Monday, July 18, 2011

Oooohhh Crunch time!

My daughter's wedding is just weeks away!.... it' seems just like yesterday.. (actually it was 18 months ago) that she got engaged.

I'm sure no one is reading this tired, old, never updated blog... so maybe I'm just writing for me.

We had Allison and Andy's shower, on June 26th. It was a big success.

I designed the shower invites. And Allison's 2 sisters, best friend and I had an invite stuffing nite.. as well as making Bathsalts for shower gifts.

I made fun "Table Tents" with various pictures of the happy couple.

I also made Allison's corsage as well as one for each bridesmaid, mothers, grandmother and flower girl..... I've NEVER made a corsage before!... so they didn't look too bad for a first time.

I painted a "happily ever after" painting, as well as a wedding date collage and took black n white photographs of the place they met, and they loved it.

I designed the Wedding invites and hosted an Invite stuffing nite. We were joined by Andy's mom Judy, his sister Julie, Allison's sisters and a couple friends.... wow.. what a project. But I think they turned out great, and above all Allison and Andy really loved them.

I also FINALLY found my Mother of the Bride outfit... so not what I thought I'd end up with... but happy that I have SOMETHING and wont have to appear naked at the church.. : D.

So now..... it's little things like printing the church programs. And waiting.

Next up, The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner given by Andy's parents.

I'm sooo looking forward to the big day.... and I'm soooo looking forward to the day after...