Friday, February 29, 2008

#&%$#&*$@! SNOW!!!!


I am officially sick of snow!!!!

I was sick of it, even before the first flake landed. But now... GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

The top picture, is my car yesterday morning Feb 28th. Looks harmless, but that drift by the door was up to my knees. coming home, I got stuck pulling in the driveway, and barely made it to that same spot. This morning.... MORE SNOW... and... MY DOOR WAS FROZEN SHUT!!!!!!! an annual Winter ritual.

I had to climb in from the passenger side.. The swear words were flying trust me!

Coming home ...again.. I get stuck trying to get in the driveway.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. @%%$!!!!

I can now report my driveway has finally been plowed, thanks to my darling son Eddie, and a phone call he made to a friend with a plow. I mean geeeez! I almost had to cancel this weekend's PSMWG!.....

................Flashback to last year. Date, February 14th... see 2nd picture... My car was stuck in the same spot in the driveway... GRRRRRRR!!!
And Easter 2007...April.... GIANT SNOWSTORM... see 3rd picture..... I HATE SNOW!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


GRRrrgh... another Monday....
doesn't this picture say it all? My sister Rita, emailed this picture.. (no, I don' t know who's baby it is) but what a great photo no?.... feel free to copy and paste it, and make someone smile.

So....I'm here, at 1:29 a.m. passing time, hanging on to all the "me" time I can. I'm watching the "Craig Ferguson" show. I'm having a cup of coffee. Probably not a good idea considering what time it is, but I bought a new brand.. "Mr. Coffee" brand, and I was anxious to try it out. Hmmm, ya think I should have done that earlier in the evening? So I should go to bed soon, before the caffiene kicks in!

Cleveland is under yet another "WINTER STORM WATCH".... oh joy.

I have no idea what is going to be like in the morning. So that means getting up early.. "just incase" I have to "chisel" and "scrape" the ice off my car. Ohhh.. how I hate that noise!!


.....................yes.. I feel better when I whine.

So. check out the newest art listed at ETSY.

"FAMOUS" signs. Digitally created, and customized. A perfect, original gift Idea. I actually gave the "Eddie's famous Keilbasy & Sauerkraut" to my son Eddie, when I went to visit him last weekend. He invited me over to see his apartment. He's been there over a year, and it's my first time there! Yes, I'm a bad mom. Well, it's not close, and trying to coordinate our work schedules, blah, blah, blah.. well, I finally made it over. He made us dinner, Steaks, Asparagus (his favorite.. Bleeehck!) and corn, with a salad, and Wine (my favorite "Lambrusco"... yes.. sweet and cheap, just like me) We had fun hanging out together. I love his cute little apartment. We watched some YouTube videos, about Ron Paul, the "other" Presidential candidate, that the media refuses to acknowledge, even though he has a huge following, especially from the "younger" crowd. Eddie is actually in a Ron Paul commercial, shot in downtown Cleveland. I've seen it air several times already, and it's also on Youtube too..... I will add a link when I'm not so tired to look for it...or if you're really interested, you can search under "Ron Paul Cleveland commercial?".. on Youtube.

Sooooo.. what else. Hmmm. Oh, I'm hosting a PSMWG (aka: Patti, Sheila, ME, Winnie & Gloria... my best buddies) this Saturday. We're having another ART day. Gloria is making me make homemade pizza ... AGAIN. It seems she's become addicted to it. Yes, I'm flattered, and as much as it's a pain to make, I'd do anything for my best friend!

I still have to work on my 2nd Puzzle swap pieces. We were supposed to meet in March to exchange the pieces back, but it seems we can't get 12 women in one place.. scheduling conflicts!

So now the date has been moved to April. Which is great, since I've only worked on one of 24 pieces.... MY OWN! I'm really anxious to see my puzzle when it's completed. I chose "Halloween" as the puzzle's theme! how cool will that be eh?

Now, I'm watching M*A*S*H.. Still a great show. I have a confession. Back in 1974... I had a brief crush on Alan Alda...... I know!!!.... lol.. But it was mostly the character he played in Mash, that I liked. He had a great sense of humor! I even chose him (back in '74) as someone I'd want to be stranded on a deserted island with.... OMG... LOL>>>>>>>> just because he would be so funny! THATS ALL!.

Ok... I'm getting really sleepy. I'd better get to bed, and hope the coffee doesn't wake me up at 4 a.m.

UPDATE: Just 23 days til SPRINGGGGG!!!!.. ahhh I can almost smell the flowers now.. mmm.


Monday, February 11, 2008


Happy 80th birthday Mom Bailey!!!

Not even a Bitterly cold,

extremely blustery day could keep me away.

I've known Winnie and her family for 40 years!

I had such a great time, visiting Hanging out with the Bailey's.

I love mom Bailey. She's always treated me like one of her kids! Once, Winnie was planning a little surprise get together/sleepover at her moms house. Winnie lived acrossed the street from her mom. She told me to just go over to her mom's, and she'd meet me there later. I hadn't seen Mom Bailey for about 5 years. I showed up at her back door, blanket and pillow in hand, and knocked. when "Mom" opened the door, I casually said "hi Mom, Winnie said I could do some laundry here?" With out blinking an eye, Mom Bailey casually said "You know where the basement is"..... ! That's so "Bailey!" That was a great night. Winnie, her sisters and all us girlfriends, hanging out with of course, Mom Bailey.

She still lives in the same house, and going back there is like going back in time. Though there has been some updating, the house is still the same, and brings back such great memories.

Mom Bailey just put the house up for sale!! so my visit was to celebrate her birthday, and see the house once again. The small, cozy house, has such personality. Dark woodwork, a great bathroom, and my favorite....the Green Linoleum kitchen floor!... I love that floor! It was always waxed and shiny. The very small kitchen, somehow managed to hold the whole Bailey clan (5 kids!), and more.

Iwent up to Winnie's old bedroom. Actually it was the bedroom of her and her three sisters! Beds and dressers, Clothes and shoes.. everywhere! It was a great room. Now, it's Mom Bailey's room. (Dad Bailey passed away about 20 years ago.) Winnie, Patti, Sheila and I, layed on the bed, and told stories.

So. Most of the Baileys were there on Sunday. Kids, grandkids and old family friends like Patti, Sheila & I, who love the Baileys. And like always, they were all in the kitchen, like a fine tuned machine, putting out food. We all gathered in the living room to watch the "Bailey home Movies" Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgivings, all taking place in this wonderful old house.

I announced that I wanted a group picture, and it took about 20 minutes to get everyone into position!

I love this crazy lovable family, and I will miss that house!

The girl with the Purple hair?... Winnies 16 year old daughter Tricia, a very amazingly talented Photographer!.. and free spirit! Click the link to see her artistic, very creative photographs.

Friday, February 08, 2008


I just finished a new Blog post, and hit the "refresh" option, and it wiped it all out..
oh well.. here's what I could remember of it!

This photo, is of the doorknob in my artroom. I funked it up, when I painted my ARTroom 4 years ago.

First, I am thrilled. The days are getting longer, and now when I leave work at 6pm, their is still a little daylight left. Not much, the sky is that deep, gorgeous Sapphire Blue, but enough to make me happy. And I know come next week at this time, it will be even lighter!, Yes I'm one of those who suffer from that light deprevation thing.
oh.. FYI... just 40 days till SPRING!!!

I've been online for 10 years now, and how many wonderful artists I've found, and even met.
It's amazing to find people just like me, living all over the place!
I just spent an hour looking at some really cool blogs.. (I'll be adding links to them soon) It's so fun how one cool blog takes you to another! I get so inspired looking and reading them.
Ok so I'm tired, and tried to spell check. and it's not working. so.. sorry for whatever errors you find..... I tried!

I have to work tomorrow.. yes on a Saturday! ugh. 2-9. I'm meeting my nephew for breakfast in the morning, then I'll stop at GFS on the way to work, and pick up some of their awesome, giant Croissants, and I'll make fresh Chicken salad for Dinner when I get home!

Sunday, if the weather is good, I'll head over to my friend Winnie's (W) mom's house, to celebrate her 80th birthday. Her mom is selling her house, and I will miss it so much! So many good childhood memories there. I've known Winnie for 40 years, and spent a lot of time in that house. I plan on taking lots of pictures. I'll share them with you!