Wednesday, August 01, 2018


More Paper Clay bowls and dishes, baking in the Sun.  They'll be ready by the weekend and I plan on painting all weekend long. 
I even made a card holder for my new business cards. 
I still love that what was once old bills are now clay! 
Like my Grandson says "We're turning junk into cool stuff. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Go Big

New bowls
I made a big one this time...and some "free form" trinket dishes. 
I have no idea how I will paint them....especially the large one, but I'm sure inspiration will strike. 
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 06, 2018

I made a dent

I have a 3 day weekend! thanks to the 4th. of July. the oppressive humidity is gone for now, and I am finally able to open the windows again and enjoy the breeze and fresh air.

 I spent day 1 attempting to make a dent in the mess that is my ART room.
If you know me.... or have ever read any of my previous posts, you know that my ART room is
ALWAYS a mess, and I'm ALWAYS trying to get it organized.
I live in an apartment, and space is limited. I chose the master bedroom for my ART room. It has a large window, lots of light, and walk-in closet and perfect for an ART room.'s bursting at the seams now.
I've discovered the older I get, the less I need.
I'm a recovering TCHOTCHKE collector. Years of buying things, because they were "so cute"
and "cheap" and "I want it." I wish I had a dollar for each TCHOTCHKE I bought over the years... I'd be pretty wealthy.  the same goes for ART supplies. I'm convinced it's a true addiction. Walking through my favorite ART store can be dangerous. I go in for just a bottle of paint, and come out with more stuff.....because it was "so cool" "inspiring" or "I need this....even though I have some... I might run out."
So....I'm trying to get rid of stuff that I've held on to, for who knows how long, because "I'm gonna make something with it" I saw a post on FB that was really inspiring:

So true right? I've also read, that clutter can cause stress and anxiety and I can attest to that. 
I'm far from a neat freak, but even I eventually get overwhelmed by the mess. 

So.... I got my table cleared off. I haven't seen the table in months! I should have taken a "before" was completely.... COMPLETELY covered with paints, brushes and a mess of other stuff.  I feel accomplished, making this small dent. It's inspiring me to do more.. .and more...
Can you relate?

 I also spent way to much time designing new business cards. I have a cyber shop at:   (check it out!) and my shop link:  I'm a "BRONZE" seller (woot! woot!) I have so much fun adding my original designed to their many products. It's fun receiving royalty checks or just spending my earnings on gifts. So the cool people at Zazzle offer free business card to their best sellers. I got 100 FREE cards last year, and they made the offer again this year!  

                                   Here is my card front and back  (phone number not shown).

So.... whaddaya think? 
The first batch last year, had the same front, but just a cream colored back, with simple text. 
then the lightbulb went off.... JAZZ IT UP! DUH!!
I'm planning on doing an ART show in November, so they'll come in handy!
So....if you ever need busness cards...or someone to design them for you.... wink wink. 

Monday, July 02, 2018

"I'm a little ARTIST and I'm 4 years old"

 My Grandson Garrett "demonstrating" how to paint a paperclay bowl.
This was his first, un-coached, un-rehearsed video!......and he did it like a pro!
More to come.