Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have a another cold!
And for the first time in a really, really long time, I missed 2 days of work! I started feeling yucky, late Monday night, sneezing and sniffling. Tuesday morning came the runny nose, more sneezing and the headache. I called off work, and decided to try and get some art done. Tea and tissues in tow, I got some Polymer hearts made, to fill an order I just got at Etsy. Though I felt like crap, doing art took my mind off of it. For lunch, I had a bowl of Broccoli soup that PSMWG pattie had brought over Sunday. It just hit the spot.

I chilled the rest of the evening, sneezing and blowing. Then the hearburn came! I took some good ol' Pepto, and went to bed, but it only got

worse. It was awful! I was so tired, and couldn't sleep, making several more trips for the Pepto. Finally around 6 a.m. I fell asleep. The alarm went off at 8 a.m... I have to go to work now.. ?????

Ughhhhh. I grabbed a towel, and headed for the shower, and realized, I'm still sick.. and now verry tired! I ain't goin'!!!

So I grabbed the phone and called my supervisor. I know I sounded terrible. Partly from just waking up, mostly from the cold, and my super said not to worry, have a cup of tea and rest.

I don't like calling in sick, and really being sick lol. I like to have "Sanity days".. and enjoy them.

Oh well. Anyway... now that you're all caught up on my cold.. lol... I'm still feeling very crappy! But plan on going to work tomorrow no matter what. Thursday, Friday.. and unfortunately Saturday too. But then I get the next 2 weekends all to myself.'s the hearts I worked on. The order is for 10 heart pins, and I'm not sure which ones I'll use, but the others will get listed on Etsy.

It was a fun day hanging out with a couple of my PSMWG buddies on Sunday. Gloria, and Pattie.

I made the homemade Pizza, and Pat brought a giant pot of hot steaming Broccoli soup! Ahh it was so good!

Pattie started on a Polymer Clay project, and wasn't too thrilled once she got into it. She thought working with the clay was hard, and she got frustrated. Gloria brought a canvas, but wasn't sure what she wanted to to with it.

It was just lots of fun hanging out laughing and eating, as always.

Ok... drum roll please......... 50 days till Spring!!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Yayyy! the weekend.
Well....I had to work on Saturday 3-9p.m.. ugh.
But I still have today. And some of the PSMWG's are coming over, to do ART!
I'm working on homemade pizza... dough from scratch!...
and in between risings, I'm trying to straighten up the house.
Just stopping for a quick Pepsi/cigarette break... yes... I'm a smoker!.. there.. I said it!
I know, I know... I'm working on it ok?
Soooo anyway.... Break time over... gotta go punch the dough again. It's great for taking out your frustrations! Check back later, for today's artistic creations.
... Oh.. one last note. I had a $70 sale at Etsy yesterday!!... yay me. It's going into the "GOTTA-MOVE-BY-MAY-INTO-MY-NEW-APARTMENT" Fund.
... I hear email clicking... 2 in a row.... hmmm.. another sale maybe???... BRB...nope.. just my crazy cousin.
Ok... gotta make the pizza! mmmmm.. LATER! xoxoxo

Monday, January 21, 2008


It's official. I'm 52 years old today. yippee. Well nothing I can do about it right? so... Happy Birthday to me!

I had a fun weekend with my sisters Rita, Susan & Debbie. Once again, we had a "sister day" as we do for each of our birthdays. Each sister gives the birthday girl $50. We started this tradition, about 10 years ago, only back then the amount was $33.33 each. When I turned 50.. we "upped" the amount to $50... inflation ya know. It's great because the birthday girl, can buy just what she wants. I haven't decided what to do with my birthday money yet. Last year I spent it in Vegas!

Sisters Rita and Debbie decided to come over on Friday night. They were trying to dodge the bad weather that was predicted. Susan arrived Saturday morning, and we all headed out in the bitter cold, to breakfast at "Le Peeps" Then off to Akron, to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit. It was so wonderful! If you're in the area, you really should see it!. It's open till February 3. I was fascinated, awed and star struck, seeing these very famous paintings up close. I studied the brush strokes, and the way the light reflected on the oil them. I tried to imagine him sitting and painting. I wondered what he was thinking. The paintings are stunning. Most are very large, which was surprising, as they were created to fit a magazine cover. We stopped at the museum cafe for coffee and I had a Mocha. We headed back home, happy to see that the snow hadn't started flying yet, but the temperatures were dropping, and it was soo cold!

Susan knew of a cool art gallery called "Don Drumm Gallery"
so we headed there, and I just loved it there. One of the galleries, was in a converted house. Painted in Bright Purple! Behind the house, was the larger gallery. Wonderful Pewter pieces, and really unique items. The Pewter pieces inspired me to try and create the same look, using Polymer Clay. I Made a sample piece tonight. I spray painted the heart a bright Silver, then "antiqued" it with Black Acrylic paint, and topped the heart with an Acrylic Gloss sealer. I liked the results, and may make a few pieces like this. What do you think?

I decided to go to dinner early, and had a taste for steak. Outback was right at our exit, so that's where we headed. Dinner was good. We were back home by 7pm. We had planned on doing some art, but we were all so stuffed from dinner, no one had the energy! So we sat around the dining room table, thumbing through Collage magazines and yawning. What a wild bunch eh? I dragged them into the computer room, and we studied our recently aquired family tree, While we drank wine. One by one the sisters headed to bed. I of course fought sleep, and sat at the computer till 2 a.m. I woke up at 8: 30, made coffee, and started breakfast.....another sister/birthday tradition.. ya.. the birthday girl gets to cook!

So. Here it is. Another weekend over. Back to work tomorrow.. (today) I hope my car starts! It's the coldest it's been all Winter. Brrrrrr!

My kids and I have planned to go out to dinner for my birthday, but I haven't picked a date yet. It's hard when we all have to work on weekends. PSMWG "P" Pattie called, and wants to come over this coming Sunday for an ART day! yayy! We never got to do art, last weekend, because we were too busy "being 28" So, I called "G" Gloria, and invited her, and I'll call the other PSMWG's.. Sheila, and Winnie, and see if they can make it too. I love having ART buddies!!!! So, maybe I'll make homemade Pizza, or we'll order Chinese! So... just 59 more days till Spring!!!!!... hurry up already!! Happy "Martin Luther King Day".. he and I share a birthday! And to those who actually get the day off.... Enjoy!... wish I got the day off.. oh well. I still say, birthday's are better than the alternative. I just wish they didn't come so fast. Didn't I just have my 49th. a few weeks ago?? Have a great day!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

BEING 28........again

28 AGAIN!!!
It doesn't happen often.. but so far this year... I've been 28 years old twice already!
Yes.....for a brief time, I was able to time warp. lol
Saturday, was a PSMWG day. For those of you who don't know what that is.. it's my best friends and I... our initials: Pattie, Sheila, MaryEllen (me) Winnie, and Gloria. We've been friends for almost 40 years!! We got tired of saying all the names.. i.e... "Who's coming over...?"so we just say PSMWG.. "pussemwoog".. looks worse when it's spelled out like that I know lol.
Anywayyyy...... We just love when we get together. Getting away from Husbands, boyfriends, kids, work... and just hanging out. It was my turn to "host" and I decided to meet at Cozumel's Mexican restaurant, then back to my house, and maybe do some art together. This is

a new thing for us. Doing art together. I had no clue they would want to, and have so much fun doing it!
Well, after dinner and a couple Margarita's later, Gloria decides we're all gonna be 28 instead of a bunch of 50-somethings.. and go have fun.
We actually did some bar hopping! .. it's been awhile!
Our first stop, took us to the Parma Tavern. It was still early, and not much happening there.
I stepped outside, and realized, my favorite craft store was just across the parking lot. I needed to pick up a few things, and couldn't pass up going while I was right there!
I was only gone about 15 minutes. On my way back across the little grass hill, as I started down the crooked railroad tie "steps" I grabbed on to an iron post, and as I let go... my BRAND NEW funky ring, hooked on to the edge of it.. for a moment. I remember thinking, "hmm that really grabbed pretty hard.. could have bent the little post holding the stone"... sure enough, when I got back to the bar, and looked down, the little stone was gone!!!! I just had the ring 1 week!!!!! dammmit!!!! I don't wear much jewelry, and I was so excited when I found that ring. I also snapped my brand new silver chain last week, that I finally got for my Silver Art Palette dangle. I'm just not meant to wear jewelry!

Well, I got over it, and we headed for bar #2.... on our drive over, we blasted David Bowie's "Changes".. and sang along
"Bam Boozles" Still early, there weren't very many people out. So we had a couple drinks.. and I noticed our waitress looked a lot like "Phoebe" from friends!, that's what we called her all night. She was great. We even did shots. Dare I tell you which one I had?.. ok.. now.. it's the the real name... lol.. I had an "Orgasm" lol.. They're really good too!
We continued to scan the crowd as it grew, finding "celebrity" faces. We found a "Debbie Gibson," "Hugh Grant" and "Joe Pesche".. lol it was fun!
We danced, and drank some more.
Gloria took us back to our cars, still parked at Cozumel's, and we headed back to my house, just 4 minutes away, for coffee. It was a great evening. Being spontaneous, silly, and dancing!

Sheila, Pattie, Winnie, Gloria and me.

With our waitress "Phoebe"

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I love storms!
A rare January Thunderstorm, blew through tonight. After 2 days of unseasonably warm weather in the upper 60's, a cold front is now working it's way through, bringing in more "normal" temperatures.
The wind is kicking up, and the temps dropping.
The lights went out for a second too. No surprise,
With the old power lines around this neighborhood, the power goes out at the slightest breeze sometimes! I had a candle lit just in case.
So, I need to get to bed.
The storm wasn't nearly as bad as they were predicting it would be. But the wind continues to blow. Good thing I put a fresh battery in my alarm clock, just in case the power should go out again. It would be terrible if I woke up late for work.... ya... terrible.

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Monday, January 07, 2008


Yep... I was kidnapped on Saturday,
By 2 of my friends Laure & Gloria.
Gloria called to tell me, they were on their way, and for me to put on the coffee, & put my bra on... lol... (Gloria knows me well enough to know, I was home from work and already in my comfy clothes) They were going to Presque Isle Casino, in Erie PA... and I was going with them!
Well... Gloria also knows that I'm not a spontaneous person, and that it was going to take some convincing to get me to just get up and go.
I had already planned on Eating some home fries for dinner, then doing nothing the rest of the evening. I had worked 11-5, and I was done listening to all the old ladies... sorry.. Senior citizens, place their orders for Bunion regulators, Parasite pills, and "magic" wrinkle creams. I wasn't going anywhere!
So... we argued back and forth, and they got my bra, and rassled with me, trying to put it on over my clothes! we all broke out in hysterical laughter, and Laure pulled out her camera... as it all unfolded, taking a quick "movie".... now I'm in fear of ending up on YouTube! LOL.
I gave in, as they knew I would, and off we went.
I lost $100 in the money eating machines, Gloria was up, then lost her $20... Laure... wouldn't say how much she lost... hmmm. I was back home by 12:30 a.m. It was fun being spontaneous. Not something I'm known for being!
My plans to clean all day Sunday fell through. Instead, I took advantage of the day, and slept! I had stayed up till about 3 a.m. the night before, and slept in till 1pm!!!... Got up, showered checked the ol' email, ate.. and got really sleepy. What the hell.. I'm taking a nap! I slept for another 3 hours, got up at 7:30, and here I am I haven't slept in, or napped like that in quite awhile. It felt good, guilty but good.
A new week. No more Holiday days off. Working a full week now. ohh well.
I'm thankful for my job.
We're going to be having unseasonably warm weather over the next couple days. Temps. in the low 60's!.... here in Cleveland????.....I'll take it!....oh.. and just 73 days til SPRING!
Have a great week!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Ahhh... Glitter Snow!
this awful picture just doesn't do it justice. (click on the pictures for a little better view)
I was taking out the trash this evening, and my snow covered front lawn was all sparkly!
Under the street lights, the snow glittered like tiny Diamonds, and I was mesmerized. Soooo beautiful. If it weren't so darned cold, I could have stood there for a ever, just staring at it.
A zillion little snowflakes shining just for me.
.... yes... the simple things bring me great pleasure.

Another simple thing....I treated myself to an early birthday gift, a gorgeous little ring, I bought at Etsy....
The artist, calls them "Therapy rings"... I could use some!
the stone is called a Labradorite. I've never heard of it, but I love it just the same. It's got a subtle Opal-like quality, and it's very pretty. I've been eyeing this ring for about 6 months, and finally said I was worth $26 dammit! It's got a funky "industrial" look to it, while still being delicate and feminine. I think I'll get the Amethyst set in Silver next.

I'm on a weird sleep pattern again. Getting tired after dinner, taking a nap, then staying up till 4 a.m or later!!!!... good thing I don't start work till 10 a.m.

All my weekends are already booked. I have to work this Saturday, off Sunday... or as I call it "Cleaning day" Next weekend, I'm getting together with my "PSMWG" girlfriends. Then the following weekend, I'll be out with my sisters for my birthday. Every year, I can never think of anything fun or interesting for my sisters and I to do. A couple weeks ago, I heard about the Norman Rockwell Exhibit in Akron. Yess! perfect! PBS had done a show about the exhibit, and I'm really excited to see it even more now. Then, I have to work on the 26th. 3-9 pm. Poof! The month is done, and on to February. As of today, Friday January 4th... There is only 76 days till SPRING!!! Did you think I wasn't really counting?

My routine has been disrupted!.....They took off M*A*S*H.... and put on "TMZ".. grrhh.. and where's "CHEERS?"..... heyyyy!.. I gotta get cable, or go to bed at a normal time.
.. IT'S FRIDAY!... have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


The morning after our New Year's Day snowstorm.
It was time to head back to work after 5 glorious days off.

I looked outside, and saw sunshine, and lots of snow. It was beautiful! I grabbed my camera threw it in my purse, and headed outside to dig my car out from under six inches of the white crap. UGH!.. .no, I have no garage.

My street was a mess, and as I got to the corner, I was passed by a snow plow.... nice timing.
As I headed down Warner Rd hill, I looked toward the wooded area, and it was so gorgeous!

With no one behind me, I scrambled for my camera, and managed to snap a few pictures. The sky was a Steel Blue-Grey, making the snow appear even Whiter under the sun. I'm sorry now, that I didn't put on my Hazard lights, and get out to take more pictures! I guess some things are just supposed to be a beautiful memory.

I got some art done on New Years day. and below are some pics I snapped as I created this Polymer Heart with pocket. Click on the "step by step" image, to see larger view.

It's currently for sale on ETSY.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year 2008!
I brought the New Year in, listing new Items on Etsy, and drinking Pepsi. I turned on Dick Clark's "New Year's Rockin' Eve"... at 3 minutes to midnight, and changed the channel, 1 minute after. ...............YES.. it's true.. I'm a party Animal!
This was the 2nd year in a row, that I didn't have a party, or atleast my best friend Gloria here. It felt weird! So my New Year's resolution, is to have a party in my NEW Apartment... that I plan on being in by May 1st!!!.

It's a snowy first day of 2008, here in Cleveland. We're getting that lovely "Lake Effect" snow, and it's supposed to continue on through tomorrow evening. To quote a line from a "Meatloaf" song... "The snow is really pilin' up outside"... since I took that photo a couple hours ago. The snow is blowing Horizontally... yippy. The radar is showing the "Lake Effect" snow bands coming off the lake. Cleveland, is just right of the little white X. Grrrrrrgh!!
Quite a contrast to just one week ago, on Christmas day. we had Sun, and mild temperatures in the high 30's. Balmy for Cleveland.

I really enjoyed my 5 days off, dispite the fact that I had a cold on Friday. But it didnt' last long, and I'm glad!
I managed to get into the artroom almost everyday, and do art. I made these fun Polymer Clay hearts, and the big one below, sold just 20 minutes after I listed it! Yay me!
So I think I'll make another one.

Here are some "highlights" of 2007....

  • Giant Easter Snowstorm in April, kept most of my family away.

  • Started a new job in June

  • Also in June, I met a cousin at "" who gave us our entire family tree!

  • October, hosted our 5th. annual "Mothers & Daughters" day.. (aka: YA YA)

  • Attempted to get new apartment. Decided to wait till "next year"

Yes... yes.. I know.. what a crazy ride that was!
I really can't think of anything "exciting" that happened. I guess I should do better documenting, or read my own Blogs!
but I like my ordinary, boring life. It's all about simplicity, and calm for me.

I Stayed up till 4 a.m... and slept in way to late today. I woke up at 9, and remembered thinking I should get up, and do some art. But I drifted back to sleep. Woke up at 10:30, and had the same thought, ...and.... drifted back to sleep. I woke up at 1:30, thanks to a "Happy New Year" phone call from my daughters. I wasn't happy that I had slept the whole morning away!
I jumped in the shower, then called my Sister Rita, to tell her I wouldn't be coming for Pork and Sauerkraut.. : (........... The Weather was only gonna get worse, and I wasn't up for any white-knuckle driving. So I begged her to freeze some for me, and bring it when we get together for my birthday/sisterday.. in 3 weeks.. .. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!... oh no!!!.. My birthday is in 3 weeks. I just HAD one about a month ago didn't I? What the hell!!! I'm going to be 52.. NOOOO WAYYYY!.... it's not possible!... I was just 24! I'm warning all of you reading, and who may be younger than I.......... Ya pick up speed after 40... and whooooshhhh! BAM...
you're 50 ..bleepin'.. 2!!!

What's sadder is, your mind doesn't age, (except for some memeory loss that is lol.. ) You still THINK you're a kid. You still ACT like a kid. Cute boys (or girls) will still make you blush, you still get giddy when you fall in love. SAD.
I always remember a line from the movie "The Thorn Birds".... great movie!
80 year old Barbara Stanwick (can't recall her character's name...maybe Mary?) is escorted to her bedroom, by young, handsome "Fr. Debrickasar"... (Richard Chamberlain)after her birthday celebration. At her door, he kisses her softy on the forehead and says good night. She looks at him, and says: "kiss me on the mouth like we're lovers".... OMG!!! It was then that it dawned on me. Feelings don't change. This poor wrinkled old woman, was still hot and lusty on the inside!
I think it's cruel! Those feelings should subside as you age, or atleast only be lusty for men your own age, and not be attracted to some hot little stud! Damn.
Oh well. Nothin' I can do about it. I'll just have to stop lookin' I suppose. But I still can't resist Carter Oosterhouse is that ok?
Coffee is calling, and I'm off to the artroom. Still mad, I slept the whole morning away.

Even my Pepsi can says "CREATE!"