Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How cool!

I just got my (free) copy yesterday.
And there I am, on page 19. It was a very nice surprise.

I have to admit....I found out last week, that my art was being published. Not through an email from Stampington as before, but after inquiring about my artwork...not being returned.
They've had my artwork for since August of 2008!
I know it's common for them to hold artwork for up to 12 months.. (according to their summissions info) But it was way past that, and I was wondering why they still had my artwork.

I emailed Stampington, about 6 months ago and I was told then that it was still being considered for publishing. Cool! But I never got an email informing me that it had been published.
Anyway...... I emailed them again last week, asking when I could expect to get my artwork back.
It was then that I was told that it was published and I could expect my art returned by the end of the month.
I am very happy And I realized I have to learn the art of patience!

A little about the "Saddle Shoes"
You can't really tell, but each color is a different layer. and the Shoes are "floating" (1/8 inch foam tape ) for added dimension. It was a fun piece to make and I little tricky, making the templates, so that they would all line up.

So it's an amazingly beautiful Spring day.
Sparkling... is a better discription.
The sunshine is intense and the sky is Bluer.. (Blue-er?) than blue!

I wasn't feeling good this morning and took a sick day.. (no... I don't have Spring fever)... So.. now I need to take a few Advil and maybe do a little artwork.

That's all for now...
Off to make the most of my sick day as best I can.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


....just so ya know..... you don't have to be a MOM... if you've ever nurtured, cared for, inspired, guided someone... you qualify!
Hope you have a great day!

So... Teri was here.. and already gone.. : (
The time went so fast!

She came in around 1:30 p.m. on Friday. We went shopping for tabletop Easels, at Pat Catans.
Then to lunch at Applebee's. yum!

She gave me a bunch of art supplies, including a set of Oil paints, brushes, Canvases , easel and a wonderful book called "The Painter's Bible... OMG.. I was so touched and overwelmed by her thoughtfulness and generosity!

To all you artists, you know how getting new art supplies can make your heart all a flutter!

We got started, and although I've painted with Oils before, I realized I really didn't know anything about technicals.
Teri was so helpful, giving me tips and tricks.

I admit to being distracted..... We were having Thunderstorms rolling through, and yes.... I was running from windows... watching The Weather Channel...and watching radar.... all while trying to paint! .. Sorry Larry!
.... (my little nickname for Teri lol)
Saturday, she kept me focused by making me turn the TV off... We listened to "Il Divo," & a really awesome Classical Music on her IPod..... wow... it was really enjoyable.. and I didn't realize just how distracting a TV can be.
I really was in the "groove!"....... No, we didn't paint masterpieces, but it was just awesome hanging out with someone who loves art as much as I do, and learning new techniques. Painting again, something I had gotten away from, was just so fun!
We took a break from painting, to eat and watch a movie.

Teri went to bed early and of course, I stayed up till 2:30 a.m.... trying to touch up my now over worked cloud painting.

Teri left about 10 this morning, and I miss her already!
I worked on my cloud painting a little bit, but realized, I just need to start over.

I'm looking forward to more painting as it has now become my new (again) favorite thing to do.

So.. that's all for now.
Going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

Jamie has to work today, so we will have our own Mother's day in a couple weeks, when we can all get together!