Sunday, September 16, 2012

My New Car!

They're out! This year's YA YA invites!
I worked a long time on them, and I'm happy with the way they turned out.
Everyone loves them. 

It's our I tried to make them really special. 
I steered away from our traditional "flyer" and made a card style invite.
The front, features a photo of my Grandmother Honorine "Rena" and her
sister Cora. I couldn't have asked for a better photo. I added all the color, 
and gave them each a new YA YA "Chapeau" My Grandma loved flowers so it was fitting!
The Lake behind them, because our cottage is right on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. 
In the "Clouds" are faint words: "Mothers & Daughters" then "We are Family, I got all
my sisters with me"... are "official"  YA YA theme song
The back, features their daughters, My Mother Mary, her Cousin Theresa and my Aunt Ethel
 (my Mom's Sis)  The fall Leaves represent October, the month of YA YA. 
I wrote the little Poem. 
So I've been busy with so many projects for YA YA! trying to make it special. 
 can't really say right now.. there may be "spies" .. hee hee!
I'm looking forward to our YA YA day!

and now my BIG NEWS...
I got a new car! YESS!!!! 

It's beautiful and I love it!
My now "old" car, was running badly, and I was scared to drive anywhere more than just to work 
and back. I had work done on it last November... which, while it was being done, I had to get rides (thank you family! xox) and.. take a cab!
I did a lot of praying since last November. Praying that the car would hold out till I could get a new one.
Last Friday, I was 1/2 way home, and noticed a "vibration"... and then a "Brake/Battery" light lit, that got brighter, every time I stopped at a light. I started getting that "now familiar"  fear, wondering if I'd make it home. Well I did (Thank you GOD)... and called my son, and told him about the car. 
He said he'd look at it the next day. (I have the most amazing son and he's always there for me!) 
So.. thus began the stress. Wondering what I was going to do. I had to call off for my Saturday work, I was NOT driving that car again! but kept thinking I've only got 48 hours (till Monday) to figure something out. 
He came over, and had the hood up looking around. 
I was "done" with the car and told him don't even bother, I'm never driving it again. Let's just go to the Dealership NOW! PLEASE!....
So off we went!....
I've been "eying" the Soul's but never thought I'd actually have one!
(and ya gotta love those Hamster Commercials!)
and to make this long boring story short..

TA DAH!!! 
Color: Moss
It's a bright, shiny NEW CAR!... aka: "The Stress Reliever"
I'm still getting used to it. Used to not "worrying" about driving
or waiting to hear "funny noises"
And I don't have to "Freak OUT!" about Winter coming, although
I'm still dreading Winter.

My Stress Reliever... my KIA SOUL!

 So.... that's it! all my news... EXCITING wasn't it?
 I need to go to bed. it's almost 4 a.m.! whaa??... don't want to sleep my Sunday away. Since I'll be working 12 days.. YES 12 days straight!!!...I have to "make up" the Last Saturday I missed, plus work my regular weekend day on Sunday... so 12 days with no day off.. ooh damn! and.. they're both 3-9 shifts.. grrrh!... the one I missed was a 9-3.. double damn.  (we have to work 2 weekend days each month.. errrr!) Oh well, It's worth it... I GOTTA NEW CAR!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Summer is flying...
Almost the End of August! wow.
I've been working on ideas since March, for  our   "Mothers & Daughters Day" aka: "YA YA" coming up in October.
It will be our 10th!. and I really want to make it special.  I hosted the very 1st., the 5th.... and now it's my turn again!
  I knew the time would fly by, and  it would be October before I knew it. So, I thought I'd give myself PLENTY of time to plan. 
  I've already designed and printed the invitations.  I really love the way they turned out!!.. even if I do say so myself. ...can't post them just yet.
So, I've been working on decorations...LOTS of decorations!.
 I really want to make our cottage to look and fun &  festive. I made 2 different kinds of  paper garlands. One, created with  punched 1 1/2 inch  paper circles (I finally broke down and got one of those cool circle punches I've been wanting forever.. and so glad I did! )...and the other, I made "Flag" style.  Finally I put all that scrapbook paper to use!....I did get a little paper-happy, punching and cutting.... but I LOVE the "Vintage-homemade" look and feel of them.
  When I made the pinwheel decorations, instead of using colored paper, I used a "Parchment" colored paper, then added color with pastels, down the centers  of the sheets, front and back, before folding. The color is soft  And I love the look the hole punches give.

  I have some other decorating Ideas, but I don't want to reveal all just yet... not sure if those Ya Yas read my Blog ... I want some things to be a surprise. But I promise to post everything AFTER Ya Ya!

I must say, PINTEREST has been a great source for inspiration. I'm addicted to that site. If you haven't checked it out... do it!
I am fighting hard, to keep my weekend from coming to and end... but time marches on, and The weekend will be stretched out before me..

I went a little "Circle-Happy"
I really love the way they look!

Pinwheels... must make more!

How cute are these? I just have to string them. Oh, there on the bottom of the pic, you can  see a little peek of another thing I'm doing,  can't say what it is just yet!    

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's been a long time... but I'm back!  

The Summer is in full swing. Hot and dry. Not much rain to speak of. I miss the rain and storms. Although, there were some severe storms North West of us, yesterday in Sandusky, Ohio, home of "Cedar Point Amusement Park"  Heavy downpour and strong winds. We barely got a sprinkle. Well typical weather for Ohio. 

In June my sisters and I, got together for sister Deb's birthday. Although, we don't really focus on the birthday part, as much as the sister-day  part. It's an opportunity for us to get together. And we have so much fun!

Deb suggested taking the Rapid to downtown Cleveland, and visiting the brand new
"Horseshoe Casino" The first Casino in Ohio! 
It was gorgeous! Classy and very upscale.  It was put in the historic "HIGBEE" building on Public Square. and they really did it justice. It has a gorgeous 30's look about it.
When I walked in, my eyes were immediately drawn up to the spectacular Amber Crystal light fixtures. Absolutely stunning!  I stood, like a child, starring up... just saying "wow!" 
We headed up to the 2nd. level for lunch at the food court.  
Dining options: "Corky & Lenny's", a popular Cleveland restaurant serving amazing Corned Beef,
"Rosie & Rocco's"... a local Cleveland Chef  offers amazing Italian cuisine, And Sue and Rita's choice.
And our Very Own (Chef) Michael Symon's "B Spot" another of his locally famous chain of restaurants.
That's where Deb and I ate. I had the "Plain Jane"... A simple.. (hardly!) burger, with great char flavor.

                                              This is where we stayed for about 3 hours.... "Bamboozled"

Before we hit the Casino.... we went to the top of the Terminal Tower's observation deck. We couldn't have picked a better day! It was a clear day and you could see for miles, literally! The terminal Tower was recently renovated inside and out. and it's one more gorgeous Gem in Cleveland's Crown.
Key Tower, With Lake Erie as the backdrop

Huntington Bank. Formerly BP... and what I still call it. 

That's the Nautica  Queen Docked at North Coast Harbor. The Great lakes Science center bottom left, and Rock and Roll Hall of fame on the right

Really cool tickets

Closeup of Key Bank

Gorgeous architecture, of the Terminal Towers Front entrance.
We met people visiting from Angola, and Australia! that was so cool. 
So, We're all looking forward to going back. Maybe next time we'll have dinner at "The Spread" The Casino's buffet.
   Cleveland is quite a place to see. Maintaining it's roots, and spreading it's wings... okay, a little corny, but a perfect description of "MY" hometown. Amazing restaurants, Sports and great places to see like the "Rock Hall".... and.. as they say.. "So much more!' So if you're every in town.. hop on "Lolly the Trolley" and take a tour, go on a mini cruise.. and do a little gambling. You'll have a great time!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Happy May!
I just had my very first "CINCO DE MAYO"  party on Saturday, with a few friends. 
I had fun making cheap decorations and wayy too much food. "better to much than not enough" ...right. So I'll be eating Refried beans and Tortillas for a long time. 
I really had fun making decorations! 
they were simple as could be.
"Maria Elaina's Cantina..... just designed on a program and printed out.

A $1.00 thrift store find. It was plain so I decorated  it with Sharpies!

2 of my favorite funky bowls, made by my art buddy Terri. Perfect for a Fiesta!

 These made great Fiesta decorations. 2 pieces of paper taped end to end, folded accordion style. The hole punches make a great touch!

Loved these "Margarita" candle holders just .87!

After 10 years.. I FINALLY painted this old cupboard, and added chalkboard paint! love it!

Two of my BFF's...I mean Chicas!  Winnie & Patti... that Chica in the middle is me! more guests on the way.

OLE'!... that Winnie.. always get's into the spirit!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It's officially SPRING!
 Although, if you ask me, it showed up weeks ago!
We're still having amazing weather. Temperatures have been in the high 70's for the past week and a half.
I'M LOVING IT!  Being in this part of the country, we could be seeing "the white stuff" well into April. Instead, we have Trees in full bloom, and Spring flowers. It's wonderful!
Along with the amazing weather, comes Thunderstorms!... anyone who knows me, knows how I love a good Thunderstorm. Nothing dangerous of course, just watching the Grey clouds roll in, and the wonderful sound of Thunder rumbling. I was woke up by a Thunderstorm last week. It was heaven.
   This past Sunday, we had a little storm. I couldn't resist snapping some cloud picks to go with the other million cloud pics I have (and I wonder why my computer runs so slow?) ... anyway.. I captured a wonderful
"heart cloud"... I took it as a message directly from God... to me  (smile).

 It's already Wednesday, the weeks fly. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving! I just hope Spring and Summer take their sweet old time and stick around.

 I spent the weekend making jewelry. I flip flop between stopping, then find myself in the bead isle of my favorite craft store Pat Catans... just "buying a few new beads." My hairstylist, told me that the other hairstylists were asking for more jewelry. I had taken some there last year and they really liked it, and bought quite a lot. So I was flattered they're asking for more.
    After my friend Teri was here last year, I learned to work distraction free. Wow!.... I'm easily distracted, and realized I was causing these distractions. Having the TV on, eating, being on the computer etc... all distracting my creative process. I'd spend more time checking my email, and changing channels.. and wonder why I'd have nothing done.
I turned on the "Seascapes" music channel... wow.... what a difference! Just this wonderful "background"  calming and relaxing. Allowing me to actually focus on my art. Okay, I did check the email a few times..(old habits die hard)... but quickly went back to my art. I actually got several pieces DONE!
I'll post pics of the jewelry next time.

  I really shouldn't be up right now... this is my "bedtime".. 2: 45 a.m... really. I'm lucky that I don't start work till 10 a.m... and can afford to stay up late.

Storm coming in

 Daughter Jamie is coming over this Saturday, so she and I can start making plans for the big 10th YAYA, that we'll be hosting. We were going to make a great Julia Child recipe "Boeuf Bourguignon".. yummmeee!.... but Jamie just had her wisdom teeth pulled last week, and can't quite chew very well. So that will have to be another day. 
Next Weekend is a PSMWG. We'll be going to a reverse raffle, for Sheila's granddaughters dance studio, then to "the Dubya's" W=Winnie's for Coffee and laughs.

Easter is just around the corner and I'm anxious for Ham and Potato salad...  Ever notice how EVERYTHING I do, usually revolves around food? ..... and speaking of food.......

 I'm planning a "Cinco De PSMWG" party on May 5th
The "PSMWG's... are my best friends and I...and thats just our Initials.. Patti, Sheila, Me, Winnie and Gloria.  We try and get together at least once a month. "PSMWG" is us.. and also a "thing".. usually refering to a in "when is our next PSMWG... all caught up? hee hee hee. 
 So I'll be hosting in May.  
 I'll make my "world famous" Tostadas, with homemade Pinto beans. No canned beans for me!
and of course, some fresh family recipe Hot sauce...Taco's, Quesadillas....  OH.. I'm getting hungry now.
Yes... there will be a few Margarita's thrown back too.It just wouldn't be Cinco De Mayo.. er a PSMWG with out them now would it?
I'm fighting temptation, to go crazy decorating. And planning on sticking with  things I can make myself, instead of buying the over-priced decorations....We'll see.

Okay, I'm yawning now. Maybe I bored myself reading my own blog .. hee hee..
It's not that bad is it?

have a great day!

FYI... spell check isn't working..... sareee.. : )

Love that cloud "roll"

Sunday, March 04, 2012

MARCH In Like a Lamb

It's March!....
In like a Lamb... Our amazingly mild Winter continues....and it's days are numbered. The lack of Snow, has made this  one of the BEST Winters I can ever remember.  I can't even remember a day where the temperature was in the single digits. The whole season was sprinkled with a generous amount of 50's and 60's. And now, Spring, just a few weeks away.  I can see sprouts of Daffodils, coming up. Next weekend begins Daylight Savings Time.... no more driving home in the dark. I love March!

  But....I do have a major cold right now.
It started Friday morning. I woke up with a scratchy throat, and my voice was cracking. by the time I got home, my voice was worse, but no major cold symptoms ....yet. Saturday morning.... voice GONE!
I had a to cancel a long awaited lunch date with old friends. And accept the fact that I was officially sick.
I talked ... well.. more like whispered, to my Son Eddie in the morning like I always do. He could tell I was sick and asked if I was okay.  Early afternoon, my doorbell rang, I was afraid it was my friends paying me a visit...  but it was Eddie....  carrying "get well soon" goodie bags....... ! Awwh.. it touched my heart!
 Flowers, juice, 2 kinds of soups from 2 different restaurants.... tea... cough drops, Vitamins and even Echinacea... wow.. If that doesn't make a Mom feel better, nothing can. Eddie has always had a kind, thoughtful heart. And I felt better just seeing him. I love that boy.
So now, I'm feeling a little better. The Cold finally kicked in last night and my tissues and Aleve are my best friends. My voice is not as bad, but still pretty rough, which might make my job (being on the phone all day) a little tough....

I tried working on some art but got too tired.
I was working on collage Easter Eggs.  They're cute, but need some work... And I doubt if I'll have enough done to post on Etsy, in time for Easter shoppers.... oh well... next year?

I am currently addicted to PINTEREST it's a really fun place. You can see and follow my pins, by clicking the button above.

I'm looking forward to Spring,  the return of Green leaves and Flowers. and wonderful Spring rain and Thunderstorms.

Daughter Jamie and I, will be working on this year's YA YA plans. It will be our 10th!!! and will be extra special!
So... now you're all caught up with my life... exciting isn't it? 
Have a great week.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


How's it going so far?

Here in NE Ohio, We're having a great MILD Winter..... so far.. and most of us are LOVIN" it. Hardly any snow.... ya.. we got  some... but compared to what we could have had by now?.... it's amazing!

 I had a great 7 days off, over Christmas and that was awesome! Reluctantly, I headed back to work On January 2nd. I won't say I was happy about it, but off I went. My first day back, started with frozen doors. This is typical for me and my car. It has been an issue, since I've had my little KIA for 10 years. OKAY.. I can deal with it. Get the door open, hit the defrost..... get in... close the door hard and lock it... and HOPE it thaws by the time I get to work.  THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. 1/2 later, I pull into the parking lot at work, and the lock doesn't work! WHY???.. I had the heater blowing on the door the whole time. GRRRR! Now I have to climb over the console... to the passenger side. Not easy with a big bulky coat, and boots... Swear words were flying. Okay.. I'm sweating.. it's 20 degrees and I'm SWEATING!... open the passenger side.. and get out!....WAIT... it's frozen too! I'm trapped in my own @#$%%#@% CAR!! banging, pounding and swearing... door open. Happy New Year.. I'm 15 minutes late for work. yippeee.

Sooooo moving along. JANUARY....the beginning of a New YEAR... new start. The days are now getting longer.. which I love! because I hate driving home in the dark. Spring is just around the corner. JANUARY is also my birthday month... .well.. not happy about getting another year older, but I guess it beats the alternative right? Like many in the past, I will spend this Birthday hanging out with my 3 sisters. It's a Sister/Birth-day. We have so much fun! They'll come over in the morning, we'll go to breakfast, hang out all day, shopping, eating, and lots of laughing. Dinner at the restaurant of MY choice, then back to my place for wine, more food and more laughing.  We'll have a PJ party, and in the morning I make breakfast! I really look forward to our Sister/birth-days!
My sister/birth-day 2010 doing Pottery with my awesome sisters!
 In February, my PSMWG buddies will get together. This time we're going to paint pottery, eat then end up at Gloria's "G".... that's what all those letters are, our initials.. : D  P=Pattie, S=Sheila, M=(me) MaryEllen W=Winnie and G=Gloria... we call ourselves "the PSMWGS.. "Pussemwoogs" lol..... silly ya. but fun!

So.. that's what's on the agenda so far! I'm up wayyy to early on a work day.. already had breakfast and coffee.. and I'm about to hit the shower.  Below some ART from the past, hoping it will inspire me to make some new!

My 2nd handmade doll

January sky

Journal page-"My favorite things"

"Create with wild abandon" project
 That's all for now folks!
Have a great January!