsets.
 Here are just a few pics of the interior...

Great room view from the stairs

Love that huge Sun Room!
The very spacious deck
 So... I think it will be a great change.
We won't be bumping into each other all the time!
Here are some picks from this year...
loading up more room!

Friday's Sunset

Point, shoot... post to Facebook.. :)

Daughter Jamie, with cousin Emma

and a full Moon!

Me and my girls, Allison & Jamie

Cousins Emily Rose & Anna

One of the youngest Yaya's Emma

Our "official YAYA pens

Gift exchange time!!

I got awesome gifts! a wonderful Halloween Tin, Scented Tea lights
Chocolate covered Oreos! and a funny hand towel.

We painted our hands! (this one's mine)

Mine finished

Me and my girls

Sisters Allison & Jamie

Showing off our "handy" work

Me and my sisters

Jamie, slicing her "famous" Homemade Stromboli,
hot out of the oven... She made 2.. they were gone
in minutes..!

At YAYA, it's "Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil"
demonstrated by niece Antje, Cousin Kathy aka: "Kachy" and Niece Alma.
if only it were true.. lol..