Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days till Christmas

Christmas... already?
We JUST had Thanksgiving...It was a good one too.
My adorable Grandson.. ( I JUST LOVE SAYING THAT!)..... Garrett was there!
He just makes my heart fill with joy.

Eddie, Jamie and BFF Gloria were over. Daughter Allison had to work... I miss when she's not there for the holidays. but she's a nurse... and that's what happens. Jamie and I, had our traditional stuffing making, the night before. I love our tradition!

It snowed in the evening. Nobody is ready for that.

He loved playing with Aunt Jamie's hair

I was just a little happy to see him....

Needing that "after Turkey" nap

NOTHING better than baby giggles
Soooo.. nothing really new.
  I did post some bracelets on a Facebook group I created. "the Artists Market" a group to buy or sell
art and art related supplies. check it out.
 Surprisingly, I sold quite a few! So, I'm happy about that and I have extra Christmas money.

My daughter Jamie, was featured in a really awesome article  about Cleveland.  That was very exciting! She is quite the ambassador for Cleveland, where she works and lives.

I finally got the tree decorated today. A week after putting it up. My "pre-lit" tree.. only 1/2 lit.....
and had to add new strings of lights. kinda defeating that "pre-lit" thing. Oh well. 

I have 3 more days of work, then I'll be officially on VACATION! for 18 glorious, all to my self, do what I want, sleep in, stay in my jammies all day days! I need this...bad.  The days before Christmas, I will be shopping, decorating and cooking.. but after Christmas... no "gottas" only "if I wannas"... yeah! So let's hope these next 3 days go by fast...

So.... It's 1:30 a.m. I'm watching PBS.... and enjoying a really good Barbra Streisand concert. I love her voice and she still sounds great.
 Oh... she's singing "Evergreen"... I had played at my wedding. Though I'm now happily, blissfully divorced... I still love that song. 

Seeing as how I don't Blog that often.... maybe the next time I do, it will almost be SPRING! It's on the way you know.... (smile)

So..... I will say now.. have a wonderful Merry Christmas with those you love..... Happy, healthy, peace-filled  New Year....

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