Tuesday, September 24, 2013


     It was really hard going back to work today,
after the great weekend I had!...all to work, no "gottas...just do what I want!
   Saturday, The weather was "perfect" ... chilly and rainy... yes, on a lazy Saturday.. that's perfect. Cool enough for a sweatshirt, and the windows open. A perfect day for a big pot of Navy Bean and Bacon soup! It's the law,...when the first chilly day in AUTUMN , I HAVE TO make soup! usually Navy Bean or Chili. Mmmm! So, with the bean soup bubbling, I started work on a painting for a friend's daughter. I'd paint a little, "Facebook" a little...stir the soup...repeat.
The steady rain was letting up. And I was a little disappointed ....but the awesome clouds made up for it.  All day, I watched the amazing cloud show!
   5 hours later, the bean soup was done. Time to eat!... oh.. it was so good (I said modestly)....
..actually, it should be called Bacon Soup with Beans.... okay... I went a little overboard with the Bacon.... 2lbs... in 2 lbs of soup..... but ohh, it's so tasty!!
   The Cloud show continued... and the evening ended with an awesome Sunset Pink on Steel Grey Clouds... ah!
   Sunday The first day of AUTUMN  and... Game day! I was hoping for a Browns win.....we were already 0-2!  Still, Cleveland fans are loyal if nothing else.... and hopeful always hopeful, that THIS might be "THE YEAR"..... Someone once called Cleveland, "the Bermuda Triangle of Sports"..... and sadly, it's true. We always get so close...SO CLOSE!.... Like 38 seconds from going to the Superbowl,  or 1/2 yard away from going to Superbowl... and our Indians are no different. We got to the World Series in 95 & 97... that in itself was exciting!....but we came up short.
    This Sunday, both the Browns and Indians were playing. While the Browns were going for their first win, The Indians were trying to hang on to their chance at a wildcard spot. I Watched the Browns, but got Indians updates on FB. The Football game was a nail-biter... but WE WON!! ...and
The Indians WON TOO! It was a good day for Cleveland fans.
  While the game was on, I got busy with my Halloween Decorations. It's kind of early, but I wanted to have everything up, for my friends get-together on October 5th.  Of course, I stopped 100 times, to watch the the decorating isn't done.. but it's coming along...and it makes me SO HAPPY to
decorate for Halloween again.
   So, everything feels so AUTUMN!.... The weather, the food, Football...and the Indians still hangin' in there....  I love it!!

This little leaf, already turned..... more to come!



Clouds breaking...Here come the do do do!

The beginning of a beautiful Sunset



Friday, September 20, 2013

Today my Dad would be 95!
He passed away, at age 74, in 1993
I miss him everyday.
He was a true Italian Spaghetti eating, Pizza making, funny, hard working, great Dad
and I miss him everyday!
He was an awesome Artist, and because of him, I love art too.
 My Dad and me, around 1966

My Dad's paintings.


Sunday, September 15, 2013


A jazzed up!
Browsing Pinterest today, I was inspired by another Crow, similar to this, so I decided to give my own little Crow? .Raven?... a new look. I made a cute little pointy hat, and added a decorative collar!
....isn't she cute!
I just hope I didn't Jinx my team, The Cleveland Browns, and make them lose today...they were playing........
....THE RAVENS.....



Well a beautiful day in Northern Ohio. Sunny, Blue skies and a perfect Temperature around 65... love it!
  I had to work today... 8-2..... darn...... BUT.... we were slow and I got to leave at 12:30!!! that was awesome!!! So with my new found time, I headed over to Target, to spend the rest of my gift cards. I went to a different Target, and they had their Halloween stuff out!! yay!.. I mean.. uh-oh..... lol.. Well, I was good.. really. I only bought these Black n Orange cups & paper plates, plastic-ware ..oh... and the cool paper Pinwheels below.. 2 in the pack for only $3...they have such a vintage look. I showed great restraint.... really, considering the really cool Halloween stuff Target has.
 I used the gift cards more wisely...on groceries.... for my upcoming get together.
Everything else on the table, was bought at Marc's... our local "deep discount" store. Those adorable socks?.... 69 cents each!!.. really! 
  So, I'm excited to finally be able to pull out my Halloween stuff again..... Who's Obsessed?...
Have a great Sunday!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, it was another 95 degree scorcher.
The cold front just passed through, and now it's 59 degrees.... which is also going to be the high for tomorrow..... Windows open, cuddle under the blankets.... and a cozy sweater tomorrow. Funny, The first warm day in Spring... when It hit's 60... we think it's a heat wave!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My new favorite commercial... love it!

We're havin' a heat wave, a tropical heat wave....
Really! In Cleveland, in September..... a record breaking 96 today... well.. technically yesterday.
Officially the hottest day of the year. I'm lucky, I work an Air conditioned office.
The  good news, is We'll be a Autumn-like 63 by Friday.
No, I'm not really ready for the Summer to end, but I do like cooler weather. I like having my windows open at night and NOT have to hear the grinding of the neighbor's A/C.... okay.. I bet if I look through my previous posts, I'd find several, very similar posts... about... the weather.... and grinding A/C's....Oh well.... that's my exciting life for ya.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Here's mine all colored.. still needs work

Monday, September 09, 2013

 Autumn & Halloween on my mind!  Here are a few of my original drawings
 for you to print and color. enjoy!
(These are for your coloring pleasure only, and not to be sold, or reprinted for any other use. copyright artkissed original eclectic art 2 013 )


Sunday, September 08, 2013


I did it!!
I went through all 6 bins! this is a major accomplishment!
I  got it all down to only 3 bins!!! holy wow!.. YAYYY MEEE!
and look..... I have a box to take to the thrift store! .. yes! really!
Good choice of boxes has handles... Thank you Dell monitor box maker girls?
Now.......I can enjoy today's BROWNS home opener.... oh wait.... the Tree is still sitting out...

okay... I will put it back... THEN watch  today's BROWNS home opener!.... gotta hurry, only have 45 minutes before kick off!!!... GOTTA GO!!!....GOOO BROWNS!!! WOOF! WOOF!

All ready for a new HAUNTED HOUSE!
I can see the floor again!
Love looking at this stuff again !


Saturday, September 07, 2013

What did I get myself into?.......

I know, it's only September....But I've got Halloween on my mind.
Every year, even as early as August, I get an itch for the Black n Orange.
Ironically, I haven't decorated for Halloween in the passed 4 years.
Why?.....because all these plastic bins were buried in the back of the walk-in closet...
and such a pain in the.... to dig it all out.
But dig I did, this evening.  Not before my Christmas tree...well 1/2 a tree fell on my head.
There are 6.. SIX.. bins, full of Halloween stuff!
that's even more than my Christmas stuff!
 and now they sit in what was almost a clean art room,
beckoning me... "come look inside"
The Christmas tree is here too, funny seeing it in September. I have to take a break and put it back
on the shelf where it's supposed to be hibernating and waiting it's turn.
I'm having friends over, in October and thought it would be a perfect reason/excuse to decorate.
I really love decorating.... really HATE packing it all up!
Rather than wait till the last minute, I thought I'd pull it out now, and see what I might like to use.
and also see what I can get rid of! If I could just manage to haul it to the thrift store, along with the other "stuff" I've been meaning to get rid of and gain more precious space in my bulging closet.
I went to Target today, to spend the gift cards I got from work.
I had the nerve to look for Halloween stuff!. Thank God, they didn't have it out yet!
What the heck was I thinking?
I kept telling myself, I was just going to "look"
maybe pick up a cute Halloween tablecloth. Good thing because I un-earthed 2 in the bins
one, not even out of the package!
Not sure if I'm up for digging through everything right now.... I think I'm a "LIT-TALLL" overwhelmed at the moment. BUT, I'm a procrastinator and my fear is that it will now sit until
a week before my friends are coming, only adding to the work I'll be doing, But that's me for ya.
   What will I find?.... What will I keep?.... What will I give away?...... and will it ever really leave the house?.........Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

I' baaaack..... again.. :)
Just wanted to post the board I decorated at work.
Doesn't really look all that impressive.... but better than nothin' right?
All the pictures were hand cut from colored card stock, then
colored with my Prisma Colored pencils. I guess it
looks like a Pre-school classroom board lol...
I don't even care. I GET TO COLOR AT WORK!!!
So, we're ready for Autumn and  Football!!
I'll be adding some Halloween decorations, later on... yay me!

Back wall. Featuring a very large poster of the Cleveland Skyline,
(Thank you P, for this awesome poster)


It's me again!! I have to make up for lost time ya know.
Okay, I admit...I'm excited about being able to post on my Blog again, I'm excited about my
new FASSST computer, and becoming a little obsessed, with revamping my Blog, with new colors.
It's just fun now, no more waiting....waiting..... for things to load... error messages.... blah, blah, blah.
  Like before, I'm up late... yeah, that's me... pushing the limits, paying the price in the morning.
I'm watching "American Pickers"... I don't know why. It's interesting, but It's not something I would choose to watch, just watching by default.... because there's NOTHING GOOD ON..
  A cool thing happened at work today. My GM, called me over, and  "presented me" with a "KUDOS" certificate...To say thanks for all my ART contributions to the office... AND gave me $50 in TARGET gift certificates... pretty cool!... and THANK YOU!
Like I told my GM.... I really enjoy doing it! he said "You put a lot of work into everything and we'd like to say thanks! He mentioned several recent projects I've done, including the "Monopoly" game board I made,  converting it to fit with our company, even down to the cards, for our "FUN FRIDAY" activity. I was "commissioned" several times, to do little projects for the office and it made me feel good  that they appreciate it and enjoy it!
   I love decorating our work area, with seasonal artwork and just put up colorful handmade leaves, Pumpkins and Footballs. My Supervisor, is a 30 year old guy and really doesn't "get into" the decorating thing..... and me?.. I need "stuff and Color".
Okay..... that's all for now. It's almost 2:30 a.m. I'm getting sleepy, but I took a little nap when I got home... so I shouldn't be this sleepy.. but I am...  I hate "giving in" and having to go to bed, when all I really want to do is play!.... I don't like being a responsible adult sometimes.
  Here's just some random pictures, to decorate this post 
I loved the dappled sunlight
Tomato Salad with Pita bread, this evenings late night snack

Evening Sun through the leaves.. love that!


Monday, September 02, 2013

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor day!
I really can't believe it's September already! where did the time go?
Like most, I'm off today. I slept in a little longer than I wanted to...ehh. But I didn't want to sleep the morning away. Wanted to get an early start and DO something with the day. But that didn't work so well. I didn't get up till 10 a.m....:/ and now, it's already almost 12:30......I am determined to DO something, organizing, ART......but SOMETHING!, before it's 6p.m. and I'm whining that the day is over and I wasted it......

So....I'm having lunch (leftovers) and then I'm shutting this thing down!.....and maybe I'll organize (for the 540th. time) my walk in closet.... pull all Halloween decoration boxes forward.... for easy....easier... access. As many times as I've tried.... the closet is just not big enough or I have too much stuff.. and can't ever get to what I want. But....I will try yet organize...the damn closet..........................or.......maybe close the door for another day and just do ART!!...ya, that's a better idea....

.............Oh! almost forgot! I have a brand new, shiny FASSST Computer!! I didn't know it could be soo fast. I was so used to my old slow one... that I forgot it wasn't supposed to be like that. I love the flatscreen, the vivid color....and all the new WINDOWS 8 "Bells & Whistles"...... awesome!!
It's a week old today, and I have been on it every waking moment (when not at work).... and that might explain the Optic Migraine I got last night. Haven't had one in like 10 years. I adjusted the brightness/contrast and hopefully that will help.... but staying off for awhile will probably help more!

   really going now.......... till next time!