Sunday, September 16, 2012

My New Car!

They're out! This year's YA YA invites!
I worked a long time on them, and I'm happy with the way they turned out.
Everyone loves them. 

It's our I tried to make them really special. 
I steered away from our traditional "flyer" and made a card style invite.
The front, features a photo of my Grandmother Honorine "Rena" and her
sister Cora. I couldn't have asked for a better photo. I added all the color, 
and gave them each a new YA YA "Chapeau" My Grandma loved flowers so it was fitting!
The Lake behind them, because our cottage is right on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. 
In the "Clouds" are faint words: "Mothers & Daughters" then "We are Family, I got all
my sisters with me"... are "official"  YA YA theme song
The back, features their daughters, My Mother Mary, her Cousin Theresa and my Aunt Ethel
 (my Mom's Sis)  The fall Leaves represent October, the month of YA YA. 
I wrote the little Poem. 
So I've been busy with so many projects for YA YA! trying to make it special. 
 can't really say right now.. there may be "spies" .. hee hee!
I'm looking forward to our YA YA day!

and now my BIG NEWS...
I got a new car! YESS!!!! 

It's beautiful and I love it!
My now "old" car, was running badly, and I was scared to drive anywhere more than just to work 
and back. I had work done on it last November... which, while it was being done, I had to get rides (thank you family! xox) and.. take a cab!
I did a lot of praying since last November. Praying that the car would hold out till I could get a new one.
Last Friday, I was 1/2 way home, and noticed a "vibration"... and then a "Brake/Battery" light lit, that got brighter, every time I stopped at a light. I started getting that "now familiar"  fear, wondering if I'd make it home. Well I did (Thank you GOD)... and called my son, and told him about the car. 
He said he'd look at it the next day. (I have the most amazing son and he's always there for me!) 
So.. thus began the stress. Wondering what I was going to do. I had to call off for my Saturday work, I was NOT driving that car again! but kept thinking I've only got 48 hours (till Monday) to figure something out. 
He came over, and had the hood up looking around. 
I was "done" with the car and told him don't even bother, I'm never driving it again. Let's just go to the Dealership NOW! PLEASE!....
So off we went!....
I've been "eying" the Soul's but never thought I'd actually have one!
(and ya gotta love those Hamster Commercials!)
and to make this long boring story short..

TA DAH!!! 
Color: Moss
It's a bright, shiny NEW CAR!... aka: "The Stress Reliever"
I'm still getting used to it. Used to not "worrying" about driving
or waiting to hear "funny noises"
And I don't have to "Freak OUT!" about Winter coming, although
I'm still dreading Winter.

My Stress Reliever... my KIA SOUL!

 So.... that's it! all my news... EXCITING wasn't it?
 I need to go to bed. it's almost 4 a.m.! whaa??... don't want to sleep my Sunday away. Since I'll be working 12 days.. YES 12 days straight!!!...I have to "make up" the Last Saturday I missed, plus work my regular weekend day on Sunday... so 12 days with no day off.. ooh damn! and.. they're both 3-9 shifts.. grrrh!... the one I missed was a 9-3.. double damn.  (we have to work 2 weekend days each month.. errrr!) Oh well, It's worth it... I GOTTA NEW CAR!!