Sunday, September 14, 2014


Today was a beautiful, unseasonably chilly, breezy day.

This evening, before Sunset.
Summer really is winding down. But it just got here!
And I'm not even over the "trauma" of  last Winter....
I have a theory. On the of Summer, which is, the longest day of year,
I believe It shouldn't just show up then after a mere few days, "turn back around" (days begin to get shorter)
 The days should continue to get longer and longer, till September.. THEN turn back around.
Who do I need to speak to about this?.. 
  We've had a pretty mild Summer, as Summers go in Cleveland. Usually, we have a week or two of 90+ days... not so much this year. It would heat up, then quickly cool down. That works just fine for me. I'm not a fan of sticky, hot weather. Oh, there was a confirmed Tornado, that touched down, about 1/4 mile from my apartment...... I was about 4 miles away at a grocery store at the time, I could hear thunder and actually parked my cart for a few minutes, so I could go outside to take pictures, of the Clouds. To me, it was just a simple Thunderstorm.
Taken just about the same time this storm was producing an EF1 Tornado,
just 4 miles away.
I  came home unaware. As I got in, my phone was ringing. It was our city's reverse 911, "Red Alert" it said a Tornado had touched down on Andrea Rd. What???.....  It was strong enough to blow the roof of several homes.  About 2 weeks later and 2 miles away the other direction, another Tornado skipped through. My friend Nancy had Roof damage, but luckily nothing serious.  I love Storms.. but not when they're severe......  Those were a little too close.
This Summer has been pretty laid back. I'm a homebody, so my big excitement, is a weekend all to myself and sleeping in.
We finally got to go out to celebrate sister Deb's birthday, 2 months late.
We had fun going to  Ferrante Winery, in Ashtabula, Ohio. 
Stopping at the lake. I was taking pictures, of the trees and the Lake..
 and the squirrel, in the tree just over our picnic table, that was pelting me with Acorns!
When we were leaving, I turned around to take quick glance at the lake, and noticed a couple,
who was sitting at a table.. in perfect silhouette. I snapped several pictures, and my sister Deb was taking some too. When I was done,
I walked over to the couple and told them I had taken a few pictures of them and asked if they would
like me to email them. the Woman said "yes! thank you!" She told me it was their 10th. anniversary... how cool is that! She gave me her business card,  thanked me again and gave me a hug.
I emailed her  the pictures and she responded, that is was a very kind gesture and how it made their anniversary even more special. awww.

This is one of several, I took


This one, was taken by my sister Deb.
It's perfectly  composed. I love this!!

Out to dinner, then a PJ party at Rita's.
We hung out on her porch till 2 a.m. just drinking Wine, and laughing or heads off.
The next morning Deb made us all breakfast, that we enjoyed on the porch.
Then..........we all did the ALS "Bucket Challenge"..... yes, it was recorded..
but.. no.. I won't be posting it .. {smile.}

Preparing for our ALS "Ice bucket Challenge" YAYA style

I'm off this weekend. yay me! I got up 7:30.. and got started with making some new bracelets. Tomorrow, I will clean out the kitchen cupboards before the Browns game.... I know I'm a wild Woman!
So.. now you're all caught up with my
non-stop exciting life. Woot! Woot!



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