Thursday, September 28, 2006


I'm baaaa-acch.
It's 2 a.m, and I just finished watching M*A*S*H. It's still a great show! I just remembered that back when the show was new... sometime in the 70's, I remember thinking I wanted to be stranded on a Desert island with Alan Alda, because he would make me laugh. ... sheeeeesh!.
Anyway, After re-reading my last post.... and seeing all my spelling errors.. (sorry.. (I never said I could spell well... chalk it up to menapause depleting more brain cells.) I realized I forgot to mention that Antje still hasn't had the baby! After all that, she is still with child. They sent her home later that day, and her contractions stopped the next morning. Her due date isn't untill Oct. 4th. Little
"Anna" is just getting restless!

Ahhh.. time to change the channel, and watch a "Sex and the City" repeat. I don't think I've ever seen all the episodes, but I sure have seen the same few, a zillion times! Ahhh.. the one with "The Russian"..... Mikhail Baryshnikov ..... you know.. is really .. kinda sexy! and really has great hair.
So..... still unemployed.... still feeling guilty about enjoying it....

.... I still haven't cleaned the dining room. I Went to the post office today, to mail a couple things I sold on Etsy. Then stopped in the grociery store. daughter Allison came over for awhile, and by the time she left, I had lost all interest in cleaning. I have to really start looking for a job. I'm acting as though I just call a company, and start on Monday. Omg.... no panic, no panic... it will be ok.

... whoa!.... It's 4:05 a.m..... I paused from writing, to work on Daughter Allison's Ya Ya hat.
typical me. She hated her original hat, and we (the elder Ya Yas.. my three sisters and I, ) decided anyone who wanted to change their hats could, as long as they incorporated a piece of the old one, into the new. Allison wanted a Nurses cap. She just graduated from Ursuline school of Nursing in May, and they don't wear caps anymore! so, I made her one, out of a stiff Felt fabric. I kinda guessed at the shape, and it looks pretty cool! I decorated it with a Red cross, in Red Holographic glitter.. OF COURSE! And edged it with Crystal Holographic glitter. She'll have to decide what else to put on it. Jamie wants a new one too. She wants a crown type thing. And mine, well I like it, but it looks dumb on me. I guess they all look pretty silly, but I look terrible in hats to begin with, and this one, well.. it makes my face look fat(ter) lol.

Ya Ya is October 14th. Rita, and her daughter Heather are hosting this year. We will have it at a rented cottage on the lake, in Madison, Ohio. We're gonna have a sleepover! for anyone who wants to. I think I mentioned all of that in a previous post. ... sorry!

Ok.. I need to get to bed! It's raining again, and the temperature has dropped, a nice cool breeze is blowing in. I think Autumn is coming early. I just hope Winter isn't .... ugh. I can't wait till the leaves turn, and I can go take some new pictures. I went to a nearby park during a lunch break last year, and got some really beautiful pictures. It was a perfect Autumn day, and the color was brilliant! you can see those photos, at my website I have to organize my website. I'm constantly changing it, so now most of the links are messed up!
Ok.... very tired now. I'm going to bed. I want to get up no later than 9 a.m.... ha.. let's see how that goes.

The house still smells good, from the Pumpkin bread I made this evening..... (not from scratch!)
Cinnamon, and Nutmeg mmm.
Ok... going now.. ta ta.

...... PS...........a few more collages. the one in the middle is still available at Etsy.

Bless you!
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well the "big" craftshow is finally over. It was not big at all, and pretty disapointing. Actually I expected it to be as uneventful as it was, and I won't be doing that show again!
I did make sales, a whopping $95! ... whooo hoooo! better than nothing I suppose.
My sister Deb was with me, and had some of her cool mirrors for sale, and awesome photo cards. It was nice hanging out together, and we had plenty of time to talk.
So now I've just listed the remaining pieces on (search "artkissed" to see all my items)
I had been up late the night before, finishing things, and packing it all. I couldn't wait to go to sleep. Then the phone rang, ant 2:45 a.m!

oh my God.. who is it???.....
It was my nephew Michael, his wife Antje (pronounced Ont-ja) was in labor. I had offered to watch their 2 year old Son Carmen, when the big day arrived......
OHHHH I'm soooo tired!!! What are the odds?
I told him I had a show, but said to bring him, and I'd figure something out, "just go and have a baby!" I realized I was not going to be sleeping. I had the bright idea to lay down till they came over. I was too wound up to sleep, even though I was dogged tired. They came, and snuck out, Carmen had been distracted by the 101 Dalmations movie, and it was 10 minutes before he realized they had left... let the screaming begin! He finally calmed down, and watch the movie, finally dozing off on the sofa. Anyway..... My sister showed up at 7, thinking the show started at 9... no sister, set up was at 9... Reluctantly, I woke Carmen, so I could change his clothes, and get him Ready. Michael had called to say they had gotten ahold of a family friend who had also offered to watch Carmen, and that she would pick him up by 8:30. She picked him up, and off we went to the "big" show. I hadn't eaten, or even had a cup of coffee!... boy was my butt draggin'

The people strolled by, and I couldn't wait for it all to be over. I JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEEEP!.

Soooooo. I'm glad that I had a reason to make art. Especially for Halloween. I've already sold one piece yesterday, shortly after listing it.

I don't think I mentioned it yet, but I was laid off from my job last Wednesday...... yep! This is the second time from the same place! The first was January 6th of this year. They called me back after 6 weeks. This time was totally unexpected. And it's a permanent lay off. Not that I would be in any hurry to go back. I will miss the convienence of being just 4 minutes from home. I am cringing at the thought of having to find another job. I HATE INTERVIEWS!!!!!!
I have been through it all before, and I know I will find something. I filed for unemployement right away, and hope that my art sells on Etsy.

I am in denial, and completely enjoying the benefits of being unemployed. Staying up late, sleeping in late, not having to wear make up. Watching Oprah.. (God I missed her!).... and having coffee late at night, like I'm doing right now. How quick you can forget that you ever had a job! I do feel those (no longer earned) dollar bills, with little invisible wings, flying away with each passing hour. I keep mentally tallying how much money I have "lost" since Wednesday, September 20th. And feel like the weekend is a safe haven from my depleting income.
I'll be okay. God will help me, like he has in the past. I'll get off my butt, and reluctantly start job hunting....again........dammit.

Here are some images from the craft show.
I did some face painting too.
These girls were sisters. They were so cute. They loved the face painting, especially because they were going to a birthday party, and could show off their painted faces.

Ok.... I really don't want to get in the bad habit of staying up verrry late, and sleeping toooo long.
Oh, by the way. My dining room is STILL a big mess. I just havent' had the time or energy. But I think I'll tackle it tomorrow, now that I've finished listing on Etsy. I may even pull out the Halloween decorations.
I'm so excited the new season of Grey's Anatomy has started. Are you addicted???

Ok.. that's all for now... tune in next time, to see my latest job status... how exciting!
Have a great rest of the week.
Till next time.
Bless you!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tremont Art & Cultural Festival

Well I tore myself away from my Halloween art, to take in the Tremont Festival on Sunday. It was a picture perfect day. Ideal for a festival. I went with my sister Susan. My other two sisters couldn't make it this time. So, we browsed up and down each row, trying not to "cross over" and peek at the other side. We stopped for lunch under a shady tree, and enjoyed Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and the lovely breeze. We tried to ignore the buzzillion little "nats" flying around everywhere. I've never seen so many before. Someone said the "nats" were a good sign that the lake (Erie) was "healthy"... ok.. ? I noticed the same pesky little creatures all around my house.. Thousands of them!... but they never broke "the plane" of the porch. They just hovered all around, especially the bushes. Anyway.... The cool temps seem to have chased them all away today.. yea! It's actually quite chilly right now. I refuse to close my windows. I love the cool air at night when I sleep. Cozy under my comforter!
It seems Autumn is coming early this year. I LOVE, LOVE
LOVE Autumn... I just don't like that it means Winter is on the way. The Weather people are saying we might have a mild Winter, if there is an "El Nino"
lets cross our fingers! Also, lower heating cost. This will be wonderful. My highest gas bill came
two Winters ago...... $497 for one month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!! Well this house is old, and on the large side. And it doesn't help that the furnace is probably the original one!!! this.. is one of the reasons I'm going to be moving. The rent is cheap, but combined with the heating cost.. well. I could afford a great apartment instead! I'll miss this house. Lots of memories here, but time to move on.

I also went to the "Flower Factory" on Saturday, with my sister Rita. I think they're only in Ohio, and Indiana???.... well it's a really cool place. You have to have a membership card to get in.
The prices are wholesale, and the place is huge! I could spend hours in there!!! I found some really cool Orange Organza ribbon, with Orange glitter all over it! .. (I'm such a glitter freak!) It worked perfectly, in my Halloween art. I found some stiff Felt sheets too, and I'm using it to make Halloween masks. I picked up a few more sheets of collage papers, and more Glitter. You can never have too much Glitter ya know! Ok... I'm up way too late again. I took a "little" nap when I got home, and I'm just now starting to get sleepy again. I will pay for it in the morning as usual.
So I'm glad I paid for a craft table indoors, and not out. It's supposed to rain on Saturday.. I hope it doesn't keep the people away! I've got so many projects to work on, once this little show is over. I still need to totally empty out my artroom, and get it organized. I need to assemble the YA YA scrapbook. There will be a "Coronation" of another PSMWG, Winnie, who's turning 50 in October. Then start thinking about Thanksgiving... and.. Christmas! wow. I actually bought two presents already!... which is remarkable for me. Ok. I better get to bed.
Have a great rest of the week. Bless you....

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Well, I'm still at it! Still working on new art for a show on September 23rd. I'm having such a ball! My creative juices are really flowing... Thank God! I've been doing art almost every evening. Listening to oldies, and lighting my favorite Autumn candle ("Mulled Cider" by "The Old Virginia Candle Company) My sisters came over on Saturday, and and we were all doing art... accept for Rita, she was busy with plans for our 4th annual YA YA day. She claims she's not artistic, but she's a wonderful floral Designer... (she even worked at Michaels) So we has so much fun. We picked up Chinese from my favorite place: " China Kitchen" And I got my usual, Wor Sue Gai.. yummmmmy.
We sat around, laughing, drinking wine, and talking. They spent the night, and in the morning we had breakfast, and coffee, and went right back to doing art. After they left, I spent the rest of the day working. The framed pieces

you see, Started as collaged Halloween cards. Although I tried to keep them simple, they ended up being more detailed, and I couldn't bare to part with them for just a few bucks, so I decided to frame them, and add a cool Crochet trim, that I found at Jo Ann fabrics. So I think they look pretty cool!
I have so many other projects, I hope I get to do.
So my dining room is trashed! There is paper, paint, glue and stuff, everywhere! But I don't plan on moving anything till I'm done!
I hope things sell, but I get so attached to new pieces, that I find it hard to part with them. But as long as they go to a good home, I guess it will be ok.... :-) So now the week is coming to an end. Tomorrow should go fast at work. We're having safety training all day... yawwwwwnnnnnnn.. But it will be a nice change of pace.
My daughter Jamie, and son Eddie, went to the "JOURNEY/Def Leppard Concert, at Blossom.... (a Large Amphitheater) with some friends, last night. I love that they love the "older" music. They're both in their mid twenties. Jamie was thrilled to hear her most favorite song "Open Arms" live. She said the rain was light, and the crowd mellow.
Back to the craft show... I got my confirmation letter yesterday, and my table location... right by the door! That should be a good spot no? I'm really getting the itch to keep doing shows. I just have so much fun, and it's really not about making money.... although that ain't so bad either! I'm gonna have quite a mess to clean up, once the show is over. Well this might be a good time to really organize my artroom, since half the stuff is now in my dining room!
I'm also going to be working on a scrapbook for YA YA. to keep record. I hosted the very first one, in October of 2003. The idea really went over big with my sisters, daughters, and neices. We made crazy hats, have induction cerimonies, and eat alot! You can check out the photos from last years gathering at my website: just click on the "Family" link. I love that my youngest (great) nieces, will grow up with our new tradition, and hopefully, they will carry it out too. We really embrace our family traditions, and ancesters, and hopefully, the little ones will know them, better than I did.
Ok... so I need to get to bed!
Stay tuned for more artwork, and eventually
photos from the craftshow too..

Bless you... MaryEllen
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Monday, September 04, 2006


Happy Birthday
Isabella! Happy birthday to you!
Isn't she soo sweet?
This is my sister Deb's grandaughter, who celebrated
her first birthday yesterday. Were we all really that young once?.... ahh
It was a fantastic day. Beautiful billowing clouds, glimpses of sunshine, and sprinkles of rain.
I just love watching clouds.
The photos were taken from the car, on the way to Isabella's party. ... no.. I wasn't driving.. : )
Saturday, my best friend and I planned on going to see a Led Zeppelin cover band outdoors, but it was Cold and drizzly, so we decided not to go.... but then I got to do art all day! because cold and drizzly is PERFECT WEATHER FOR ART! I was so happy all day. Finally no heat and humidity. The chilly air, made me think of fall, which was a perfect setting to make my Halloween art. And.. also helped with the hotflashes lol..

I got alot done on Saturday, staying up till 4 a.m. finishing a painting.
So right now... being the strange creature that I am.. I'm up. It's 6:05 a.m.... and I got up at 3:30 a.m.!..... After getting home from the party yesterday, I decided to take a "nap".... at 8 p.m.....
Thinking I'd get up in a 1/2 hour or so..... not.
I guess I was tired from staying up till 4 in the morning!
So anyway. I'm going to try and take advantage of this day off (Labor Day) and get more art done. I'm waiting, hoping, that there will be a cool sunrise, and I can snap a few pics, and share with you.
I've showered, and had breakfast.. with my Pepsi, and coffee ofcourse.
I'm watching the Jerry Lewis telethon. I haven't seen him yet! I don't think he's in front of the camera as much as years past.
Ok... so I'm going now. 40 minutes till sunrise.. and the whole day ahead of me.. yayyyyyy!!!
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