Thursday, March 22, 2007


Happy SPRING!!!
YAY! it's finallly here! not that it means much here in Cleveland. We can still get snow well into April.. SSSSSSHH.. don't say that too loud! I'm just happy that Winter is over, and it can only get warmer, and the trees will start to bud, and the flowers will be back!

Here's one of 6 puzzle pieces I've finished so far.

This piece is from my own puzzle. I'm saving the other swapped pieces for when we get together in June, and swap back . So no unveiling just yet!

The wooden puzzles have 24 pieces. There was 10 of us participating, so we'll each end up with 4 pieces of our own puzzle to work on. One woman, chose a cardboard puzzle, a really cool "Catarpillar" shaped. It's large, and will be an interesting piece to work on.

It's so fun! and challenging, working with the themes everyone selected, as well as each shape.

I can't wait to see my puzzle once it's all back together!

The themes that were chosen by the other women, were: Paris, Childhood, Oriental, Faith, Spirit, Cat, Wings, Journey. My sister Susan selected three : 1940's, dance and peace. I couldn't pick just one either, and chose several different things such as" hearts, stars, the seasons, family, & friends.... I guess our themes are, our favorite things!

Well... I haven't gone back to work yet. Or should I say, I haven't found a new job yet. It's been 6 months. I have to admit once again, I am happy having this time off. I've been doing a lot of art, and things I love. But, my time is running out. I have to get back to work, and to the real world I know. And I still want to move. So much to do..... how will I organize it all?
OK, one of my unemployed "luxuries" is staying up all night, will end soon too. It's 4:46 a.m.... yes, I 'm yawing. But it's what I do!
Easter is just 3 weeks away. Time for some major Spring Cleaning. I have ignored the house, and I really need to get it all spiffed up.
I'll be hanging out with my sisters this weekend, and hopefully I'll get to check out a few scrapbook schops I've found. Next weekend, I'll be hanging out with the PSMWG's. We're having an ART night here at my house! I'm so excited about it, and they seem to be too! I will post lots of pictures.
I'm having a problem typing now, so that means I need to get to bed!!!
Ta Ta for now!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well, It's been a wild weather week in Northeast Ohio.
We started the week with a 3.5 Earthquake. Then on Tuesday, the temperature reached 73... awesome for March in Cleveland. Wednesday, a Tornado touched down, west of Cleveland, we had an awesome Thunderstorm in the evening. Then as the temperature dropped overnight, we woke up to snow!.... Thus, holding true, to the expression: If you don't like the weather in Cleveland... just wait a minute"

I had so much fun last night. I went to my sister Susan's house, for an art night. We're going to alter Wooden Puzzles! Ten women are going to be participating.
We were each given 2 pieces from each puzzle to alter. Everyone wrote a theme on their pieces, I'm still working on my theme.
It was so cool to hang out with other "art lovers." I don't have many art-buddies, and this was such a treat for me! Talking the "lingo" and exchanging ideas.
After the puzzle pieces were exchanged, we were treated to a bowl of Susan's homemade Fideo.. a yummy Mexican bean soup, and freshly made Hot Sauce. mmmm!

The Fabric collage above, was created by Kathy, for her partner's Altered books. Isn't it soooo kewl!!!? The talent is just amazing! Kathy and Kelly have their own Pottery Studio, and it's a great place for painting Ceramics, throwing Pottery, Fused glass, and much more! Check out their website, WWW.SPIRITOFCLAY.NET and stop in, if you're ever in the area!

I've been busy working on new collages, and listing them on Etsy... (see the "MINI ETSY" below, and click on a picture, to go to my "SHOP")

"P"... Patti, turned 50 in December!... we held her "Coronation" in February, at "G's" house.
As always, we had so much fun! We all met at The Tumbleweed restaurant, in Medina, and Patti fell out of her chair! .. she wasn't even drunk! We all headed to Gloria's and began the "cerimonies" Ta Daaaa! Patti is in the "club"

I'm excited that the "PSMWGS"... (AKA: my best girlfriends, Patti, Sheila, Me, Winnie, & Gloria ) Will be meeting at my house on March 31st for our own ART NIGHT. It's our first! I'm so excited to do what I love, with my girlfriends! I will take lots of pictures, and post them here.

Ok, so Grey's Anatomy is on, and I have to go!...
more soon! byee!

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Sunday, March 04, 2007


It's been awhile since I've Blogged! I tried a couple times over the past few weeks,
but I was having problems uploading pictures, and I gave up!
It's an overcast Sunday, here in Cleveland. I'm trying to decide if I should clean the kitchen, Finally finish "organizing" my artroom... (the stuff is still sitting in my computer room!)... or make more art!.. or choice D... none of the above... but sit here, or eat, or take a nap.. or all of those in that order!
Well, I have busy doing lots of art. Here are the latest Collages. "THUNDERSTORM FAIRY"

was completed in the wee hours of the night, and posted for sale on Etsy this morning. The "SHADOWBOX" Collage, is made up of 3 mini collages, created in a "Floating" frame. The 3rd new collage "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME CHEESE WITH THAT WHINE?"... Is a 3 x 3 inch collage magnet, that comes with it's own handmade wire stand, and is also for sale at Etsy.

I've also worked on a couple custom ordered pieces too. Below, is one I created for one of my regular Etsy customers Denise. She ordered it for her brother's 50th birthday.
She, and her daughter have ordered lots from me! yayyyy.

These two, were custom ordered as well, from my Esty customer, Karen.
She purchase a couple items from my shop, then requested these below:

Oh look! I was able to add pictures! yay me.

Ok so, besides doing lots of art. I just came back from Las Vegas!... well.. I've been back 3 weeks already. Wow, time really does fly! We had soo much fun! Did I win?.... well.. I call it "recovering" some of my money.

I went with 7 friends, who I've known since high school.

It was so good hanging out with all of them, although we weren't always "together"... same Casino, all off in different directions!
It was the first time I had been on a plane in 6 years!
So now It's March. The Winter wasn't too bad, even though it's not over yet.
I'm glad about Daylight savings Time coming early this year!
Ok.. I ate.. and now.. I need a nap! Maybe I'll get up and get that art room done!