Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Craft Show Fun

The Strongsville  Avant-Garde Art & Craft show was this past weekend
It was a well-advertised show and there was a good crowd of people both days. 
What a fun time!
I've been making bowls since last January. All in preparation for this show. 

My sister Susan and I decided to share the table for this 2-day show.
 It was tight. Very tight. 
Not just the table but the space between tables and behind us. 
We had to sit sideways to keep from bumping into the people behind us. 
 There was no leg room either. Oh well. 
Despite the cramped space and shorter than typical tablespace (only 6ft.)
We did pretty well. 

Neither of us had done a show in a very long time. 
Susan offered her amazing Collages on greeting cards and framed pieces. 
They're just so awesome!
And me with my crazy assortment of Paper Clay bowls. 
I got lots of positive feedback, compliments, and
questions about the bowls. 
 I didn't really know what to expect, never having sold paper clay bowls before.
but my sales were pretty good!
I think I may go back to their Spring show in April. this time Susan and I will
get our own tables. 

The best part? it was my kids and friends coming out.
They're such great cheerleaders.
And seeing my Grandchildren too?... was the cherry on top. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Autumn flowers from my Grandson Garrett   *LOVE*

A PERFECT Fall Saturday. A brilliant Blue Sky, 
Sunshine and a chilly 60 degrees.

The bowls I made last weekend, are ready to come alive. 
I finished the one below, and I'm pretty happy with it.
Just have to put a Matt finish sealer on it.
I have no idea what the others will "turn into"
but I'm excited about the possibilities! 
I'll be getting an early start in the morning, and painting
all day!

Clean houses are overrated anyway.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Another Sunday done

Well, I was able to drag myself out of bed early on Saturday and Sunday!
I managed to stay focused and get some pieces finished!
My creative juices are really flowing and I'm getting so excited about the Art and Craft show.

Here's a little peek at two pieces I finished this weekend.
This piece, made from 100% recycled paper,
                                          The edge and bottom has a cool faux Bronze look

This piece, made using commercial paper clay, was
painted and I hated how it turned out. So it was put aside. 
Today, new inspiration struck. I collaged it! Now 
I'm very happy with the way it turned out. 

So. I've got a pretty good inventory, but I have so many more
ideas. The show is now JUST under two months away, so
I think I'll get a lot more done. 
I wish I had another Sunday to stay and play

It worked!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Fresh Batch

I worked a half day, got home and had a quick bite, then whipped up a fresh batch of paper clay. 
A very large batch! I emptied the paper shredder at work and got about four tighly packed grocery bags full. This should hold me for a while. 

It's been so long since I've done a craft show, I have to remember all the little things I'll need to bring. But I have time to gather it all. November seems so far away, but It will be here before you know it. 
So many ideas so little time! Even though I started planning for the show in January and I have been creating bowls ever since. Of course, not every bowl is perfect so even though I have a lot made, not all will make the cut. 
I'm calling them "MOOD BOWLS".. because I like variety and paint whatever mood strikes at the moment. I also think this gives potential buyers an opportunity to find something that fits them best. 

I'll watch the rest of the movie "A Lust for Life" about Vincent Van Gogh, then roll out some new pieces, that will be ready to paint next weekend. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Amping it up

So I submitted my request to be a vendor in a really great Art & Craft show in November, 
and it's been accepted!
 My sister and I will be doing the show together. 
I'm excited and I will be in high gear now, making more Paper Clay bowls
 and other ideas rolling around in my head. 

It's been a very long time since my sister and I did a craft show together It's gonna be fun!

                                                           Well..... I do have to eat so....