Friday, June 04, 2010

Just a little hello.
I've been working (at work) on some new Zentangles. The new "fancy" word for stylized "DOODLES'
They're fun to do.. and there's no rules. My kinda art.

There was an awesome storm on the way home from work today.
The sky was gorgeous, but didn't look like a typical sky before a storm. The clouds were big and billowy, White mixed with grey.
They got thicker as I drove along, and it started to rain... those giant saucer sized rain drops!
Then it poured! I loved it. few flashes of lightning for added drama Ahhhh.
I managed to (safely, only at red lights and parking lots) take a few pictures.

The sky was incredible and I was so excited that I had my camera with me! At one point, the sun popped out, right in the middle of the downpour! A rainbow too?.. YESS! While I didn't get the best shot.. I did get it!
By the time I got home.. it was bone dry. But the skies to the east were soo awesome and wild
I was just going nuts at the site of this incredible sky!!!!!!
As I pulled into my apartment parking lot, I noticed the huge white billowing Thunderhead... just fantanstic.
Thank you God.... for the spectacular show!