Friday, October 23, 2009

YA YA! 2009

We held our 7Th. annual Mothers & Daughters Celebration!...AKA: YA YA! October 18Th.
It was a great time as always!
This years host Debbie, Rita and I, went up on Friday as always, to set things up. The weather was windy and wild, and the lake was mean and gorgeous!
My nieces Roni and Becky had to work and couldn't be there, and poor little Isabella was home sick. We missed them all, but they were with us in spirit.
It was so much fun!
We inducted my new Niece-in-law Alma, she made the most gorgeous hand felted hat!
Deb set up for the kids to do face painting..... painting the faces of their Aunts! THAT was hysterically funny!
Rita taught us how to make our own bath salts.
Of course.. their was so much food!
I love our celebrations, and look forward to next year!

Monday, October 05, 2009


And a good time was had by all!

I had a little "porchless' party, this past Saturday, and had such a great time, hanging out with some of my favorite Buds!

What's a porchless party you ask?... lol
Well. I had a porch party back in 2005, at my "old" house. We crammed 12 people on that porch! It was so fun! just sitting around and doing what we do best..... laughing and talking our heads off on a Warm Summer evening.
I miss not having a porch, but still wanted to have friends over, I called it a "Porchless party"
I sent out invitations, that looked like the old notes we used to pass in school. They were folded in that "special" way, that once that little pointy corner was tucked, NOBODY could open except the recipient.... right? LOL

Present were: Melony, Gloria, Laure, Patti, Pie, Ruth & Bev.
I missed seeing Nancy M., Winnie & Sheila I wish they could have joined us. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY "S"

I served Tostadas & Tacos made with fresh, home cooked shells. I also made my family recipe "Hot Sauce" mmmm!

Melony was the first to arrive, and brought the delicious "Hanky Pankies!" (Look! I remembered the name, I couldn't stop eating them either!)

Gloria arrived just moments later, with a giant box of Cinnamon rolls.. sooo good warmed ahhh! (thanks for the M & M's and Ice too!)
Chips and dips and even Mexican Wedding cookies! (Thanks Laure!)

We had such fun just hanging out around the table. Eating and eating, drinking Margarita's... which was later replaced by lots of Coffee.
Melony brought her scrapbook of memories from "the good old days" ahh so fun!
Pie (Nancy V.) brought her scrapbook too. It was so cool to see these "antiques." Pie also brought me the most gorgeous Mums, in a deep beautiful Maroon.

It was just the best seeing everyone.
I can never say it enough.... how blessed I am to have the most amazing group of friends anyone ever had.
Melony & Ruth... I will keep you in my prayers, as well as all of you.
Love you all!