Saturday, August 22, 2009



I've been looking forward to this for weeks!

I have to admit, the project I planned, didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped. So... I ended up with a simple collage below. I'm still having so much fun!

Thank you to Twyla & Lindsey at "TWO CRAZY CRAFTERS" for coming up with this awesome idea!
BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE "WIZARD OF OZ GALA" BUTTON on the right, to go to the "TWO CRAZY CRAFTERS" Blogsite... and find the list of other GALA Blog participants

I can't wait to visit the other Blogs!

It was great finding pictures, and reminiscing about this awesome movie.

I love this movie so much, that I dress my own kids up as "the Scarecrow, Dorothy & Glenda" for Halloween in 1988! I made their costumes with mostly thrift store finds, bits of fabric.. and stitch witchery!
They had lots of fun!...(see photo below)

Over the years, I've received many Wizard of Oz related gifts. I've posted a few.

I just love the Bank heads! They and the collector plate (with music box) along with the 50Th Anniversary Book, was a gift from Co-workers.How lucky am I!!

Like you, I cherish this movie! What great memories!

I adore this movie, & I still watch it every year and still get excited, like I'm seeing it for the first time!
If forced to choose, I would say that "Glinda" was my favorite character. Arriving in a bubble.. and that amazing dress!!!!! I love her voice. Did you know Billie Burke was in her 50's when she played Glinda??? amazing!

Years ago, when my kids were small, we even had a "Toto" dog... !

And.. My grandfather Vernon, bore a strong resemblance to "The Cowardly Lion" Bert Lahr! ...really!

Here's a little W.O.O. quiz, to test your W.O.O. knowledge!
(scroll to the bottom of this post, for the answers)

-What were the farm hands names?
-What was the name of the Castle guards?
-What year did the movie debut?
-Who wrote "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?"
-Where did the idea for the name "OZ" come from?
-How old was Judy Garland, when she made the movie?
-What was Professor Marvel's Horses name?
-What was Auntie Em & Uncle Henry counting?

Okay.. I just have to go and check out the other Blogs!!!... yippeee! I just can't wait!

I hope you enjoyed visiting my blog.....Please feel free to leave a comment,
so I know you stopped by!

And remember..


Hickory, Hunk & Zeke
The "Winkie Guards
L. Frank Baum
Mr. Baum saw the letters "O-Z" on the label of the drawer of
his file cabinet.
Judy Garland, was 16 when the movie was made & 17 when it debuted.
Professor Marvel's horse was named: "Sylvester"
They were counting Chics

.....HOW MANY DID YOU GET RIGHT???...... :)

Saturday, August 08, 2009


It's been a little while, since I've posted last!
TWYLA.... thanks for the messages and thinking 'bout me!

Here's just a few images from the past few days.
I loved the "Polka dot" sky, from yesterday morning! (see below)

So.... now I'm off to work on my Witch painting!
I've been doodling Witches at work, a sure sign I've got Halloween on my mind. So I thought I would try and turn one of my sketches into a painting. Harder than I thought.. and wrinkles are also harder than I thought!

This is as far as I got ... see the progression pictures below.

I am vowing NOT to spend the better part of my Saturday, sitting on the computer.. and ACTUALLY do some art today... while enjoying the cool breezes and light rain.. and.. maybe a little Thunderstorm!

So... I'm gonna listen to IL DIVO.. and other favorites...and get to painting!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend... I pray that it goes SSSSLOOOWWW!

Catch ya later!