Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm sooOOOooooooo tired!
.... and not quite done packing.
My back hurts, my feet hurt ok.. everything hurts. But mostly my feet.
I started packing up the last boxes around 10 this morning. Jamie came over around 5, to FINALLY get the things she left behind when she moved out 6 years ago! She got all the boxes from the laundry room, but still has to come back for her "childhood" still up in the attic.
Auggghhhh!... so much junk we have.!
It feels great to know that I will be junk free now. So... exactly one week from now, I will be IN my NEW apartment, UNPACKING all of this!

I'm happy that, everything has gone fairly smoothly, except for the Post Office screwing up my forwarding dates. They stopped sending mail here about 2 weeks ago!!! DUHHH!.. When I called the P.O. to ask what was going on, the dingy clerk said she didn't know, and asked me why I put in the change so soon.. HELLO???...... was I supposed to know it was too soon?... and hey.. I DIDN"T DO ANYTHING WRONG! They already started forwarding my mail, but the dingy clerk said they would start delivering my mail here again.. Oh great.. so I guess I have to put in another change of address all over again, and hope for the best? I got my gas bill today... it said: " due by April 24th".... nice. Good thing I have the phone number to pay by phone! Grrrrhhh!
Ok.. so I'm fighting the urge to take a nap, and making myself finish emptying the last little bits in the closet. I ran out of tape, but Jamie went to get me more. She really had fun going through her boxes, and we didn't have fun, hauling several of them filled with heavy magazines, to the curb!

The girls are getting sad, that I'm leaving this house. They're remembering all the holidays spent here, as well as their teen years. I'm not so sad...yet. Guess it's because I'm still here, but maybe, once I'm moved, I'll miss this old house. Good thing I have lots of photographs to remember it.
Ok.. so that's the latest update.
Maybe one more before moving day.. oh.. and I have to cancel AOL. I'm getting Road runner!! yayayyyy!
Going to take an Advil now, and MAKE myself get back to work.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Ahhhhh.. a break from packing.
Here are a few pics from my "Sister weekend"
Vermilion, was a disappointment.

I've never been there before, but my sisters say, it used to have a lot of cool shops, but now, not so much.

Still, it was a beautiful Spring day, and all the trees "popped" with curly Lime green leaves, still unfolding. Gorgeous! Color has once again emerged. The grass is a brilliant green, Flowering trees in Pinks and white. And the Sunny Daffodils.. ahhh I LOVE SPRING!

While in Vermilion, we did find a great little 50's style "Soda shop" I had a yummy Chocolate malt, Rita had a "Chocolate coke, Deb enjoyed a Strawberry Sundae, and Sue had Giant Onion rings, that she shared with the rest of us.

As always, it was great hanging out with my silly sisters.

So.. it's on to more packing.

Sometimes I feel like I only have a little more to pack.. and other times, like right now.. feel very overwhelmed, and wonder how I'll get it all done.

I gave my self till this Saturday, to get alllll the packing done. So I can spend all next week cleaning.

I am so ready for this to be over.

The funny thing is, through all of It, I almost forget I'll be having a new home when it's all done.

I'm already excited at the thought of decorating for Halloween, and Christmas. And of course, I've been arranging furniture in my head for the last 3 weeks.

I've run out of Pepsi, and I'm actually drinking a beer!..... left from one of our PSMWG gatherings I'm sure. But it tastes great... and less filling.. LOL...

Ok.. so I'm going to try and get a few more boxes packed, then chill till bedtime. Ahhh. The days are flying!!!!! wow!

Friday, April 18, 2008


W A R N I N G!!
This Blog contains MORE talk about my BIG MOVE...... leave now if you can't bear to read one more word!

It's really happening. There are boxes packed, Cupboards bare, semi empty rooms and bare walls. The whole house is complete disarray. We're down to 15 days and counting.

More good news. My yet unseen apartment, faces the court yard and not the street! This is what I wanted!
My bay window faces West... I can see beautiful sunsets every evening. And most storms come from the West, Southwest... yayyyy! I know these sound like such simple things, but they make me happy!
I will get my first look at my actual apartment, all freshly painted on Wednesday, unless I decide to send my daughter Jamie, to check it all out.
Oh.. and really big news!... I actually retained MOVERS!!!
real, MOVERS!!!
Originally, I had retained a moving truck, and my son Eddie was going to drive it. I BIG 24ft. truck... He's driven them before, but being the nervous mother that I am, I wasn't looking forward to the whole ordeal, much less loading the truck. Eddie mentioned his friend worked for a moving company.... HELLO??? WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME THIS?.. So, I spoke to his friend, and long story short I Booked them! I'm getting a ridiculously cheap price.. (from what I hear)... and I don't have to touch one box!!! They move you out, and move you in!! OHH YAYYY! So Thank you Lord, for letting things go well so far.

I made the collaged switch plate , and decided to leave it, since the switch to the kitchen in my NEW apartment, is actually outside the kitchen.
All though, I spent 1/2 hour, trying to remove my collaged switch plate from my art room wall. The screw was stripped, but I had to have it!!!.... I laid a piece of very rough Sand paper over the screw, and then the screwdriver... after some hard pushing, the darn thing finally grabbed, and Viola! It will grace my "NEW" art room now!
I worked on packing up the art room this evening. It was exciting to know, then next time I see all my art supplies, it will be in my "NEW" art room!

One thing I will not miss about this place.. (among sooo many things)
the vintage Crystal door knobs. Yes, they're beautiful, but every one of them were stripped, and would just come off in your hands. I wrapped pieces of paper towel, and super glued them in!! Nice ehh?

This week has just flown by! It feels like "P" & "G" were here 2 days ago!!! I will be in my apartment, before you know it!
This weekend will be spent hanging out with my sisters. It was Rita's birthday yesterday, so we'll all be doing our "Sister/birth-day" thing I always love it, but I have sooo much left to do, and only one more weekend free to do it. Check that, the next weekend, I have to work on Sunday 12-6.. so I will only really have that Saturday.. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots more packing after work I suppose. Well... it's all good!!!!
To those who are actually reading my will only have to suffer through 15 more days... oh wait, I'll be blogging about the new apartment then.... sorry : )
I'll settle in, and get back to some art. ART that will be made in my NEW art room!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Taking a little break, and recuperating from all the moving and lifting on Saturday. My Leg muscles are so sore!!! WOW!... OK... so I'm not 20 anymore, and I don't "work out"... ouchhhh!

Here's a few more pics from the "MODEL" it's exactly like my apartment.

The little butcher block table in the kitchen, is where I plan to put my cute little vintage 30's Enamel topped table... no place else to put it lol.

I've listed some new collage links, I hope you will visit, and enjoy.

Tomorrow, is April 15Th TAX day. It's also the deadline for turning in artwork, for the Vintage issue at Somerset Studio magazine. I know my package arrived, since they've already deposited my "return postage" check. So now, I wait?... I'm not quite sure how it all works, but I think they contact you by email, to let you know if your art is selected for publishing.

So, it's all been so exciting. In just 18 short days, I will FINALLY be in my new apartment. If you haven't already figured it out, This is a huge deal for me. I've ALWAYS lived in Cleveland, Ohio.. and I've ALWAYS lived in a 5 mile radius! It will so weird to actually "stay" in Brunswick, instead of just visiting. It will be fun to explore and find new (to me) cool places.


I treated myself to my Favorite Chinese, for dinner this evening. One place here, I will truly miss. I'm planning on getting about 4 orders, and freezing them, when I move... yes really!

Although, I'm sure Gloria (my best friend) and I, will make some "Chinese" runs in the future.

My sister turned me on to "Ken's Steakhouse Lite Asian Sesame" Dressing.. All I can say is YUMMMM!!! She made me an awesome salad, last weekend. Mixed greens "Sunkissed" brand "Almond Accents".. Lightly seasoned. She also added "Tyson" Roasted chicken chunks.. OMG, have you tried them?.... sooo good!! She also added some Pecans for more crunch, and it was the best salad ever. So I had to go buy my own ingredients, and mm mmm mmm! Try it!

Ok... I'm sorry if you've visited my Blog, hoping to find some art. I've been too preoccupied with the move, but promise to list new art, just as soon as I'm settled in the new place I can't wait to set up my new larger art room! I even treated myself to a cool book called "Where Women Create"... to get inspired. the book sells for $24, but I found it at Amazon, slightly used for only $10.. I love a bargain! I can't wait till it arrives.

The weather is getting nice... things are turning Green!!... and I actually have a few Daffodils popping up! MMMmmmm I love Spring!
I will be hanging out with my 3 sisters this weekend. It's Rita's birthday, and we always get together, and hang out, and have a sleepover! We're going to Vermilion, Ohio... one of those fun "quaint" little towns. I've never been there. I've heard it's got great shops. I'll snap a few pics and post them soon.
I'm up way too late... I got sleepy after my Chinese dinner, and took a "little" 2 hour nap. Oh well. that's me for ya.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


The "BIG MOVE" is underway!
This first picture, is my living room, now filled with boxes!!! OMG! it's very overwhelming.

Yesterday, "P" & "G" (Patti & Gloria) came over to help me start packing!
First, I have to say, I have THE BEST friends ever. They're ALWAYS THERE FOR ME!
Gloria tried to tell me "you can't do it all yourself"... and she is right.... she's ALWAYS right.
Once I saw them doing their thing, I realized, I would have never gotten it all done myself... OMG.

Patti, and I started pulling 14 years of CRAP, down from the attic. I was embarrassed to see just how much there was... and there's still more! That took about 1/2 hour, and I was already wiped out. My legs were weak, from walking up and down the steps, and hauling the CRAP to the tree lawn. holy crap! We sat for a minute, then P started packing up the cupboards, Gloria was on Window seat drawer detail, and I tackled the closet. I ordered a Pizza, and we took a little break to eat, then started back again. "W" Winnie, and her boyfriend Mike, came over, to bring me an awesome Red double seat chair, that Winnie didn't need anymore. They even left it strapped to the Dolley for me to use. She donated 3 large plastic tote bins, and they were perfect for my holiday decorations. Did I tell you I have THE BEST FRIENDS? We worked past midnight, and exhausted, we finally sat down.
Now.. my whole body is aching. My legs, back, and arms.. oooh ouch!... but I can't complain, I could have been doing it alone.

So, now we're down to 19 days and counting.
I will be in my new apartment.... JUNK FREE.
No more grass cutting, $50 for weed killer that doesn't work, then weed pulling, snow shoveling, furnace breaking, outrageous gas bills.
No more Steps, risky electric, light bulbs burning out every 2 weeks.
No more extension cords.
I'll actually be living in a place that's only 12 years old!

That's a picture of my art room... scary huh?
To know I have to organize, and pack it all.. yikes!
And there's the laundry room. Baskets full of just washed laundry. And that cute little Enamel topped vintage table, circa 20's or 30's??.....will now be my kitchen table, in the new apartment. Its very charming. It was left to Gloria from the previous tenants, and then left to me by Gloria. Its the perfect size for my tiny little kitchen. It has a little drawer, and a tiny little metal tag,( that might show the manufacturer) that has been painted over several times. I'm hoping to "restore" it so it's readable, and add to the tables wonderful charm.

Ahhhh.. to know that soon, very soon the packing, moving, planning will be all behind me, and I will be DONE!...and sitting cozy in the new place.. HOME.
I have more packing to do... LOTS MORE, so I better get going, before this day is done.
....I can't wait to move!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Well here it is! my "Vintage Halloween" themed puzzle all finished!...isn't it awesome??? Every piece is so wonderful! I just love it!!!
(click on pictures, to see better view)

All 12 participants met this morning at a local book store, to swap back our finished pieces. It was so much fun to see all the beautiful puzzles come together.
It was great meeting the new (to me) women.


After the swap, Susan and I, browsed the bookstore, and I bought the "Somerset Memories" magazine. Then on the way back to her house, we stopped at Jo Anne Fabrics, so I could us my 40% off coupon, and get the "Somerset Studio" magazine..... yes, I'm addicted to them!

The night before, I went to my sister Susan's house, to finish the last 6 puzzle pieces. Okay, I admit it.. I was puzzled out!!!... and did not want to do anymore! We've only had the pieces since October... I remember making my own piece, way back then, then putting the pieces aside, and mentally saying my most familiar phrase: "I have lots of time" I reluctantly finished the last pieces, while telling work stories with Susan, and laughing our butts off! we were up to almost 4 a.m.! Oh and I helped Susan get her very own Etsy Shoppe, and get set up on Paypal, so she's good to go!!

Soooooo.... I mailed out my pieces to Somerset Studio... below, is some of the packaging. Once again, I'm more excited that I actually made & mailed the pieces!

I got home, and I was so tired, I took a little nap. I got up, and "MADE" myself go in the laundry room, and start cleaning, and packing. Wow... I got lots of crap! I bagged up 3 bags of stuff, to give to Susan for the rummage sale she's going to have at her work in May. That all just came out of ONE room... I still have the whole freakin' house to finish!... this all after 2 yard sales no less. I vow to be a "former" pack rat, once I move.. I hope.

While cleaning, I took a break, and went on the porch, just to take in the beautiful evening. I noticed some furniture pieces sitting on the tree lawn?????..... my upstairs neighbor, was coming down with more.....??? and I discovered HE'S MOVING OUT TOO!!"... OMG!!! both of us, are moving the beginning of May!!... I'm sure my Landlady is having a fit! YIKES!!!.

So, I've already put in my change of address, called the Electric company, and reserved my moving truck! I still have to call the phone and gas companies. (they're not open on the weekend)... and it is slowly sinking in that I AM REALLLY MOVING! IN JUST 3 WEEKS!!

So It was a perfectly glorious Sunny-Blue Spring day. The temperature was up in the mid 60's.. and the air had that wonderful Spring smell. I even saw a Robin! All good signs Spring is here.

It's a great time to be moving. The weather will just keep getting better ( No freak April Snowstorms pleeeezz!!!!) Spring, is all about new, fresh beginnings, just like moving! I am so looking forward to being in my apartment, decorating, and setting up my "much larger" art room.

I will have to hold off posting the puzzle piece pics, till after the move, unless I get a chance to get a some on, here and there. They're soo cool!!!

Eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Another Monday looms. and listening to "BLAH... BLAH... BLAH.." for 40 more hours. ( you may recall, I'm in Catalog sales.) I'm not complaining Lord, I am grateful to have a job, honest.

The weekend is supposed to be fairly warm, and Spring-like.. MMMmmmmmm. Don't forget to smell that gorgeous Spring air, and watch the buds start popping!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


It's true!!
I'm actually, really, truly moving to a new apartment!!!

It's not the place I originally wanted way back when, but it's the exact same floor plan!...and cheaper. Just down the road from my sister.. and a little bit further down, my best friend Gloria.


The apartment is in Brunswick, Ohio, about 25 miles south of Cleveland.
It will be so strange not to live in Cleveland anymore. I've been here my whole life.

What seemed to be taking forever, suddenly picked up speed, and bam! I'm moving.
My head is spinning with all the things I have to do, and the very short time I have to do them.

Pack, rent a moving truck, change utilities, change address, ... whoaahhhh!
I've lived here for almost 14 years. I never thought this day would come.

My current landlady...ain't too happy. I think she thought I would be here forever.... and I kinda thought I might too. It was a hard phone call to make. I felt bad knowing what I was about to tell her, was really going to affect her a lot.... financially that is. When I told her I decided to move.. she said "WHY?".. and not in a sad melancholy way... If she could have finished the sentence she probably would have said "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" .. She hasn't had to worry about this house for over 20 years, when my friend Gloria first moved in. Gloria's niece moved upstairs... then when she moved out I moved in. Gloria moved out, and I moved down stairs... are you getting all this? lol... so... well.. people move.

I feel guilty for sitting still right now, I feel like I should be frantically packing, but that will all be happening very soon. My AMAZING PSMWG buddies will be helping with the packing, And Gloria.. the most organized one, has me making lists and checking them twice!... bless her caring heart.

So... I wish I could just sleep through the next 3 weeks.. and wake up in my new apartment.. all unpacked, and settled in. But not gonna happen. So.. I will get through, with a little help from my friends!

I'M SOOO EXCITED!!! yay me!

My other big (not as big) news, is that I stopped procrastinating, and finally finished 2 Halloween collages, and ACTUALLY mailed them to Somerset Studio magazine, yesterday!!!! I've been saying "I'm going to do this" for the past 2 years...and now, I finally have. How exciting it would be to have my artwork published in a national publication! The issue will be out in September. It's their "Vintage Halloween" issue, my favorite Holiday! Here's a little peak at what I sent in. I will keep you posted, if I hear anything from them.