Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's been a long time... but I'm back!  

The Summer is in full swing. Hot and dry. Not much rain to speak of. I miss the rain and storms. Although, there were some severe storms North West of us, yesterday in Sandusky, Ohio, home of "Cedar Point Amusement Park"  Heavy downpour and strong winds. We barely got a sprinkle. Well typical weather for Ohio. 

In June my sisters and I, got together for sister Deb's birthday. Although, we don't really focus on the birthday part, as much as the sister-day  part. It's an opportunity for us to get together. And we have so much fun!

Deb suggested taking the Rapid to downtown Cleveland, and visiting the brand new
"Horseshoe Casino" The first Casino in Ohio! 
It was gorgeous! Classy and very upscale.  It was put in the historic "HIGBEE" building on Public Square. and they really did it justice. It has a gorgeous 30's look about it.
When I walked in, my eyes were immediately drawn up to the spectacular Amber Crystal light fixtures. Absolutely stunning!  I stood, like a child, starring up... just saying "wow!" 
We headed up to the 2nd. level for lunch at the food court.  
Dining options: "Corky & Lenny's", a popular Cleveland restaurant serving amazing Corned Beef,
"Rosie & Rocco's"... a local Cleveland Chef  offers amazing Italian cuisine, And Sue and Rita's choice.
And our Very Own (Chef) Michael Symon's "B Spot" another of his locally famous chain of restaurants.
That's where Deb and I ate. I had the "Plain Jane"... A simple.. (hardly!) burger, with great char flavor.

                                              This is where we stayed for about 3 hours.... "Bamboozled"

Before we hit the Casino.... we went to the top of the Terminal Tower's observation deck. We couldn't have picked a better day! It was a clear day and you could see for miles, literally! The terminal Tower was recently renovated inside and out. and it's one more gorgeous Gem in Cleveland's Crown.
Key Tower, With Lake Erie as the backdrop

Huntington Bank. Formerly BP... and what I still call it. 

That's the Nautica  Queen Docked at North Coast Harbor. The Great lakes Science center bottom left, and Rock and Roll Hall of fame on the right

Really cool tickets

Closeup of Key Bank

Gorgeous architecture, of the Terminal Towers Front entrance.
We met people visiting from Angola, and Australia! that was so cool. 
So, We're all looking forward to going back. Maybe next time we'll have dinner at "The Spread" The Casino's buffet.
   Cleveland is quite a place to see. Maintaining it's roots, and spreading it's wings... okay, a little corny, but a perfect description of "MY" hometown. Amazing restaurants, Sports and great places to see like the "Rock Hall".... and.. as they say.. "So much more!' So if you're every in town.. hop on "Lolly the Trolley" and take a tour, go on a mini cruise.. and do a little gambling. You'll have a great time!