Sunday, December 30, 2007


Here's just a little sneak peak of some of the Valentine art I'm working on.
I'll probably have a few things added to my Etsy shop this evening!
so... stay tuned!

...............GOOOO BROWNS!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


...........sniff... snifff.... I HAVE A COLD!....DAMMIT!

and I feel like crap. It's been coming on for days. First the raspy throat, just before Christmas. then yesterday, it began. Sneezing, runny nose, throbbing head. Oh well.

I must have looked pathetic at work today, because they let me go home. I was glad of that! Stopped at the store to get a box of Puffs PLUS... a must have, and Dayquil... well, the generic Walmart version. Much cheaper, works just as well.

I came home, and with tissues in hand, went to bed. The good part is that I made it through Christmas without being sick. I have no New Years Eve plans. I will bring in the New Year making art, and watching Dick Clark's New Year Rockin' Eve. Poor Dick.

The (Fake) Gerber Daisy photo, was taken on Christmas day. It was a beautiful sunny, snowless day.

The collage, is a gift from my sister Susan. It's a copy of her original collage, and I love it, and I love what it says:
"Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister.....~Alice Walker~

Susan's abstract collages, are simply gorgeous!

I'm trying to convince her to start selling online at Etsy, and I think she's gonna do it! She says she's getting a new computer soon, and wants me to help her get set up with an Etsy Shop! Her art is so beautiful, and I think she will do very well.

So... I'm excited about having a chance to do art all weekend. I have lots of ideas with Valentine themes, and for Spring too. The days are starting to get longer instead of shorter now, and I love that. Soon, When I leave work at 6p.m. it will be light out!

... ouch.. my ribs are starting to get sore from all the sneezing!.... sorry.. I'll quit whining now. It's just a cold.

I REMEMBER THEM..................

I've been thinking about some of the things I used to love as a kid
and things I miss, and wish I still had. Like what you ask? here's a list, in no particular order.
How many do you remember?

these were so cool! Little plastic beads, that came out of the gumball machine. they "popped" together, and you could make a cool necklace! They came in light Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow,
Cream & White.

With lighted dial of course. I got one, in 1972 when my parents bought our new house. I had my own room, up in the attic, and had my own phone. Why didn't I take that phone with me when I left!

An odd thing I know. But I loved the way they smelled. You could get them 2 for a penny, at the neighborhood store, which happened to be right next door to us. They were long sticks, like incense, and my sisters and I would swirl them around, to make the lit end glow. Hmmm.. can't believe I was playing with something like that!

4-THE "WINNER"Another gumball machine related thing. The winner, was a little inedible ball, the same size as a gumball. It was usually Yellow, with 2 Red stripes. Getting the Winner was very exciting!!! it meant you got a prize from the store clerk! I got the Winner once.... I remember my heart pounding! I don't even remember what the prize was... But I GOT THE WINNER!!

First, the sunglasses that cost a dime. They were flat, and hooked around your ears. The plastic lenses were green. Oh, and the so cool "high heels'. Plastic, with elastic straps. After just a few steps, the heels usually cracked off. I also loved buying rings from the neighborhood store. He would present me with a tray of rings, all stuck in foam rubber. They were so sparkly! I could look very Chic for just a dime.

Oh what a treat. The store clerk, would get that tiny little brown bag, and stand so patiently, as I made my selections. My favorites? "Maryjanes" "Red hot Dollars" "Tootsie Rolls" "Flying Saucers" "Button Candy" "Pixie Stix" "Lick em ade" and let's not forget the little Marshmallow "Ice cream Cones".... My kids still buy them for me! Oh, and Nickel bags of potato chips.
Lots of good eating for just 10 cents...... hey... why is there no "cent" sign on the keyboards???

7-SITTING ON THE PORCHSuch a simple thing. On a hot summer night, families would sit out side, neighbors would sit on the steps and visit for hours. We would be chasing lightning bugs, or play Badminton under the street lights.

8-COLORINGNothing better than a fat new coloring book, and fresh crayons. Some coloring books were better than others. My favorites always had thick lined pictures, of chubby little girls, flowers, and other charming images. Many happy hours were spent coloring.

9-GHOULARDI Ok.... this one is a local Cleveland thing. Ghoulardi was a local TV host, on Friday nights. In the beginning, he was scary. Then he just got so fun and silly! He always showed B movies, that I now have such a fondness for. His real name was Ernie Anderson. He went on to do voice overs for lots of well known tv shows. I am actually wearing my Ghoulardi sweatshirt right now It was a gift from My kids, about 10 years ago. It's one of my very favorite things.

10-BARBIES Truth is, my girlfriends and I never actually played Barbies. We were too busy building their "houses" I remember dragging a whole box of stuff to use for Barbie's house. A book, 4 hair rollers and a scarf would be transformed into her bed. A square pin cushion for her pillow. Tiny boxes transformed into sofas, tables, and dressers. I had such an imagination! My friend Diana and I secretly competed to create the best house.

So.. that's just 10 things I remember fondly. What's yours?
So many things. I think I'll have to have make another list.

It's now it's 3 a.m. I'm watching "Cheers"
I'm feeling pretty wiped out, and I think I'll go to sleep soon. Hopefully, I'll feel better when I get up, and I can get into the art room and do art!

Have a great weekend! and...

Thursday, December 27, 2007


It's still slow at work. So I've been Doodling!
I've got Valentine art on my mind.
Here are just random letters, and designs.
I wonder what I'll end up making! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CHRISTMAS DAY...sights from my Christmas Eve

My favorite homemade Christmas cookies!!

My gorgeous children! Allison 25, Eddie 29 & Jamie 27

My nephew and niece Nicholas and Emily

Antje, Carmen, Anna & Michael. my nephews
and nieces.

The "girls" my sis Susan (with scarf)

The boys: Michael, Allison's boyfriend Andy,
Nephew in law Brian, nephew Scott, Niece Emily
Son Eddie

The Whole Gang!
My family has always gathered and celebrated on Christmas Eve.
This years hostess, was my sister Susan. My kids, hers, and her grandchildren, spent Christmas Eve together. Eating laughing, and exchanging gifts.
The food was great! We dined on a huge Honey-Baked Ham, Italian Sausage, Rigatoni, Lemon Pepper Chicken, .. and our family's traditional Fillet Gumbo, a true southern dish.
pounds of cookies, chocolate, and dips!
It was a great evening spent with people I truly love!
Christmas day for me, is a day to relax and do absolutely nothing! ahhhhhhhhhhhh...
264 days till the next Christmas!

I'll be heading to sister Rita's house on New Year's day, for THE BEST Pork & Sauerkraut IN THE WORLD!!... Really!
ahhh the flavor is amazing, and sooo tender, it melts in your mouth!...of course a mountain of Mashed Potato's too!

Well... It's 6:30 p.m..
Another Christmas is almost over.
Here in Cleveland, it was snow less and Sunny... a rare sight to be sure!

I hope you had a great holiday too.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas... and Happy Holiday's

It's a photo of a painting my dad did, many, many years ago. (early 1960's?) He carried the photo in his wallet, by the looks of it, for a very long time. My dad passed away in 1993 at age 74.
He was very artistic. I remember this painting hanging on our living room wall.

I love that you can see the painting in the background, of the photo of me at Christmas...about 1962?...with my baby doll, and very favorite "Suzy Smart" doll. the toy phone would be sign of things to come....I'm now an Operator for a catalog sales company. Why couldn't that be a toy cash register instead? : P

It was very large, about 2'x 3'... under glass. My dad loved painting Winter scenes. He didn't have many art supplies, and I'll bet this painting was done on a discarded piece of cardboard, as were many of his paintings. looking at the painting, I wonder what his inspiration was, and what memories of his, were incorporated in this painting. He did grow up on a farm, not to far from where I live. We had the pleasure of visiting there a long time ago, but it didn't look like this at all.
I am ashamed to admit the fact, that I had the painting when I got married. When we moved, I left the painting behind!... what was I thinking?
I didn't know then, what a cherished thing it was.
So. I scanned the 2 x 3 inch photo, at 500 dpi, and it came out pretty clear! and luckily, the main part of the painting is not severely damaged, although, the photo itself, is aged and badly cracked. I tried to digitally repair it the best I could, then using my favorite, simple photo program "LIVE PIX"... I laid semi-transparent layers of color, section by section, diminishing the "crackle" while still allowing the original painting to show through.

I'm pretty happy with the results, considering what I had to work with. I thought the picture would make a wonderful Christmas ornament, to give to my family!
Of course, I never get these brainstorms weeks before, no... I get them hours before. I have to make 16 ornaments, and I've already printed and glued the images on card stock, and decorated the edges. I just have to antique the edges, and attach a string for hanging. I'll also add a little note to the back, giving the history of the painting.
I hope my family will forgive me for leaving the painting behind.

I just watched the Browns lose... and now we're at the mercy of another team, to get into the play offs. ohh well.
I'm going to make Christmas cookies in a little while. Our family favorite "Crescent Cookies"... They're not actually crescent shaped, but round, with a thumbprint, with powdered sugar, and colored sugar. The recipe is common, but I love these cookies!... to me, this is what Christmas tastes like!
My girls and I were supposed to make them together, as we do every year, but schedules got in the way, and it's just gonna be me rolling all those little cookie dough balls.

I'll be going to my sister Susan's house Christmas eve. Most of my family will be there. I love seeing them all, but will be glad when the Holiday's are over.. and everything goes back to normal. .......sorry if I've already mentioned that a million times in previous posts!

Thanks for reading my Blog
I wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas.. or whatever holiday you celebrate.. (being PC xoxo)
And a Wonderful, New Year filled with good health, and peace!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well, I couldn't resist... I bought myself a little Christmas gift! I got myself a T-shirt, with my Artkissed Logo on it! Pretty cool eh??? The color and sharpness is fantastic!! I got it at an online site called "ZAZZLE"... a place where I also feature some of my own designs, that you can get, on all kinds of things, like T-shirts, mugs, etc. Clever site. Artwork is submitted, and they print them! You get "royalties" when one of your designs is selected for their merchandise. I've sold a few T-shirts... or I should say "they" sold a few T-shirts, using my designs. Anyway, if you're looking to get a special shirt, mug, or other thing, to have custom printed, ZAZZLE IS THE PLACE!....oh... ya.. and I also treated myself to a LOGO mug too..
on it's way.. I'm bad!

The little package below, is one of my latest sales, ready to be shipped. 3 custom collage magnets... (see them in one of my recent Blogs) I like to make the packaging special. I imagine people opening each one, like a little gift! I don't like boring packages. They wrapping should be just as fun as what's inside right?

Well. It's almost.. no.. it is.. "HUMP DAY".. And Christmas is fassst approaching. I am soo not in the Christmas mood. Right now, it's just something to get over with. So, I have to work this Saturday 8 a.m-2p.m kinda good, that I'll be up, and when I get out of work, still have the better part of the day left. Much better than working in the evening!....Hmmm.. I'll bet it will be really slowww.. and I'll get sent home early!

I don't know if I'm brave enough to try and do any Christmas shopping, the last Saturday before Christmas!... ugghhhh.
I plan on getting busy making some Christmas gifts the whole weekend. I'm a "last minute" kind of person, and my creativity will flow ..... I hope! I haven't a clue what to make. But I'm hoping I'll have a "light bulb" moment, and make something wonderful, that everyone will love!

Happy Hump Day!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome to Cleveland

yes, behind those snowy clouds was sun, I'm sure of it.
But we never saw any, all weekend. Instead we had Blizzard conditions, rain, freezing rain you name it.
the sunshine came in the form of a Cleveland Browns win! In the heavy snow, on a field where the hash marks were covered, and only the snowblower revealed.
It was a good day, to stay home, and watch the home team win one!
Hopefully, we'll end up in the playoffs with our 9-5 record.
So now, I'm hoping the snow lets up, and I have an easy drive into work tomorrow morning.
I'm not ready for Christmas. I've bought a few gifts, and, for the first time in my entire life.... I didn't put up the Christmas tree!
I thought I'd be in "my new apartment" and since that didn't happen, the few boxes I did manage to pack, are blocking the way to the Christmas decorations.
I would have put it up, if I were having company. But I'll be going to my sister's on Christmas eve, and my kids will be there too. I'm sure they'll all have plans for Christmas day, so putting up a tree would just really be a waste of time. I spend all my time here at the Computer, or in my art room, so I won't even notice my living room is missing a tree.
I'm already counting the days till Spring. Warm sunny days, and green leaves.
Just about 90 days! (if you don't count the rest of this month)... although, last Easter we had a BIG snowstorm!.... just the week before, we were enjoying the beautiful color of Spring.
so.... let's hope that doesnt happen again!
Have a great week, stay warm!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well... I'm up wayyy to late!
I need to get to bed!

I had such fun on my
"Slow" day.

I finished my custom order magnets, packaged it all up, ready to go.

So.... now off to bed,
and back to work.

The day went too fast!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well, the next best thing to one!
a "Slow" day!

Yes!... a day off.
I work for a catalog company, and the Closer we get to Christmas, the slower it gets at work. (Pleople realize they won't get their orders in time for Christmas) So yesterday at work, they posted a sign up sheet for anyone who wanted to be called, if the call volume was slow, and you didn't want to come in.

This morning, I had just stepped out of the shower, when the call came... "hi.. you don't have to come in today!"
"Oh, ok, thanks".. I said... and hung up.

I actually did the famous fist pump.... and shouted YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!.. and I did a major happy dance right there in the bathroom!!!!
It's so nice to suddenly have a whole day to play!

I'm enjoying a quick breakfast, coffee.. (with Pepsi on the side.. ).. catching a bit of "MARTHA"
then I'm off to the art room to work on some custom orders. Then I'll get to the post office.

Have a good day!

Friday, December 07, 2007


Just look at what I have!
An old painting I did wayyyyy back in 1972!
I did the painting when I was in Jr. High school. It was a portrait of my friend Winnie, who is still one of my closest, dearest friends.
She just moved, and while packing, came across this painting! I couldn't believe she saved it all these years! She asked If I wanted it, and of course I said yes. I'm going to hang it in my art room.
It's not a bad painting, if I do say so myself.
It was painted in Tempra paints! which as you may know, is not the easiest to work with.
Anyway, it was fun to see this old painting again.
Thank you Winnie, for saving it. And for 39 years of friendship! I love ya!

(Winnie Today)
(Winnie in 1972)
YAyyyyy it's officially Friday!... And the weekend is awaiting.
More art... yayyyyy..
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I did it. A whole weekend of art. I stayed up all night, and did what I love.
My art room is trashed, but It's OK!
I made some new tiny heart collages, a Polymer Clay initial pin, a new Christmas Card ornament, and even have mini collage pin project almost done.
...all of which, can be seen and purchased at ETSY...
I shouldn't be up right now. It's 3:45 a.m.
Again, I got sleepy after dinner, and took a nap. My eyes snapped open at 2 a.m. and here I am.
This morning, I woke up at 10 a.m.... the time I'm supposed to be at work. I think my power must have gone out during the night, do to the high winds...but I suspect maybe... I just over slept!..
I got to work just before noon. Oh well. It was my first time coming in late.
At work, the volume of calls have not gone down yet. People are still trying to order last minute Christmas gifts, and are "shocked" that they might not get there orders in time for Christmas.
I spoke to the world's meanest woman, who snapped at me from the get go. She had been hung up on 2x.. (now I know why!)...and was making one final attempt to place her order. Everything she said, was done in a sarcastic tone, and no matter how nice I tried to be, she was still one nasty bitch!... THERE I said it!!... so.. Merry Christmas to you, ya mean, nasty thing! GRRRR!
OK... OK... fewwh.
I am so not ready for Christmas. I haven't pulled out one decoration, and I'm seriously thinking about NOT putting up the tree this year.
I thought I would be moved out, and enjoying my first Christmas in a new apartment.
That didn't happen. Things are in boxes, pictures are off the walls, and there are no curtains!
not a very festive place right now.
I don't enjoy Christmas like I used to. I would go crazy decorating, putting up lights everywhere, and playing Christmas music all day long. I miss my children being little, and seeing their excitement.
If it weren't for the very annoying "HOLIDAY" Commercials, 24/7....I could easily forget Christmas was coming.
I want it to be February.. or March... with Spring just around the corner.
Instead.. we've got a long Winter ahead. And I'm not in the mood.
Hmmm.. OK.. I'll pick up the mood.
We dodged a supposedly "major" snow storm... and I'm happy about that. I'm not prepared for driving in that mess yet.
So... let me find something to say, that doesn't have a whining tone to it............................................................................................................thinking...
........ ummm...........ummmm............. Sorry... can't think of anything right now. It was just a crappy Monday, and I'm glad it's over!
... I am grateful for having a job... a roof over my head, my great kids, wonderful crazy family, and the best friends in the whole world.
God blesses me every minute of the day.
I need to get to bed.. and not oversleep!
have a great week.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


It's 3:06 a.m. and I'm up!
I took a little nap earlier, and now I want to go into my art room, and make some new thing!
It's the first weekend in awhile, that I don't have to work either Saturday or Sunday. Or go to a wedding, or do anything else but A-R-T!!!!
I'm going to put the coffee on, and get a good jolt of Caffeine, as if the 2 cans of Pepsi weren't enough.
I decided to Google "ARTkissed" and see what came up.
I've done it before, but this time, I found some new things.
It's amazing, just posting a comment on a site, ties you in, and bam, there you are!
Google is one cool search engine.
I even did some searching on my site, to see how most people found it, and it was usually through Google. And through another artist, "Tracy Roos".. who has me listed as a favorite artist on her site.
Soooo... anyway I'm off! ART allllll night! A fresh cup of coffee, light some incense, put on some tunes.. and.. ahhh heaven.
Have a great weekend!
I'll post the new art later.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I've actually done some art, and sold some too.
The heart, is a custom piece I just did, for an Etsy customer.
She had me make a "First Christmas" ornament. She just got married in July. I feel kinda special, thinking that maybe this ornament will be a treasured keepsake, that they'll look at every Christmas.

I just sold the "Snowman" greeting card/ornament, and two others, to a repeat customer. I love when they come back!

I give my kids an ornament every year. This year, I made them ones, using an old picture of MOI! when I was about 7 years old.
I remember taking that photo. Wearing that dress, and my mom telling me "don't get dirty" or something like that.
I love that photograph. There aren't very many pictures of me when I was little. I love that its at Christmas, and most of all, I love that you can see the painting in the back. It was done by my father.

Work was busier then I expected it to be. I guess everyone is scrabbling to get their orders in, and shipped out in time for Christmas. I think it will be very slow next week.

I'm excited that I don't have to work a weekend, till Dec 22nd!!!!! ahhhh. I have all these weekends to myself! I'm hoping to get more greeting card/ornaments made and listed on Etsy.

We've been lucky with the weather so far. We did have our first snow on Thanksgiving. Most of it came overnight, while Gloria and I were up alllllll night, working on an art project. It was good, because by the time she went home at 11:30 a.m Friday... the roads were dry. I helped clean off her car.. and I hate cleaning the cars! The ice.. the scraping..the snow blowing back in your face!!! GGGRRRRR.. & brrrrrrr.. !

Sunday, November 25, 2007


.... art project almost done...
a gift for Gloria's Vegas friends....
Some images from my Thanksgiving.
It was nice!
Just Eddie, Jamie & best friend Gloria for Dinner. Allison had to work, and joined us later, with her boyfriend Andy.
We got to meet Ethan, my kids new nephew, his mom Stefanie and Kyle.
It was nice just to be with family and eat!

Much later, Gloria and I worked on an art project, to give as a gift for friends of hers.
We stayed up all night!! I didnt' get to bed untill after noon the next day!!
But it was so nice having 4 days off.
So now, it's Sunday evening, and MY time is ticking, before I have to go back THERE to work.
I'm expecting it to be really slow, and contiplating bringing some art projects to do at my desk.
Maybe I'll wait till Tuesday and see what happens.

That's it for now!
I have leftovers!... mmmm and they're alll mine!
I think I love leftovers even more than the Thanksgiving dinner!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


TAKEN FROM THE AWESOME BLOG: "Ink on my Fingers"...
I couldn’t resist doing too. I haven't even read the questions yet.. so here goes....

*a special talent:
I can turn one eye in, and keep the other straight. Amazing isn't it?

*a secret nobody knows:
Sometimes when I'm craving Chocolate late at night, I will take a giant swig right from
the bottle of Hershey's Syrup.... tell me you've never done it!

*a personality trait you find attractive:'s sexy don't you think?

*a personality trait you find unattractive:

*a song that melts you:
"You Send Me"... by Michael Bolton

*the biggest truth you have learned this year:
That things don't always go the way you plan them, but God will guide you.

*an item you are currently coveting:
My Sterling Silver "Artist Palette" necklace. I just got a new chain for it, and I can finally wear it again. It's my most favorite piece of jewelery.

*what gives you peace :
My Faith in God

*what perfume are you currently wearing:
"Celine"... by Celine Dion

*do you dream much?:
Yes... awake, and asleep

*what word(s) do you tend to say too much:
" Oh Shit" "no kidding"

*in school, what kind of teen were you?:
The Class clown, friendly, and an insecure extrovert!

*describe yourself in 5 words:

*have you ever been in love?:
yes ...and I really believe "It is better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all"

*a weird quirk?
I can't clean the house if I'm wearing slippers, or just socks, I have to put on "real" shoes.

*Has your heart ever been broken?:

Yes.. a few times.. but I got through it.

*favourite things to wear?:
My Artist Palette necklace.. (again)... and anything comfortable.... like what I have on right now. A pair of Black sweat pants, and an over sized sloppy paint stained sweatshirt, socks, and slippers. My regular "at home" attire.
So... you might want to consider calling before stopping by... or what you see is what you get!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Another fun weekend with my sisters!
We were out celebrating sister Susan's 58th.
We all met at her house, for coffee. For her birthday, I gave her a really old purse that once belonged to our Aunt Ruby. Ruby was a very colorful character, and liked to "tip a bottle." She was a quirky, nervous person, with very distinct mannerisms, that Susan had learned to imitate PERFECTLY!... Watching Susan "do" Aunt Ruby, was exactly like looking at Aunt Ruby herself!!.... it's uncanny!... and wildly hysterical! So, when I came across the old purse, full of papers, I knew Susan should have it. I don't even know exactly when or how the purse came into my possession. I made a Tag collage, with a picture of Aunt Ruby, and tied it to the purse handle using some old twine that I found in the purse. Susan loved it. I suggested she create a dried flower arrangement in it, and display it proudly! so that's what she's gonna do!

I also gave my sisters a collaged Christmas ornament, using a photo of our Grandfather Vernon (Ruby's father) as a young boy. It was a photo they had never seen before, nor I, till our (long lost) cousin Aristide sent it to me, along with lots of other never before seen photos of family. What a treat that was!!

We had a late breakfast at a cool place called
"My Friends Place" We visited a few art galleries, hit "The Flower Factory" and "Pat Catan's.. local craft stores here in Cleveland. Debbie ran into an old friend, Bernice, who coincidentally looks a lot like her! They were even wearing leather jackets! Weird! Even their daughters look alike! We ended up at one of our favorite restaurants called "Cheddars".. (formerly called Snickers) And I had my usual favorite Burger and a beer.
The day just flew by!... wayyy tooo fast. But we had a great time!

The leaves turned late this year, and they color was brilliant!
I was surprised that they weren't all blown away after last weeks high wind.
So I had fun taking a few pictures before they were gone for good.

I got sent home from work early today, because we were slow.
It gave me a chance to catch up on cleaning, and to get ready for Thanksgiving.
... and as luck would have it, Oprah was doing her "Favorite Things" show. So I could drool over all the great gifts.

Now I'm sitting and having a midnight snack. A Spam Omelet, with Cheddar cheese, and a can of Pepsi. Yes.. it is a Gourmet lover's delight!
It feels like a Friday night, and I have to remember to get up in the morning and head in to work!
I'm kinda hoping work is slow tomorrow too. It will be nice to come home early again, and start my sausage stuffing. .. Not good for my wallet though. Oh well what can ya do right?

Sooo. I'd like to wish you all a very Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving,
I have so much to be thankful for!