Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 ....sorry.. the photos got out of order... hope you'll enjoy them anyway!

The beautiful blushing Bride,  My daughter Allison 

Me lighting the unity candle, with Andy's dad, Deacon William Dirk (center)

"Here Comes The Bride" Ring Bearer Deacon and Flower girl Layla


Allison's beautiful Bouquet, made by my sister Rita as were all the Flowers

"The Party Bus"........ carried the Bride and her maids to the church, then  the whole (22 people!) Bridal Party

The Party Bus!


First Dance

More kissing!

Allison & her Siblings

Sister Jamie caught the Bouquet! oh no! another wedding not to far away?

 It finally came! My daughter  Wedding day!
  It was a gorgeous Summer day, with beautiful blue skies and lots of Sunshine, despite the threat of rain all week. Allison was so gorgeous.... if I do say so myself... (smile) And I've never seen Andy more handsome.
Of course, I can't forget Her brother Eddie and sister Jamie that were in the wedding.

I must say, it was all very surreal. I was the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE.. and that pretty little BRIDE was MY Daughter!
  How is that possible?.... she's only 4 years old?..... she's my baby!

Anyway........ it was a lovely reception, held outdoor, in a beautiful country setting. It was great having my family there to celebrate with us!

   The Mr. & Mrs. Are now on their Honeymoon in Jamaica MON.. !
Bless you both! and have a happy life together!  love ya!