Monday, August 20, 2012

The Summer is flying...
Almost the End of August! wow.
I've been working on ideas since March, for  our   "Mothers & Daughters Day" aka: "YA YA" coming up in October.
It will be our 10th!. and I really want to make it special.  I hosted the very 1st., the 5th.... and now it's my turn again!
  I knew the time would fly by, and  it would be October before I knew it. So, I thought I'd give myself PLENTY of time to plan. 
  I've already designed and printed the invitations.  I really love the way they turned out!!.. even if I do say so myself. ...can't post them just yet.
So, I've been working on decorations...LOTS of decorations!.
 I really want to make our cottage to look and fun &  festive. I made 2 different kinds of  paper garlands. One, created with  punched 1 1/2 inch  paper circles (I finally broke down and got one of those cool circle punches I've been wanting forever.. and so glad I did! )...and the other, I made "Flag" style.  Finally I put all that scrapbook paper to use!....I did get a little paper-happy, punching and cutting.... but I LOVE the "Vintage-homemade" look and feel of them.
  When I made the pinwheel decorations, instead of using colored paper, I used a "Parchment" colored paper, then added color with pastels, down the centers  of the sheets, front and back, before folding. The color is soft  And I love the look the hole punches give.

  I have some other decorating Ideas, but I don't want to reveal all just yet... not sure if those Ya Yas read my Blog ... I want some things to be a surprise. But I promise to post everything AFTER Ya Ya!

I must say, PINTEREST has been a great source for inspiration. I'm addicted to that site. If you haven't checked it out... do it!
I am fighting hard, to keep my weekend from coming to and end... but time marches on, and The weekend will be stretched out before me..

I went a little "Circle-Happy"
I really love the way they look!

Pinwheels... must make more!

How cute are these? I just have to string them. Oh, there on the bottom of the pic, you can  see a little peek of another thing I'm doing,  can't say what it is just yet!