Monday, May 18, 2009


Hi Twyla, Lindsey and Marsha.. my loyal blog followers.. xoxo Thanks for all the comments! xoxo

Mosely, the little Maple tree, (on the right) has finally awoke from his Winter slumber. He has some catching up to do, but I'm happy to announce he's back and bloomin'!.... I need to get a life lol

The "Striped Abstracts" above, are actually photographs of my bedroom curtains, with the sun coming through the blinds!... I like them so much, I think I'll frame them and hang them in my bedroom.

I'm glad Monday is behind me. No reason, just because it's the beginning of the work week, ugh.
I'm always thinking ahead to the weekend.
I'm looking forward to this one, it's going to be 3 days yayyy! A couple of friends are coming over, and we're gonna feast on some BBQ Ribs, Potato salad, and other goodies!.. YUU UUM! I'll still have 2 days to play!
I haven't done ANY art since February! First I just wasn't in the mood, then my weekends were filled with other things, and I just never had the time.
For some reason, I don't like to do art in the evenings during the week. My mind just isn't in to it. I'm always thinking about the day to day stuff ya know, pay bills, laundry, TV etc... and winding down from work. On the weekends, I can clear my mind of all that, and just relax and create.
I decided to go into the ARTkissed "Archives" and post some ART that I sold on Ebay.
I used to have fun there, till their fees got to be so ridiculous. I think I posted about this before, and may have posted a few of these same pieces.. sorry..... blame it on Menopausal memory loss. lol..
Now, I'm in the mood to do painting. I love doing Collage, but Always find myself spending hours just finding, printing and cutting images. So, it will be fun just playin' with the paints this weekend.

I talked to my friend Teri yesterday. She coming to visit in just 4 weeks!!
I'm so excited! As I said before, she and I met on Ebay, and we've been "E-friends" since about 2002.. and never met! This is sooo cool!
I do wish I could meet my other arty E-friends too one day... (ya here that Twyla, Lindsey and Marsha?... if you're ever in Cleveland, let me know!)
Teri will come on Friday and leave on Sunday. We're gonna do an art project together and I'm really excited about it. Then, I think we'll just hang out FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!! I just wish we lived closer, and could hang out more.

So.. here it is, 11:30 p.m. time to wind down.. and get ready for another work day.
I just have to keep reminding myself that I'm lucky to have a job.. and forget that I hate it.
I am blessed.
Have a good rest of the week

Monday, May 11, 2009


What a great weekend I had!
Saturday, I met up with old friends, Nancy, Melony, Ruth and Gloria, at one of my favorite restaurants Fiesta Jalapeno. Let's just say, we made very "merry'...and leave it at that!
We haven't had that much "fun" in a longgg time lol..

Sunday, Mother's Day, Allison & Andy, Eddie and I all met at Jamie's house, then headed over to Don's Pomeroy House restaurant, just 2 minutes away. I had been waiting to eat there for a whole year! Last Mother's day, all the kids had to work, and weren't able to come over. I had just moved in my apartment, so I was preoccupied with unpacking. I told them that I wanted to go to a nice restaurant "next year" So that's just what we did.
Don's Pomeroy house, is the oldest building in Strongsville. Built in 1847. A beautiful old house, with lots of personality. All the wood doors and window frames are original. And yes.. there's even a local ghost that walks the creaky halls. The house has a wonderful history, including the fact that "The Pomeroy's" were Abolitionists, and gave safe harbor to many slaves, you can read more, by clicking the link above.
My Steak was so.. MMmmmmmm! and the kids enjoyed their meals too.
It was just so nice being with my all my babies, I love them so much!

So, the weekend went fast, but it was full of lots of fun.
My bestest friends, and my kids. What could be better than that

Hope you all had a great weekend.. and wonderful Mother's day too!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Just a little bit of fun.
A digital collage of.. ME..
And... my apartment Leasing agent Joyce... who, is also an old elementary school classmate... found our old 5th. grade class photo!
from 1967!
That's me front center left.. and ironically Joyce is next to me on the right! Cool huh?
I have no recollection of that day.. or that outfit.
I loved my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Gooch.
Between Joyce and I, we managed to name most of the kids in the picture. Funny I spent 5 days a week with these kids.. and...POOF.. their names elude me.. Well, ok... it has been about 42 years. But I really thought that their names would just pop in my head.... ehh... not so much. Still, the more I studied the photo.. things did start coming back. But there are still those that I don't recall knowing at all.
I still want to remember all the (good) things I've forgotten. I was hoping that somone would make a memory pill. How cool would that be huh?
I'm ALWAYS telling my kids to take pictures of EVERYTHING. First cars, apartments, jobs, favorite clothing etc, Because one day they'll all be gone, and one day you'll want to see them again. and remember.
(click for a better view)

Friday, May 01, 2009


I can't believe I've been in my apartment that long!... it only feels like a few months have past. Still has that "new" feel to it.

First pic... was taken today. Notice that "Mosely" my favorite little Maple tree hasn't even started to bloom yet!...result of a very hard Winter? I hope he's okay! and that he'll be bloomin' soon.
2nd pic.. taken one year ago.. on moving day. Mosely had lots of leaves!
I remember moving day. I had a lovely storm which I was thrilled about and glad that the BIG Rain held off, till I was all in!

So.. my apartment is still a work in progress, but I love it even more than I did on day one.. WHY you ask? lol.. I got BRAND NEW CARPET on Friday! What a nice anniversary present huh?
AND... since the exterminator has been here.. I've been BUG-FREE!!!!... (soo far.. fingers crossed)
So... things are PERFECT!!

I re-purposed a painting I did, several years ago.
It was big, and the wooden stretchers were warped, so I decided to cut it apart, and make 2 paintings, that I framed, and now.. finally there
is artwork above my sofa... the first time since I
2008 moved in!...not counting the GIANT METAL
STAR I had hung temporarily.
So.... looks a little better than a bare wall!

Saturday, was yet another PSMWG DAY!
We all met at a Mexican Restaurant called.. ummm...
Fiesta Pancho's... ???.. or something.. Pancho's.. lol..
The food was great, and Margarita's TASTY!
P gave us all a funny little "Coaster".. it held a single dollar bill..... and when we opened them.. it had a funny picture, and it said:

... OMG.. how funny is that??????
We headed back to our hostess' P's house. Well.... we had
lot's of entertainment.. and that's all I can say..... because what happens with the PSMWG 's.. STAYS with the PSMWG's!.... I will tell you that P.. "somehow".. put a hole in her wall... hee hee hee!..... and didn't "realize" it till some time later.. ooops! LOL...
Her hubby Ron... wasn't too happy about it either lol...
They have a realter coming on they'll have to get it repaired QUICK!
As always.. we laughed ourselves silly.... mostly at P.......
just wait till she sees the pics! lol.. Luckily.. I'm a loyal friend.. and won't share the "good ones" with just anyone... sorry.. xoxo.

So... my Sunday is ticking away.
I wanted to clean the my ART room but the ol' body was just not willing. So.... I'll "try" and work on it during the week.

I'm looking forward to Mother's day next Sunday!
I'm going to "Don's Pomeroy House" with my kids, for a delicious dinner! it's a really NICE restaurant, and I haven't been there in years.
So.. I'm sure I'll be posting pics.. stay tuned.

I'm going to tend to my Pork and Sauerkraut, MMmmmm.. yes.. I had it not too long ago, but was craving it again. It's just a little baby-sized roast this time. I've never cooked Pork and Sauerkrout before... my daughter made it the last 2 times! So... it will be a trial and error thing, although, I'm trying to follow my sister Rita's Recipe... oh.. but hers is sooooo awesome, I don't think I'll pull it off, my first time out.

Well.. that's in for now. just trying to cling to my Sunday.

I've finally got my cable service back.. after almost 2 weeks of hell with the cable company
"TIME WARNER".. who.. by the way.. have the most terrible "service".. EVER.. grrrrh!
I won't bore you with all the ugly details, I'll just say that I actually SHOUTED at several of their opperators! in my frustration!!!! GRRRRHH AGAIN!

Have a wonderful week!
The PSMWG's!!!

Patti, Gloria, Winnie Sheila & Me...
(hair "style" result of a windy day!)

Patti's PSMWG costers for us...

I made PSMWG cookies!

Meet Patti & Ron's new baby, SAM!
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!!!!!

Patti finally "realizes" SHE put a whole in the wall...