Saturday, May 26, 2007

another PSMWG turns 50

Another one bites the dust... Well... not really but it kinda feels like that. Turning 50.. I never thought I'd get here... I thought I was going to be 16 forever! I do believe age is a state of mind. So, in my mind I'm 30 ok?

We had sooo much fun as always. We celebrated "G's" (Gloria) big 50th, at Patti's ("P")

We got BBQ ribs as promised, The Margarita's were flowing, and the funniest birthday cake ever. Winnie frosted her hair, and we sat, singing random songs, as they popped in our heads. Now, does turning 50 sound so bad?

Here are some pictures, and the Tart recipe I promised. The recipe card has seen better days, but I love the nostagic look.

The recipe says "best to triple".. which is refering to the dough, and not the nut filling, if you plan on using fruit fillings too, If not, you might only want a double batch of the nut filling, as it makes alot. You also need those little tart/muffin pans. Non stick are the best, especially when using the preserves. Don't fill the tarts too high, or it will bubble out, and make a big sticky mess. I hope you'll try them. they are sooo good. Great for holiday baking. And they can be frozen too. You can substitute Pecans for Walnuts. It's your choice. ENJOY!

I went apartment hunting again on Thursday, as well as fill out a job application.

Everything is so out of wack right now. So much to think about. First, get a job, then focus on moving, packing... ahhhhhhhhggghhhhh!!!

Well, I think I found another apartment. I liked the Forest Meadows place alot, but I really, really want a patio area, which Forest Meadows didn't have. So anyway, I've been wanting to see the "Aspen Lake" apartments, and finally got to see them. The layout was good, location great. A really cool part, is that they're just down the street from my sister Debbie's house!! So it's all exciting, and all so scary too.

Here are a couple pics of the Aspen.
I had really attached myself to Forest Meadows, and "mentally" moved in. But the Aspen is cheaper, and Just as nice. so I think it's my choice!.... Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Happy belated Mother's Day!

I celebrated on Tuesday, a couple days late, because 2 of the kids had to work on Mother's Day, but I don't mind. I was with my kids and that's all that matters. Here they are: Jamie on the left, Eddie, And Allison. Cute huh?... welll just look at their mother! geeez!.... : D We were also joined by Allison's boyfriend Andy, who was the photographer.

I was treated to a delicious steak dinner, a nice frozen strawberry Daiquiri, funny cards, and thoughtful gifts.
I missed American Idol... but it was worth it. BTW, I think Jordan will win. I was rooting for her or Belinda.. but... too bad she's gone.

I'm up wayyyyyyyyy too late. "Today" the PSMWG'S are celebrating "G's" ( Gloria) big 5-0!!! Her birthday is on Monday, May 21st.. which also happens to be.. uh.. would have been, my 30th Anniversary. But I'm happily divorced, and I celebrate that blessed day instead!

So we're all meeting at "P's" (Patti)house in Stow, and I've been up making Walnut Tarts. I haven't made for about 15 years! and I forgot just how time consuming they really are! Pressing the little balls of dough in the mini muffin pans... yikes! my back is killing me. Gloria really likes them though, and she's worth it. Of course, I also had to make my favorite flavor, Apricot.. MMMMmmmmmmmm...... ahhh Heaven. The Walnut ones ( supposed to be Pecan) are good, but wayyy to sweet with all the brown sugar. I'm too tired to list a picture right now, but I promise to list some on my next post, and I'll even include the recipe!! The dough is made of Butter, Cream Cheese and flour... omg... they're awesome.
So, as always, I'm soo looking forward to hanging out with my Buds. We have soo much fun. "P" is planning on making BBQ Ribs.. ahhhh.. and we're gonna hang out on her deck. Yes, I'll have some pics of the big "Coronation" too. After Gloria, we only have one more PSMWG left to turn the big 50... "S"... Sheila. That's not till October. I was so excited to have found a book that she wanted. I had recieved a bedtime story book for Christmas one year when I was about 7... oh.. about 1964?...... it was called "365 Bedtime Stories".... Each day of the year had a short story, and all the stories were about the people that lived on "What a Jolly Street".. and usually told by "Mrs. Apricot"... (hmmm.. maybe that's why I like Apricot so much?).. any way, I finally found my book on Ebay about 4 years ago and other people must want this book too, because every one I'd find, would get snatched up, and I'd be outbid! Sheila saw my book, and almost teared up, saying how she remembered it, and loved it. So since then, I've been on the hunt for another one. I finally got it at Ebay again, for a decent price. So I hope she'll like it, especially since she has small grandchildren now.

Ok I really need to get to bed! Why I'm sitting here still, I have no clue.
So ta ta for now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well, another project finished!
I just completed these custom ordered collages, for a regular customer of mine, at Etsy.
They're of her her children when they were younger. I hope she likes them!