Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yep... a free day.

I went into work today, got into the rhythm of the phone calls, taking one after the other.
Around 1 p.m. my supervisor came over and asked if I'd like to go home, because it was slow. YES!!! of course I do! don't' we all? Before he might change his mind, I had logged off, and was out the door. It wasn't till I reached the parking lot, that I realized what a dumb thing I had done. I wasn't going to get paid for the rest of the day of course, and I would lose my overtime.
Grrrr! how dumb!
Still, I was happy to have this unexpected free time. I decided I'd stop at the "Flower Factory"
And check out the Halloween stuff. I realized I need gas. On the way in to work, gas was $2.66 now it was $2.99!!! Grrrrrrr!!! So I tried to make my self feel better and indulged in a few very cheap Halloween Decorations.

I've been checking out collage Blogs, and websites the past couple hours. It's amazing how much talent is out there. Now I'm soo in the move to do some Halloween collages, but my art room is in the biggest mess ever. I never got around to cleaning up after my last project, Daughter Allison's friends wedding shower gift. then the yard sale. I was in desperate need of another table, and frantically cleared off one of my art tables. Now there is a gaping hole, where the table stood. The table that is now holding my monitor. I sold my "too big" computer desk in the yard sale. I also sold my kitchen table and chairs. I didn't realize how handy table were, till I went grocery shopping Sunday, and had no place to put the grocery bags, but on the floor.

My hope of putting the house back in order, and doing some packing will have to wait another week. I've been invited to a clambake on Saturday, and I have to work Sunday.
I'm feeling soo anxious about the move. I guess I don't believe it will really happen. Even though I'm making plans for it. So much to do, sooo much to do.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


It's over.
The Big Yard sale day is now history... ahhhhhh.
I'm exhausted! I have $175 and one giant blister on my big toe to show for it.

My sister Debbie made $24, and nephew Mike about $60. Not bad.
I didn't have nearly as many customers as my first sale a few years ago, dispite having it advertised in the Neighborhood News, and on Craig's list.

The clouds threatened around 11:00a.m... but the rain held off till about 3p.m. not bad. A light shower, had us running to cover clothes, and stuffed animals.

When it was time to "pack it in" I few latecomers, slowly drove their cars past, to see if anything was left. I yelled "FREE!".. and they came. Now the race was on, for the lucky few who would take whatever they wanted, before the others grabbed it up. In the end, their were just a few boxes of goods left, that ended up on the treelawn.

I'm sooo tired. My WHOLE house is completely trashed.
My computer now sits on my long, heavy folding table from my art room.
Everything is out of it's place. Curtains gone from the window, pictures missing from the walls.

It's all good. I am one step closer to moving now.

Friday, August 24, 2007


....Uh oh.....

It's supposed to rain on Saturday.. the day of my yard sale.

and.. it's supposed to be grossly hot and muggy. .. how fun.

Well.. I took a leap of faith and placed the yard sale ad in the nieghborhood news, just hoping the weather forecast would improve.

Well. What to do. My house looks like "Sandford And Son".... everything is a huge mess!

I have no choice but to go ahead with it, and hope the rain fairies are kind.. and hold off till after the sale is over.

My nephew Michael had a great idea, to bring over his Canope, to help protect the stuff. He also put an ad on Craig's list. Now I just hope people will brave the rain.. if it comes.

He's bringing stuff to sell too!

My sister's Debbie and Rita are joining in. They'll come Friday night, and stay over, then help first thing in the morning.

... ughhhhhh... this is stressing me out. I need to get rid of all this crap!

I know.. I know... it will all be ok. It's not a big deal. There's always the Salvation Army pick up .. right?

I couldn't fall asleep last night. The muggy heat didn't help, and Drinking Pepsi didn't either!

So I got back up around 4 a.m... hoping that if I got online and did some reading, it would make me tired. I finally went back to bed around 5 a.m. and eventually fell asleep.

Good thing my son Eddie called, or I woiuld have hit the snooze once to many times.

I dragged myself out of bed, now exausted, and into the shower. I got to work, and yawned all day. I got home, and literally, dropped my purse, and hit the bed. I slept for about 3 hours. And now, it's 1:57 a.m. I'm tired, which is good. I have to clean off my desk, so Eddie can come in the morning and take it apart... for the yard sale. .. ughhhhh.


The heat is awful!.. and.. I'm having a hot flash!!!.. I think I'm going to combust!!!!

That Easter snow storm isn't looking so bad now.
Ok....Say goodbye to my computer desk.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It was a good weekend, although it went too fast as usual.

I planned on working on my yard sale all day Saturday, but... I stayed up way to late the night before... and never woke up till noon. I was hungry, and decided I needed lunch before I through myself into work. I decided to give in to my craving for some Chinese, and headed to my favorite place "China Kitchen" The guy who is always there, and always takes my order, smiled as I aproached. Before I could give my order, he said "You want numba seeex ya?".. YES! I laughed, number six!... ah.. number six.. War Su Gai.. awesome crunchy batter dipped chicken, fried rice and of course an Egg roll... Gravy.. double gravy.. on the side. Mmmm.!

I came home and ate way too much! Ok.. get to work. Well, I ended up on the phone all my kids called, then Gloria. Then my Indiana friend Teri. We hadn't talked in a long time, and I was anxious to catch up on the latest news, and to hear all about her new house. We talked for 2 1/2 hours! it was great!

Well, so much for the yard sale project now. I had to finish the gifts I was making for daughter Allison's roomate Sabrina, who's wedding shower was on Sunday. "It won't take me long" my famous last words. I was up till 7:30 am. !!! I went to bed then couldn't fall asleep! I woke up at 12:15.. supposed to be at the shower at 1:00pm. Well, I called Allison to let her know I was running " a little late" I finally got there, and it was really nice. They played a couple shower games, one where we had to choose someone from our table and dress her like a bride, using only toilet paper. Daughter Jamie volunteered, and it was pretty funny! She even had a "wedding ring" made of TP.

Patrick and Sabrina really liked my gifts. I left shortly after they were opened. I headed over to friends Kathy and Kelly's "Spirit of Clay" studio, to pick up my wooden puzzle for our next altered puzzle project. I chose the theme "Halloween for mine.

I was blown away by Kelly's latest creations. She made three amazing fabric dolls. They were gorgeous, and the picture doesn't do them justice.

My sister Susan was there too, and I was tempted to join her for dinner, but passed. I was tired from lack of sleep, and headed home. I decided to make a quick stop at "Office Max" to pick up some glue stix, then I made another quick trip to "Jo Ann Fabrics." I was "good" and only spent $3!... that's amazing ... for me!

I came home and I was really fading fast! I finished the rest of the
Chinese, then decided to take a "little nap" ahhhh.
Well I did catch a good hour, before my daughter Allison called, to review the shower. She's the Maid of Honor, and was stressed about the Shower. It was perfect!
here I am. Another Monday gone. work went fairly quickly. The temperature's have dropped, and the humidity nearly gone. It's a cool night, and good for sleeping.
I'm here, once again at 3:38 a.m. watching PBS.. talking about prized Bulls... and I'm watching it. too tired to change the channel.
I need to get to bed.
I'm still working on the big plans to move. Hopefully on November 1st. I need to get this house organized, thus the yard sale. I decided to hold off on paying for an ad in the local paper, till I find out what the weather might be on August 25th.
Soooooo. lots going on. I haven't even begun making plans for the next YA YA on October 13th. and I'm hosting it this year! yikes.
Ok that's it.. have a great week
Bless you!

Monday, August 06, 2007


She's in! Jamie's new apartment. As she said, it's still in "such disarray" but a really cute, cozy apartment. We had fun. Jamie was organizing her kitchen cupboards, while I prepared our meatloaf dinner. We were joined by Jamie's half sister Stephanie, who's expecting a baby in October, and her 4 year old niece Layla, who is one of those very sweet, very bright children, with a vivid imagination. She entertained us with her imaginary "attic apartment" that she invited us in, on the "top floor" of Jamie's sofa! I gave Jamie the collage, right before dinner and she really liked it. She laughed at the 6 pack of LaBatt's and her "replacement" bottle of Merlot. We all ate too much, and I got soo sleepy! I didn't sleep very well the night before. I tried going to bed at 4 a.m. knowing I had to work Sunday 10-4, but couldn't fall asleep. I got up again, and stayed up til 6a.m. went back to bed, and probably didn't fall asleep til around 7:30a.m. NOT GOOD... I woke up at 8... hit the snooze... BAD IDEA... and woke up at 8:45... ohhh no! ... I scrabbled around, jumped in the shower, and I still hadn't packed up the food to take to Jamie's!!... arrrgghhh!... well... yes.. I was 10 minutes late for work. The day went fast thank goodness. Anyway, I was so happy that Jamie finally got out of her roomates house, back into her OWN place again.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007


Jamie moved into her new apartment today!
I'm sooo proud of her. It was tough going. Trying to save money in a very short amount of time, find an apartment, and move.
She did it!
Working 2 jobs, and alot of effort... and most of all, her faith in God.
Through this move, I think she found herself. The "real" Jamie. I don't think she even knew she was so capable.
So tomorrow after I get off of work, I'm going over to her NEW place, and making dinner for us. Meatloaf, mashed potatos and corn... what could be "homier" than that?
I'm also bringing her a bottle of Merlot, and a 6 pack of LaBatt Blue... no.. we're not Alcholics!.. lol..
It's to replace the stuff her roomate.. now EX roomate, would just help herself to, and never replace.

I'm also bringing this collage I made for her. It's a copy of one of my favorite photos of her as a child. She was about 9 years old in the photo. I printed it in Black and White, then hand colored it. I hand wrote the text, added some hand punched (from paper towels that I water colored, and let dry) paper flowers. I used a black Mat, and added a Fern-like design with a shimmery Gold pen, and wrote different words here and there. I framed it in a simple wood frame, that I washed with a Rich Gold paint.
I took some lines from the song: "Big Girls Don't Cry" by "FERGIE"... Jamie really liked some of the lines as they were fitting for what was going on in her life. So I copied those lines:

"I need some shelter of my own protection,
Be with myself in the center, clarity, peace, and serenity.
It's personal, myself and I.
I've gotta get a move on with my life.
It's time to be a big girl now and big girls don't cry
I must take baby steps til i'm full grown.
I'll be your best friend
be mine. "
I hope she likes it.
I saw her apartment before she moved in. Now I can't wait to see it all decorated.
No more roomate's cat hair. No more
drama.. I hope! : )
I'll take some pics tomorrow of Jamie, the apartment, and our meatloaf dinner ahh.

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