Friday, February 14, 2014


Absolutely THE BEST 
Valentine, I've EVER received... oh!!!
It brought me to tears!
With the help of his awesome Mom,
Garrett "made" me this sweet Valentine.
I will love it forever!!!!

In heavy concentration!

I don't think Valentine's Day is just a romantic day,
I think it's for everyone who loves someone. It's just a little reminder of how much.
Also, a reminder of how much we're loved.
Just my thoughts on Valentine's Day.
So... we're exactly half way through February. This excites me.
January, was the longest month on Record.
Cold, Snow, Cold & Snow, Snow.....that was January.
February isn't really much different.
In all my "___" years... I don't recall such a long period of
below freezing temperatures. I know.. .it's that
"Polar Vortex" thingy.. .but. man!!!
Before.. I'd say "I can deal with the cold.... it's the Snow!"
having to drive in it, the ICE..... but I've changed my mind
I can't deal with any of it!!!
You'd think, living here my whole life... it wouldn't phase me.. 
But "we" complain about "IT".. from the minute the very first
Flake falls.. to the last one melts.
Funny, I'm so quick to grab my camera to take Snow Pictures.
I really appreciate the beauty of it's White-ness... the way it turns
everything lacey and beautiful.
Snowflakes continue to mesmerize me. And I love Glitter snow.
So... I only like to LOOK at it... not walk in it.. not drive in it
and NOT scrape it off my car.
I just heard on the news this morning, that 49 out of the 50 States, have snow.
Crazy right? And now, I'm questioning which State has none. I'm sure they
probably meant Hawaii?... but even there ( according to a lady in Hawaii I spoke with today, )
they have snow in the mountains. Maybe that doesn't count.
Anyway..... We swapped weather info... She was enjoying a warm 85..
and we're at a (Cleveland Winter) "warm" 25.
On that note.. I will share some Winter pictures I've taken, from the cozy warmth of my
apartment. I even had one of my photos featured on our local TV channel.. (that was cool!)
Snow pictures taken January 25th.... when we really got dumped on... and had to
cancel our PSMWG... grrh!
Picture shown on our local TV channel....
the two photos were actually taken 13 minutes apart
(according to the time stamp) amazing!

check out my "name" top left corner  ha!

It really was a WHITE OUT!!!

So... let the  countdowns begin...
for Daylight Saving Time.. on March 9th.
(no more driving home in the dark! yay!)
and then SPRING.... about 32 days away!
Doodling hearts at work. Using
 my current favorite medium, Prismacolor, Colored pencils.

My "Hot Lips" T shirt that I wore today.

And a must-have Valentine Socks
From last year

And a collage done, several years ago
(sold on Etsy)
It's Friday!! and I have a 3 day weekend! yay!
My company is actually giving us a "floating holiday"
on Monday, Presidents day... yippeeee!!
Enjoy your weekend.. I will!