Wednesday, May 11, 2022

May 10th.. and Spring has finally arrived. The air is warm and leaves are back on the trees. FINALLY!

 I'm still working (my "real job") from home it's been 2 years now. I never expected I'd be working from home this long, But I've settled in, and it's normal now. 

I've been in such a creative mood, since the beginning of the year, and so I decided I wanted to do another Art & Craft Show. My sister Susan and I did the 2 day "Avant Garde Art & Craft Show"  We  did it back in November of 2018, and had a great time. This time In April, was even better,  and this time we had side by side tables, instead of sharing one.  We had so much fun! No surprise that everyone loved her amazing collages, awesome paintings, and beautiful bracelets. 
 I was happy with my display and felt good about the new pieces. Once again I  offered Paper Clay bowls, made from shredded Junk mail. People didn't "get it" right away, but once I showed them some photos of the process, they loved the concept, couldn't believe they were made from Junk mail and said it was so "clever" and loved that I recycled!

 I made about 14 new pieces, trying something different this time. To decorate the pieces, I used paper towels that I painted with watercolors, dried them, then cut them into strips and collaged the strips to the paper clay pieces. I loved the way they came out. But like always, that self-doubt creeped up on me... and I went from "I love them!  I'm so clever! people will love these.. to "OMG... this is soo stupid.. and weird.. and no one will want this crap!"...yeah.. like that. 
Well, to my great surprise, the new pieces were a hit! I sold 12 of the 14 new pieces. Yay me!
Now I'm pumped, and want to make MORE! and do another show.

So here, are some photos from the creative process, and the show. 
Also  a BIG THANK YOU to my kids, family and friends that came by, and for all the love and encouragement! I LOVE YOU!!

.......... I also persuaded a few customers to "pose" with their new purchases THANK YOU! 


Niece Becky, Grandson Garrett, Me and Son Eddie xo

Daughter Allison xo

Daughter Jamie, Gr. Daughter Bianca with her Mom Allison xo

My Grandbabies: Liam and Sister Bianca xo

Sister Susan and her gorgeous collages and paintings 

Me and my Sister Susan! xo

Niece Alma and Son Gustas xo

                                              A few customers and their purchases. Thank you!

Monday, July 05, 2021

Eating an Elephant

How do you eat an Elephant?
One bite at a time. 
That.... is my new favorite saying. It's also my new mantra.

I've lived in my apartment, for 13 years now. To say that my artroom had gotten 
out of control, is an understatement. Stuff and stuff and MORE STUFF. 
oh.. and some stuff on top of that. 

I've never been a "put it back when you're done with it."
I'm more of a "I'll do it later" kinda girl. You'd think I'd learn by now. 
I even convinced myself, that it's okay if my artroom is messy!
I'm busy creating! HELLOOO!

But the creating wasn't happening. My art room
had turned to Chaos.


During the pandemic,  I had started working from home,   
my work desk, is also in my art room, so I had a lot of time to
stare at all my mess. 

 So back in January I had a week off,
 and  my daughter offered to come over and help me
empty out the art room (OMG!!) and help me get organized. 
I could clean the carpet and paint too! 
It was all so daunting. 


So.. we went at it, every little bit of it. OUT!
The room seemed so huge! I hadn't seen it like that, since the day I moved in. 


Were to put it all?..... in my living room, the hall and my bedroom....what?.... really?... YIKES!
But Jamie was awesome. She began categorizing & organizing the "piles" of stuff.
It all looked like Sanford & Son. Very overwhelming. 
But it made things easier, I could purge each "pile" and only 
bring things back in the room that really belonged. 

My living room

I bought a carpet cleaner and paint and went at it. 
I forgot that I wasn't 20 anymore, and the up and down the latter, painting the ceiling 
and doing the trim just about killed me.. BUT I DID IT!
And the carpet cleaning was no fun either, but it came out great. 

I bought some new bench style shelving (I LOVE THEM!)
painted my old cabinet, rearranged some stuff, even
changed out all the lightbulbs to the cool LED "Daylight"
and they made such a difference! who knew!!!



I just have to hang some art  and a few more tweaks 
then I will post the amazing "After" pictures. 

Here's a couple sneak peeks. 

Also... I'm now cleaning out the walk in closet, which
involved emptying it... and everything getting dumped
into my pretty art room... ehhh. But it's almost done too, and I can
Find things again.

 IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH CRAP I had been storing, that took up precious space. 

I'm proud to say, I have about 7 boxes of stuff to give to Salvation Army!
and several items I'm selling or giving away on Facebook Marketplace. 
I actually feel "lighter." 

I hope this post inspires you to "Eat an Elephant" too. 


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Better late than never?

 With all the 2020 Covid-craziness, I never got around to posting pictures from last December's Craft Show, So.....better late than never. I'm sad that I won't be doing any craft shows this year, although there many shows scheduled  I just don't feel comfortable in any kind of gatherings of this type, So maybe next year. 

This show, was held in my old neighborhood of  Slavic Village. An old  Ethnic neighborhood, in Cleveland, Ohio. It was fun, with a great turn out.  My sister Susan, and I had our own tables. She sold beautiful collages, cards and jewelry.  I sold my handmade Paper Clay bowls, ornaments and Jewelry. 

 My son, grandson and daughter all paid me a visit, and it's always fun to have them there and have their support. 

Here are some photos. .... in no particular order (though I tried)... 

Holidazzle. December 2019

Large wooden Ornaments and magnets from 
my original art and digital designs. 

I made my Grandson Garrett, his very own 
ART shirt, incorporating his original design Idea to us a 
Guardian of Traffic (An iconic Cleveland thing)  holding a sign 
saying "ARTS HARMONY"... a
name he came up with.... @ 6 years old!

sister Susan and her awesome collages.

My Garrett and Me. 

Festivities on the first floor

Sister Susan and her biggest fan!

Daughter Jamie (on Rt.) with friend Sam 
stopped by for a visit

my table

Bracelets, Earrings and my
Sparkly Lips!

Wooden ornament, paying
homage to the old neighborhood Theater 

Bowls and "hot flash" fans 

Free food! Kielbasa and Sauerkraut, Cabbage & Noodles
Rigatoni... and more!