Sunday, June 29, 2008


Late night Chocolate cravings.
When your Blog is called ARTkissed.... what else would I be eating?....... KISSES of course!

The shiny foil paper, that cute little flag.
Yumm. want Chocolate too now don't you?.... :-)
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Friday, June 27, 2008

I'M AN IDIOT's true.
Let me just get it out of the way.... I'M AN IDIOT!
My driver's license expired back in January. I know you can renew it up to 6 months, although if you get stopped, you can be in trouble for having an expired license.
Anyway, my thinking was, since I was moving, and would have to get a new license anyway, might as well just wait till after the move, and get it renewed then. I was quite aware that the 6 month period was coming to an end, and I made a point to post my "Drivers License Renewal" reminder, on the fridge, to remind myself. Blah, Blah, Blah..... I go today, to finally get it all over with.....and it dawns on me.. that the 6 month limitation, probably expired on June 21... exactly 6 months from my Birthday. I get to the BMV, hopeful that the deadline ran to the end of the month, but the "little voice" kept telling me, "don't count on it." After waiting in line behind a 15 1/2 year old girl getting her "Temps" with her mom, I casually approached the clerk, announcing I needed a new license. He looked at the date, and on his fingers, began counting the months. ... ugh.. this ain't gonna be good. He said he was sorry to say that It was over six months (by just 5 freakin' days).... and I would now have to take the written test, and driving test!!!... if that wasn't bad enough, I would also have to get a Temporary drivers license.... Just like that 15 1/2 year old!!!

IT'S MY OWN FAULT!!!!....Meet the "Procrastinator Extraordinaire!"
... OOOOHHH THE AGGRAVATION OF IT ALL! Now I have to go back, with my birth certificate...(Which I have to find... in those "misc." boxes) and get a Temp. License..which by the way will cost me $25.......then schedule to take the written test... then schedule to take the driving test!!! GRRRRRRRRR!...
... "HI... MY NAME IS MaryEllen.. (hi Mary Ellen)... AND I'M AN IDIOT.
No one to blame but me.....Lesson learned.
So.... In the throws of procrastination, I found plenty of time to start working on some Halloween Greeting card/hangings, to list on Etsy. It took me awhile to get back into my "groove".. but I feel quite comfortable in my new art room Digs.

I've been having problems with my digital camera. (Notice the Pinkish areas on some of my photos)... I thought I had worn out the motor, but learned from a co-worker, that Canon was having a recall on several models. I checked out the website, and my model is one of those being recalled. Yay... I contacted Canon, and it was quick and easy. They will make the repairs for free. They emailed me instructions, along with a shipping label, so I just have to get it in the mail..... Yes.. I won't delay!...
If you have a Canon, You might want to check and see if your model is on the list of recalled cameras or camcorders:

Ahhhh so tomorrow is Friday!
This week absolutely flew by! Work has been very slow, So I got to leave early today. That's when I decided to do the License thing, and meet Gloria for lunch. I did register to vote.. I was already registered, but now I'm registered in my new city.
Lunch was really good. Gloria and I went to "Longhorn Steakhouse" Mmmmmm.
So.. the day wasn't a complete bummer. We had more storms come through. This is the 3rd. day in a row. COOL!

Ok.. that's all for now. Don't be a procrastinator like me!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Just some random pictures that I've taken. I'm working on cleaning up old files, and came across these.

It's already "hump-day." Wow, the weeks are flying. June is halfway gone!.... the snow will be flying again before ya know it......................WAIT... did I just say that?.. uggggghhhhhh.

I'm hoping to work on some new Halloween art this weekend. I haven't listed anything on Etsy in months.

I was home all last week, almost totally confined to my bed. I had yet another amazingly painful Pilonidal Cyst ..... omg.. Is all I can say. I've suffered with these horrible things showing up every 3-5 years... since I was 14 years old. You'd think I'd have had the surgery by now. Anyway... I'm glad it's gone. The pain is worse than labor.. well.. at least comparable!.. Enough about this awful pain in my .....! It's gone now.. and I can walk again.

Anyway... II hope you enjoy your week, and find time for yourself this weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yes..... Yes... I know it's only June. But my mind is already on Halloween! Being in my new apartment, I'm already thinking of how I'm going to decorate for the holidays. I thought my Bay window, would be a perfect place to hang some funky stars. I've made these from cardstock, rubber stamps, and glitter. Each has a funky pattern on the back. I'll probably hang them with Orange and Black Ribbon, but I have plenty of time to decide!... Trick or Treat! ......are you inspired yet?
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It was a hot, sticky Sunday afternoon for my niece Sahra's graduation party. The only way to really be cool, was to jump naked into the pool...... Lucky little 2 year olds!
That's Sahra flipping her hair, and my other niece Anna driving her little car. Anna's brother Carmen in the big pool, shivering, but refusing to get out! Can you blame him?, when the temperature is at 92? Despite the heat, it was a gorgeous day. Then around 7pm the sky turned black, and everything started blowing around. Of course, I grabbed my camera, and hollered to my sister Deb to grab hers. Jamie thought it was pretty funny, the two of us out there snapping pics side by side. She grabbed her cell phone and took a pic of us. Looking like mirrored images of one another, even our camera cases hanging from our shoulders! Way funny!

So Congratulations to Sahra!

Monday, June 02, 2008


Birthday Queen!

We just officially celebrated Winnie's mom's 80th. on Sunday. Her birthday was actually in February, but the family decided to celebrate in warmer weather.

I was lucky enough to make her a special crown! and she was honored by wearing the official PSMWG robe, only worn by us PSMWG's when we each turned 50.

It was a great party.
After the party, we headed over to "MOM BAILEY'S" new house! she moved into the other side of the duplex that Winnie just bought a year ago. "MOM" just sold her house!
The PSMWG's got to have one last hurrah there just a few weeks ago.
I know I mentioned how much I loved that house. "Mom" gave me a table she used to have sitting in the hallway. It's a cool "Boomerang" table right from the 50's It's in perfect shape. And now graces my art room. It's a little piece of the Bailey house that I get to keep.

I love the Bailey's and my PSMWG buddies. how lucky am I?