Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's 1:00a.m... and I'm watching Wil and Grace.
It's almost time to get to bed!

We had a nice little Thunderstorm pass through, and the clouds cleared just in time for a gorgeous sunset... just lovely.

My sis Deb was over on Sunday, and we started working on our Prim Dolls.
She brought her sewing machine over.. and guess what?... hers wouldn't work either!!! so BOTH of are machines are Ka-puttt! damn! We had to sew the bodies by hand. I managed to get mine finished quicker than the first one, still a machine would have been such a time saver! So, Deb's coming over tomorrow evening to work on her doll. I love that we live so close.. (just a mile apart).. and can hang out more spontaneously!
I made us Fresh Chicken salad, and she brought the wine. So fun!

I got out 1 hr and 15 minutes early today!... ahhhhh.
and went to my favorite store, Marc's. I ran into my ex-sister-in-law and her husband.. literally.. I rammed my cart into theirs.. on purpose lol. So we chatted for awhile and that was it.

I loved the rain and thunder on the ride home. More rain on the way for the rest of the week and weekend.. yay.
We're now in the running for one of the Coolest July's in Cleveland. ... and yes... I do love it!

So... I just realized I also have to work this Sunday too.. damn!
eh.... I really need to stop whining about it, it's not like I didn't know my job entailed working one Saturday & one Sunday a month. Reminder to self:.. next job.. NO WEEKENDS!

Yawwwwningggg now...
must go to bed. IT'S HUMP DAY!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm up early!!!

This is rare.. for me... to be up so early on a Saturday morning. I like to indulge myself, and sleep in on the weekends, but also hate losing the morning... I know.. I can't have both!

I've actually been up since 5:30 a.m. Could not wait to get a cup of Coffee! Now I'm just chillin'... really... it's pretty chilly outside! It's only about 57 degrees.. and a breeze is gently blowing through my art room window... I had to get a sweatshirt. Close the window you say?... nooo wayyy! I love it!

I have to work 3-9 P.M... today.. the worst hours. The day is shot. Wait to go to work... then come home.. almost time for bed.. grrrrrrhhh!
Oh well.. I better make the most of this chilly morning then.
The Summer is really flying by. It feels like it just stopped snowing a few weeks ago.... and now It's almost August!

The weather has been mild.. no extremely hot days... YET.. I love it, but I know there are those who wish it was hotter.

As much as I love Autumn... I'm in no hurry. I want the the Summer to stick around!

I'm thinkin' about making a trip up the street to McDonalds.. for a breakfast sandwich.. ohhh I shouldn't!!!! I can't!... but I just might.

There was a reason I decided to blog this morning.. but now.. I can't remember why. Typical me. Oh well.

I'm anxiously awaiting my latest indulgence.... a new necklace, I purchased on Etsy, from
"Lilly Ellen designs"..
It's personalized!...
Here's a picture of what it will look like:
Mine will be in Block Caps. and will say:
(one word on each of the 4 sides of the Silver bar)
with a "Garnet" colored Crystal.
I can't wait to get it.

What a special gift this would make!
Your kids names, grandchildren etc.
so, use the link above, and check out her other wonderful styles.. and just try and resist buying one!

The collage, is just something I made last week, trying to get my "juices" flowing. And the Glittery collage, was the front of a funky graduation card, I made for my friend Winnie's daughter Tricia.

I am looking around the artroom, trying to think of something to do.
Or should I just take out the trash.. and go to McDonald's?... or back to bed? NOO! art...

Okay.. Now I'm just babbling... better stop.
I'll remember what it was I was going to blog about, just after I publish this post. : D

later then...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


First... I'm so excited about the party going on at

It's a "Wizard of Oz Gala!...
click on the pic RUBY SLIPPERS button,
to find out how you can participate!!!!!!!

Just a few pictures from my weekend.

The big Thunderstorm Saturday morning was awesome! It passed, just in time for my sister's Deb Susan and friend Diane, to go to the awesome St. John's West Shore art show. It was great!
We hung out at Susan's the rest of the evening and had so much fun sitting on her porch reminiscing.

I'm glad the week is flying by. My sister Deb and I, are planning on making Prim dolls this weekend. It will be my 2nd.. and Deb's 1st... so I have to show her how.. I hope I remember!
So it will be so much fun!
I'm going to make us Tostada's.. and she's bringing the McDonald's Cafe Mocha's .. YESSSS!

So.. this is gonna be a short one. Gonna go take a nice relaxing bubble bath! ahhhhhh.
The weekend is almost here again!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Monday is over!..... ahhhhh.
It was hard going back to work after the long weekend, but the day went fast, and now it's done.

Just a some photos from my Summer so far.
First, The 4th. of July cook out, at my Friend Bev & Marks.
A great day of Fun, friends and food!
Bev is the Blond below, with Laure and Gloria. Bev is a Breast Cancer survivor.... and one of the feistiest Women I know! She's got the best sense of humor and she's just a great friend!
Her sister Barb died of Breast Cancer in 2001. They were very close sisters, and I miss Barb a lot!
Anyway... Bev, Barb and brother Bob all have sons.. no girls!
And they are the nicest bunch of boys.

We stayed late, eating, laughing and listening to music. It was a great time.

The other pics are from my sister Deb's birthday/sister day in June.
We always tell our kids that "SISTERS ROCK".. and one of the kids made a comment like "ya.. in Rockers".. so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to pose in these rockers outside of "CRACKER BARREL" restaurant, after breakfast. We're just that kind of nutty!
We headed to Crocker Park's outdoor art show. It was just a perfect day!

This weekend, we'll be going to the St. Johns Westshore art show. Its supposed to be hot and humid.. .. yikes.. and maybe rain. geee.. I hope not! Then we'll head to my sister Susan's house for dinner and a porch party.. Yayy! I love our sister days.

So I'll muttle through the week, and look forward to the weekend with my sistahh's!

Have a good one.

Friday, July 03, 2009


That's just what kind of day it is today, here in Brunswick, Ohio.
The photos were taken (carefully) on my way to work yesterday morning. I love the clouds!
We're having a little taste of Autumn in the middle of the Summer!... and I'm loving it!
The skies look more like Fall.. and it's only about 65 degrees! A cool breeze is blowing through all my windows.......ahhhhhhh..
I slept like a baby last night.. the room was cool with a fresh breeze and the gentle sound of rain. I know this weather is not making a lot of people very happy.. but me, I'm loving it!
I was called "Bob Ross" by my daughter Allison yesterday.. after commenting on her Facebook post. She was complaining about the "crappy weather".. and I told her that it was just a different kind of beauty, with the big Steel-Grey clouds.... lol.. Well.. she said I sounded like ol' Bob when he painted his "happy little trees".. I agreed.

I'm in the first day of my 3 day long weekend. I wanted to get up bright and early and enjoy the day by doing art. I was inspired by a cool book Teri had, called "MIXED MEDIA MOSAICS" and I bought my own copy. I had even had some clay pieces rolled and ready.. but I just couldn't "get into it".... I'm watching the clock tick by... and my day! I even tried looking at other art blogs for some inspiration... but still.... nothing. So.. I decided that maybe if I had lunch, I might get my inspiration back. I treated myself to McDonalds.. and yes.. a Cafe Mocha.... FREE... because I had one of those punch cards. I also tried their new "Angus" burger.. and it was very tasty I must say!

So.. I'm just looking around for something to do.. something that I'm in the mood to do..... I usually leave Blogging for late evening, when it's too late to do anything else.
I'm tempted to lay across my bed and just enjoy the cool day.. but I won't give in and waste the day like that!

I'll be going to my friend Bev's tomorrow for a cook out. I haven't seen her in quite awhile!

So... I'm stalling... I gotta go do some art.. A!NYTHING...
Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!

.....OH.. and help your self to the free 4th. of JULY image!