Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hot, Sticky, Gross....!

Susan's Art. Cool hand painted Wine bottles.

Debbie's Photography, and art. Check out those cool Mirrors!

My art.

It's soo hot!

Ok. So not that I'm done complaining about the heat. Another weekend
over. My daughter Jamie called Saturday morning, to tell me she was in a small car accident
she's fine thank God, and so was the other driver who hit her. Jamie went to the
hospital just to get checked out. But all X-rays were fine.
Allison moved into her new apartment, with her two roomates.
I spent all of Saturday, trying to get a few collages made, for a little
art show at the WWW.SPIRITOFCLAY.NET called "The Summer Marketplace"

Another Artist, "Beady Eyed"
The cute little Yellow and Blue bottles
were bottled "Sunshine" and "Moonglow".. they wer kind of
like snow globes, that when you shook them, they had sparkly
things in them. Cute!
Love the "Meal Worms" sign in the background.. lol.


Sister Susan, and Kelly, one of the Spirit of Clay owners.
I spent all of Saturday printing images, and didn't make it into the artroom untill 8pm.
Then stayed up till 5:30 a.m. trying to finish them!
The show was from 1-5pm
I had alot of fun. There were only five tables of artists, and two
of those belonged to my sisters and I. But it was fun. The
only thing that spoiled it was, .... guess.... yep....THE HEAT!
Thank God we were sitting in the shade. Not that it helped much,
Between the heat an hotflashes.. I thought I'd burst into flames!!
I sold a couple things, and made enough money to buy myself dinner!
But I enjoyed hanging out with my sisters. sister Rita wasn't there,
she had other plans.
So now I'll put my new collages on Etsy. that's such a coolwebsite. check it out!
Debbie's photography was amazing, and her cool Mirrors were a hit!
you can check out her amazing photos at: search:
I can't believe the weekend is gone. I hate Sunday nights, because, I know
I have to start planning for work ugh.
I am anxiously looking forward to Autumn! When it get's this hot, I
can't stand it! I just love the Fall. It's my favorite season. Although
when Fall comes, Winter isn't far behind.
So Relunctantly, I will go to bed.
Have a great week!
More hot weather here in Cleveland.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Peppers as Baseballs....

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Yayyyyy it's FRIDAY!!!!
The week went so fast. I'm so glad.
Yesterday, I helped my nephew Michael
get his work website up. He brought his
adorable 2 year old son, Carmen, who
I got to babysit for about an hour.
Carmen became addicted to baseball,
last week at my daughter Allison's graduation
cookout. He screamed bloody murder, when
they took him off the baseball diamond, where the
older kids were playing. He went in search of
a glove, and tried to catch, and bat at the same time.
So yesterday, he had a New Red plastic bat in tow,
and anxious to play! "Ball? Ball?.... Ball?".. is what he
kept saying. Well, his father forgot to bring it... so...
I went on a hunt, looking for a ball. Hmm.. he's only
2, I bet I can crumple up a sheet of paper into a ball
he won't know the difference... right?.. WRONG.
He examined the paper "ball" intensly, then started
uncrumpling (is that a word? ) it.
"Ball?.. Ball?... Ball?"... ok.. OK!... I'm looking! So
there in my basket on the kitchen table.. were my
very real looking, but fake Red Peppers. ok.. let's try it.
I handed one to Carmen.. he examined it... off to the
front door he ran..."Ball! ball! ball!"
YESSS!.. he thinks it's a ball!
So out we went, into the driveway, and I pitched the
Pepper, he was too busy swinging at the air, but giggled
everytime I made my best exaggerated pitcher moves.
The wind up... leg high... and the throw... .. gotta make
noises too.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrrGHhhh.
Carmen loved it! The fake Red Pepper held up well too,
and looked even more real after being tossed around,
and rolled on the ground. "Wwwwhinggg".. ( swing!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Numbers....Inspire Me Thursday

....Turning 50.... Me?????.... whoa.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Wild Ride...

Another sister weekend. Susand decided
after the stress of her recent move, and job
problems, she needed a sister fix.
Deb and I met at Susans new place... it's really cool!
We went to the West 25th Market, and strolled through
the street vendors, selling handmade jewelry, soaps,
baskets, and other funky things. A local band played.
It was a really hot weekend, but there was a great breeze
which made the heat tolorable. We went to a cool consignment shop
on Pearl Rd, in Parma hts. lots of cool vintage furniture, glassware etc.
We were getting hungry, and went to Hexs for lunch. We decided to sit
outside under the shady umbrella.

We each ordered the house salad,
mine hold the Onions, and Bleu cheese! But it was soooo good!
mixed Greens, walnuts, dried Cherries, and strips of freshly grilled Chicken
all topped with a yummy Apricot Vinagrette dressing.. OH.. it was devine!
A nice cold beer mmmm. We drove around, and stopped for some homemade
Icecream ... ah. I got a Chocolate Mocha Fudge..the portion was stingy.. but
the Icecream was awesome! I'll be back!
We went back to Sue's and relaxed on her huge porch, with some wine, and
chips and Salsa. Then later on, she made us Ruebens.... wow.. the best!
Reading all that, I'm surprised I didn't get sick.. what a mixture!
Susan and Debbie, finally crashed, but me? the night owl? I stayed up a little longer
watching "Devine Design" ... don't ya just love Candice Olsen?

Sunday morning, I was
the last to get up... around 9 a.m. Rita joined us, (she had gone to Chitauqua with
some friends Friday evening, and got back late on Saturday.) We sat on the porch
and had coffee, showered and headed to "My Friends" resaurant, for a late breakfast.
The waitress was an woman, probably in her late 60's who walked slighly
hunched over! She was so sweet, and so effecient! how does she do it?
I left her a good tip.
So, Our game plan was to go downtown, to E. 9th steet, to see the Tall ships
that were in town. Susan's son Michael has a boat, and suggested we meet him
and his wife and son, at Wiskey Island Marina, and take the boat over.
The day was a real 90 degree scorcher!


When we got to the boat, Michael was still working on
it. Someone had boarded the boat during the night, and flipped switches, and
played with wires, and it wouldn't start. So after about 2 hours, and a new battery
we all piled on, and off we went. It was then that I realized I don't like riding
on boats. I had ony gone on the big tourist ships/boats, like the Goodtime III,
and the Nautica, downtown. The nice cruise type ships that floated gentle down
the Cuyahoga, as you had dinner, or waved from the upper deck.
This thing...bounced hard with every wave, and rocked from side to side.
The back end looked as if it would dip into the water, and the front road high.
I was scared to death, and screamed like "a girl" several times. They all laughed
at me! Well, we went passed the Tall ships... "ya, ya.. nice.. let's go back now, slowly
please."... So Michael was going to go down the river, where the water was smooth.
When we got there a few minutes later, the bridge was down, so the trains could pass.
and it was taking so long, Michael decided to just head back to the Marina. ... Oh darn.
Finally I was on land again! We said goodbye and thanks for the ride!
We went back to Hexs for another salad, yes they're that good. We ate inside this
time and enjoyed the A/C. So we head back to Susan's to get our cars, said goodbye,
and all headed home enjoy what was left of the weekend.
Ahhh it's good to be home, another shower, comfy clothes, and my fan.

More pics from the weekend...enjoy!

This photo below, was taken by my sister Debbie...
Gorgeous shot!.... she... was not busy screaming like a little
girl... and got an amazing shot!.. you can see more of
her spectacular photos at:

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's All About the ART...

This is a collage I recently completed. I'm
trying to get some art done, for an art sale,
at my sister Susan's friends pottery place,
It's a really cool place where you can paint ceramics,
throw pottery, learn other crafts, have paint parties,
and display your art.
The photo at the bottom of their homepage, is of
my (great) niece Emily... cute huh?

So I'm sharing a few pics of the places I spend alot of time in.
First, is my computer room.

I made the Guitar hanging on the wall. It was part of a
Halloween costume a couple years ago. The theme was based
on the Guitars, lining the downtown Cleveland streets.
Kind of like the Cows in ..... is it. Chicago? Anyway, I liked it so
much, I decided to hang it, and make the whole room Cleveland
themed, using some of my photographs of downtown.
I'm "babysitting" the Monkey sitting on the desk. It's my
son's and he's had it since he was about 2 years old. my dad (who
passed away in 1993) gave it to him. Eddie is going to be moving
into a new apartment soon, and my little Monkey friend will
be leaving to join him again.

Ok.. now here is my verrry messy art room....

Don't you just love those lighted Lips?.. they
Were a gift from my daughter Allison.
To go with my "Artkissed" theme.
The artoom is pretty small.. and it doesn't take
much to look messy. One good evening of art,
and the place is trashed! But I love it, and it's
all mine. I'll take more pics the next time it
gets all cleaned up!
So tomorrow is Friday! the week went very fast.
My sister's and I, are still planning on going downtown,
on Sunday to see the tall ships, but it's supposed to be
reallllly hot... errghhhh.. I won't like that at all!
... so.. we'll see.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Chocolate Cravings....

It's 1 a.m... and I'm having Chocolate cravings.
I've always loved chocolate. Now I have to have it. Dark,
rich, sweet chocolate! I didn't always like dark chocolate.
It was too bitter. But now, mmmmm it's wonderful!
And good for you too. So how could I say no?
My favorite? well tonight, it's Lindt Intense Orange. Dark
Chocolate, with bits of Orange, and Almond slivers.
ahhhh... ohhhhhh... ooooooh.. GOOOOOOD.
My other favorite, is Lindt dark Chocolate Truffles.
Whoa... I'm sorry, now you're craving chocolate too...arent you!
I can't believe the weekend is over. Poof! done.
Well, I was kind of productive. I got to hang out with my
friends from Germany, and when I got home, I continued

working on the the inivitations, that my sisters friend asked for.
they're done!
It's a good feeling to have something completed. She's coming over on
Tuesday, to pick them up. then I will be free to work on my
daughter's graduation party. I bought some things like, plates
napkins, plastic ware etc. I'm going to print out a poster to hang.
I'm praying that it's not one of those hot, sticky, humid days.
Trying to keep everything cold will be a challenge, not to mention
me... trying to stay cool. We've been lucky, that it hasn't been a
very hot summer so far. We had a real Spring.. which here in Cleveland
is rare. It usually stays cold till May, then.. boom.. it's 90!
But this time it gradually warmed up in late March, and it was beautiful.
My sisters and I, are planning on seeing the Tall ships next weekend.
They will at the 9th street Pier. I'll be sure to take pictures.
My sister Susan just moved last weekend, and on top of the stress of
moving, she just learned that the University she
works at will be closing their Adult degree center and she will probably
be out of a job. So she needs a sister-day.
I now dread going to work. I used to love it, well.. not mind it. And now
it's five days of hell. The giddy 19 year old girls, who are also friends
and roomates, drive me nuts all day. The one, loves to come over just
to annoy me! She will ruffle my hair, stick her finger in my ear, or just
stand there.... omg.... help me! Oh, and I watched to World Cup Soccer

game too.. YAYYY ITALY! I'm not really a Soccer fan, but it was interesting.
I'm not aware of the rules, and found it so strange that the game went in to
2 over times, and they finally decided the winner, with a penalty kick?
What is that all about? sheesh.. the best out of five wins???.. like.. They run
around like madmen on the field for 90 minutes, run around for another 30
minutes.. then.. oh.. what the hell? lol Actually, to me the sport is pretty
dull. Like Basketball.. back and forth.. back and forth.. borrrringgg. The poor
Soccer guys, don't even get extra point if they're luck enough to score from a distance!
Ok... Well.. it' really wasn't that bad. And how about that head butt! awful!
Well. On that note, I have to give in sleep now, and accept that the weekend
has officially ended. Damn.
Well, have a lovely week, let's hope it goes fast!
bye bye.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Diary...

While searching for Cleveland Indians items to give to
my German friends, I came across my old Diary!
Of course, I had to sit down and read through it. It was
amazing how I didn't remember most of what I had written.
It was strange, that most every day was the same. Working,
visiting with friends, going to school. It was wierd reading
about the first few months with my then boyfriend Ed,
(now my Ex-husband!) Or a guy I had a mad crush on through
most of Jr. & Sr. High school, named Frank. On the side of my diary
I wrote: "I love Frank"....Well, years later, after my divorce,
I ended up dating him!.....BIG MISTAKE!.... The 14 year old girl
inside me said: "But it's Frank, remember???"... I should have slapped
"her" there and then.... : )
I realized, that I over-slept alot, stayed home from school alot, called off of work
(at McDonald's) alot, cut class alot, and slept alot. Oh my God!
Well, in fairness, I really was sick, with sore throats... and eventually
had my tonsiles out at 17. Which, by the way, cured me.
It was 2 years before I got sick again. Who knew?
It was so fun reading about the silly things I did, and the boys I liked.
It was hysterical, reading some of the expressions I used back then.
I discribed a concert as" "Far out" and a guy as "Tough" (a hottie)
I was very emotional, and cried alot. I had more friends, than I remembered.
And went to the store alot! Everyday my mom sent me to the store for one
16 oz. bottle of Pepsi for my dad....did they not know they had 6 paks back then?.. and
why didn't I say so? I babysat alot.. for my sisters kids, who always seemed to
be "acting up." I was always doing something... that is, when I wasn't busy sleeping!
One diary entry, describes a shopping trip for school clothes. I bought 2 pairs of pants,
a skirt, shoes, nylons, underwear, and a blouse..... alll for $35!!! ... wow.
Well... It's 2 a.m... and I'm sleepy.. nothing has changed.. I still like to stay up late,
and sleep in... More later K?
goood nightt.... zzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cleveland Indians Best Fans...

My friends Matt, Rike and five year old
son Yannik, are here from Germany!
Cleveland was their last stop on their three week vacation. The had gone to Quebec, New York, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, mostly to see Indians' games.
I met them in their hotel lobby. Yannik
was peaking around the corner, looking for me.
I was so excited to see them again, and to
finally meet Yannik.
The last time we met, in 2000, Rike was
pregnant with him. Adorable Yannik gave me a gift,
and I gave him one too. We all went to their room
so they could drop off the Indians stuff I had given them.
They had a perfect view of Jacob's Field, right out their
hotel window. I opened my gift, and it was the coolest
German soccer shirt!... I LOVE IT! and delicious
Ginger cookies mmmmmm!
We decided to have lunch
at "Cooperstown" a sports/Rock n Roll restaurant
near there hotel. Yannik wanted me to sit next to
him. Rike and Matt speak English, but little Yannik
doesn't. It was amazing how we still managed to communicate.
Laughing, tickling, and high fives are universal!
Yannik enjoyed my chicken strips as much as his
Macaroni and Cheese.

We went across the street, to Jacob's field for
a few pictures, Then back to the restaurant,

to watch the world cup German soccer game.
We all chatted, and Yannik
and I, played Tic-Tac-Toe, and Dots. He took
our picture, and did a good job! by the time I had to leave,
I had fallen in love with little Yannik. He's a bright, friendly
well mannered little boy. Who hugged me hard, and kissed me
on both cheeks. He didn't want me to go, and invited me to visit him
in Germany!

We said good bye, and promised the next time we met,
we'd speak each others language! ( with the Help of Rike
interpeting of course!)
Matt and Rike are a wonderful couple! I'm so glad we met
and we have remained friends. I hope they come back again
soon. I hope they have a safe trip home,
And maybe next time, we can all visit longer.