Thursday, July 03, 2014



 Okay, I never have been good at keeping up with my Blog.
But... I do like having one! even if no one's reading it but me. I like looking back...

Today... officially?.. I'm on Vacation! 6 days all to myself, (including the 4th. of July holiday and weekend) unless someone discovers I'm home and tries to infiltrate my space. Sounds mean, but sometimes, I just need ME time. When I don't HAVE TO DO ANYTHING, GO ANYWHERE. And I'm free to stay in my "in the house clothes" all day and night.
So.... Summer did arrive.  Spring?... well, it made a half-hearted attempt. But... the Snow did
finally stop and the Cold was finally replaced with WARM. That's all that matters.

Since my last post?.... besides the weather. We've had Easter, Mothers Day, and oh yes My Grandson Garrett's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!.... the year absolutely flew by!! I'm pretty sure, he's the cutest little boy ever! So I've posted a few birthday pictures
I made a little "Garrett" banner, and designed SPECIAL wrapping
paper. (

I made his birthday card too.

See?... cutest baby EVER!


He's a sweet little boy, and even "shared" his birthday cake
with Mom & Dad

He really wasn't quite sure what to do
with that cake. If he only knew!
One of the gifts from me.... ART SUPPLIES!
they're never to young.
I can't wait for our first ART Day! xoxo

I got him the Baseball cap too... so darn cute!!

Chillin' with his birthday guests lol!!!

I've also posted some ART I've done. Mostly doodling at work. Oh, I finally got up my new
"ARTkissed" hand painted letters, above my window, complete with the twinkly lights I've been wanting for a long time.... oh and a new mini blind too.  

Still not sure about the paint colors, but works for now.

Metallic paint, and faux "screws" washed with
Brown paint, for a "rusty" look.



Before distressing

I love my LIPS light!

Prisma Colored pencils I love how vivid the colors are.
This one looks like a Tattoo, to me

Pressed wood blocks

STILL trying to organize my ART room

Prisma color abstract

Prisma Colors.. one of my favorites




Prisma colored pencils.. "homage to Spring"

Prisma colors.. and a great reminder

Sooooo.. that's about it. All caught up. It is 4:36 already and I got up at 5:30a.m! vacation days
fly by. But if I were at work right now?... it would only be about 10:30 a.m... right?
Okay.. going to back to today's art project.
Have a happy 4th of July!

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